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Diablo Valley College University of Oregon Equivalent
Subject Course Title   Subject Course Title Group Codes
ADJU120Admin of JusticeCJ1AATCriminal Just 100-level course
ADJU121Criminal LawCJ1AATCriminal Just 100-level course
ADJU122Criminal ProcCJ1AATCriminal Just 100-level course
ADJU124Elem of CorrectionsCJ1AATCriminal Just 100-level course
ADJU130Pol-Comm RelCJ1AATCriminal Just 100-level course
ADJU139Gangs/Threat Grps in AmericaCJ1AATGangs/Threat Grps in America
ADJU140Trffc Cntrl/Acc InvCJ1AATCriminal Just 100-level course
ADJU203Phys Ev & Crime LabCJ2AATCriminal Just 200-level course
ADJU204Phys Ev & Crime Lab IICJ2AATCriminal Just 200-level course
ADJU208Civil Law ProcedureCJ2AATCriminal Just 200-level course
ADJU221Criminal EvidenceCJ2AATCriminal Just 200-level course
ADJU222Criminal InvestigtionCJ2AATCriminal Just 200-level course
ADJU230Juvenile ProcedureCJ2AATCriminal Just 200-level course
ADJU260Patrol ProcedureCJ2AATCriminal Just 200-level course
ADJU270Def Tac & FireCJ2AATCriminal Just 200-level course
ADJU280Probation & ParoleCJ2AATCriminal Just 200-level course
ADJU284Intervtion & CounselingCJ2AATCriminal Just 200-level course
ADJU286Correction Treatment PhilCJ2AATCriminal Just 200-level course
ADJU288Current Issues Adm JusticeCJ2AATCriminal Just 200-level course
ADJU298Indep StudyCJ2AATCriminal Just 200-level course
ADJUS120Intro Admin of JusticeCJ1AATCriminal Just 100-level course
ADJUS203Physical Evidence & Crime LabCJ2AATCriminal Just 200-level course
ADS101Subst Abuse TreatSAPP1AATSubst Abuse 100-level course
ADS102ADS Para CounsHS1AATHS 100-level course
ADS150Topics ADSHS1AATHS 100-level course
ADS151Ethical Legal ConHS1AATHS 100-level course
ADS152Relapse PreventHS1AATHS 100-level course
ADS153Specl PopultnsHS1AATHS 100-level course
ADS154Dual DisordersHS1AATHS 100-level course
ADS155Diverse Communities & Soc ServHS1AATHS 100-level course
ADS162Subst Abuse PrevSAPP1AATSubst Abuse 100-level course
ADS163PharmacologySAPP1AATSubst Abuse 100-level course
ADS165Fam CounselingHS1AATHS 100-level course
ADS166Alc & Drug CrisisSAPP1AATSubst Abuse 100-level course
ADS167Soc Model Liv SkHS1AATHS 100-level course
ADS168Grp Ldrshp & ProcHS1AATHS 100-level course
ADS169Int in Subst AbuseSAPP1AATSubst Abuse 100-level course
ADS170Intro Codep IssuesHS1AATHS 100-level course
AERO120SurveyAVIN1AATAviation 100-level course
AIRC130Basics Air CondVOCT100TVoc/Tech credits
AIRC131Air ConditngVOCT100TVoc/Tech credits
AIRC132Air Conditng LabVOCT100TVoc/Tech credits
AIRC133Air Conditng LabVOCT100TVoc/Tech credits
AIRC150Topics Air CondVOCT100TVoc/Tech credits
ANTH110General AnthropologyANTH153TSocial Science Group, ICSS,IC
ANTH115Primate Evolution & AdaptANTH170Intro Human EvolutionSCI
ANTH120Magic, Witchcraft & ReligionANTH152TSocial Science Group, IPIP,SS
ANTH125Intro Archaeology & PrehistANTH150Intro ArchaeologySS
ANTH126Intro Archael Field MethANTH1AATANTH 100-level Course
ANTH130Cultural AnthropologyANTH161World CulturesIC,SS
ANTH135Native AmericansANTH151TSocial Science Group, ACSS,AC
ANTH140Physical AnthropologyANTH170Intro Human EvolutionSCI
ANTH141LPhysical Anthropology LabANTH1ALTANTH 100-level lab course
ANTH145Old World PrehistoryANTH110TSocial Science GroupSS
ANTH146New World PrehistoryANTH110TSocial Science GroupSS
ANTH150Found Mexican CivilizationANTH153TSocial Sci Group, ICIC,SS
ANTH155Topics in AnthroplogyANTH1AATANTH 100-level Course
ANTH155CCuba on the Cusp of ChangeANTH1AATANTH 100-level Course
ANTH298Independent StudyANTH2AATANTH 200-level Course
ANTHR115Primate Evolution & AdaptationANTH170Intro Human OriginsSCI
ANTHR120Magic, Witchcraft, & ReligionANTH1AATANTH 100-level Course
APDE100Clothing ConstructionHEC1AATHome Ec: 100-level course
ARAB120First Term ArabicARB1011st Year Arabic
ARAB121Second Term ArabicARB1031st Year ArabicFLAN
ARCH100Intro Landscape Arch ILA1AATLA 100-level course
ARCH101Intro Landscape Arch IILA1AATLA 100-level course
ARCH119Intro to Technical DrawingARCH1AATARCH 100-level Course
