Student E-mail Communication Policy


The University must be able to communicate quickly and efficiently with employees and enrolled students in order to conduct official University business. E-mail is an available and appropriate medium for such communication.


Unless otherwise prohibited by law, the University may send official communications to employees and students by e-mail to an account assigned by the University with the full expectation that such e-mails will be read by the recipient in a timely fashion.


Employees and students are expected to review messages received through their UO e-mail account on a frequent and consistent basis. Individuals must ensure that there is sufficient space in their accounts to allow for e-mail to be delivered. Communications may be time-critical. Individuals should use UO e-mail accounts for all University-related e-mail communications.

Forwarding of E-mail

Although students may choose to forward their official UO account to another e-mail account, forwarding is NOT recommended. There is a risk of having such e-mails lost or blocked in the process of forwarding, but such problems will not relieve the student of his or her obligation to the University. The University is not responsible for e-mail, including attachments, forwarded to any e-mail address. Students are responsible for reading their official UO e-mails that are delivered to their UO account.

If a student believes forwarding is in the best interest, instructions can be found at The full text of the policy may be read here.