ARCH120Arch & Architec DesignARCH1AATARCH 100-level Course
ARCH121Arch & Architec DesignARCH1AATARCH 100-level Course
ARCH126Comp Aided Design/Drft AutoCADPROT100TProfess/Tech 100-level course
ARCH130Architectural GraphicsARCH1AATARCH 100-level Course
ARCH131Architectural GraphicsARCH1AATARCH 100-level Course
ARCH132Arch RenderingARCH1AATARCH 100-level Course
ARCH135Comp in ArchARCH1AATARCH 100-level Course
ARCH136Digital Tools Arch IIARCH1AATARCH 100-level Course
ARCH145Hist Res ArchARCH1AATARCH 100-level Course
ARCH150Topics in ArchARCH1AATARCH 100-level Course
ARCH150ICal Poly Design Build WkshopARCH1AATARCH 100-level Course
ARCH150JGrasshopper 3DARCH1AATARCH 100-level Course
ARCH155History of ArchitectureARH100TArts & Letters GroupAL
ARCH156Hist of Wrld Arch/Erly Civ/MAARH100TArts & Letters GroupAL
ARCH156Hist of Wrld Arch/Early Civ/MAARH100TArts & Letters GroupAL
ARCH157Hist of Archi: Rens/20th CenARH100TArts & Letters GroupAL
ARCH158Hist of Wrld Arch: 18th C/PresARH100TArts & Letters GroupAL
ARCH160American Architectural HistARH100TArts & Letters GroupAL
ARCH215Architectural Portf WrkshpARCH2AATARCH 200-level Course
ARCH220Architectural DesignARCH2AATARCH 200-level Design
ARCH221Architectural DesignARCH2AATARCH 200-level Design
ARCH222Arch Work DrawingsARCH2AATARCH 200-level Course
ARCH223Arch Work DrawingsARCH2AATARCH 200-level Course
ARCH298Indep StudyARCH2AATARCH 200-level Course
ART100Intro to DrawingART233Drawing
ART101Intro to ColorART1AATART 100-level course
ART102Intro to WatercolorARTP1AATPainting 100-level course
ART103Watercolor WkshpARTP1AATPainting 100-level course
ART105Watercolor WkshpART1AATART 100-level course
ART105Intro to Drawing & ColorART233Drawing
ART105AIntroduction to DrawingART1AATART 100-level course
ART106Drawing & CompositionART233Drawing
ART107Figure DrawingART233Drawing
ART108Figure DrawingART233Drawing
ART109MonoprintART1AATART 100-level course
ART110Intro to PrintmakingARTR1AATPrintmaking 100-level course
ART121Watercolor ConceptsARTP281Painting
ART122Letterng LayoutART1AATART 100-level course
ART125Color Theory AppART1AATART 100-level course
ART126Intro Oil-AcrylARTP1AATPainting 100-level course
ART126AIntro Acrylic Painting AARTP1AATPainting 100-level course
ART126BIntro Acrylic Painting BARTP1AATPainting 100-level course
ART128Symbols & VisionsART1AATART 100-level course
ART129Adv PaintingARTP1AATPainting 100-level course
ART135Presenting ArtART1AATART 100-level course
ART140Elements of Sculpture IARTS1AATSculpture 100-level course
ART141Elements of Sculpture IIARTS1AATSculpture 100-level course
ART142Begin Metal ArtARTM1AATARTM 100-level course
ART143Intermediate Metal ArtARTM1AATARTM 100-level course
ART144Metal CastingARTM1AATARTM 100-level course
ART145Metal CastingARTM1AATARTM 100-level course
ART150Colored Pencil DrawingART1AATART 100-level Drawing
ART150BBColor WorkshopART1AATART 100-level course
ART150CIntro to Ceramic ArtARTC1AATARTC 100-level course
ART150HPainting in SeriesARTP1AATPainting 100-level course
ART150LAMetalsmith/JewelryARTM1AATARTM 100-level course
ART150UFigure Drawing/Painting WrkshpART1AATART 100-level course
ART150VVDigital PhotographyARTD1AATARTD 100-level course
ART154Hand-built & RakuART1AATART 100-level course
ART155Ceramic SculptureARTC255Ceramics
ART160Basic PhotographyARTO1AATARTO 100-level course
ART161Intermed PhotographyARTO1AATARTO 100-level course
ART162Adv PhotographyARTO1AATARTO 100-level course
ART163Doc PhotographyARTO1AATARTO 100-level course
ART164Large Format CameraARTO1AATARTO 100-level course
ART170Pencil SketchingART1AATART 100-level course
ART171Pencil SketchingART1AATART 100-level course
ART172Begin Pen InkART1AATART 100-level course
ART173Interm Pen InkART1AATART 100-level course
ART190Nature of ArtART1AATART 100-level course
ART193History of Oriental ArtARH133TArts & Letters Group, ICAL,IC
ART194Hist Art Southeast AsiaARH133TArts & Letters Group, ICAL,IC
ART195Hist of Ancient ArtARH204Hist Western Art IAL
ART196Hist Medie/Rennai/BaroqARH205Hist Western Art IIAL
ART197Hist 19th & 20th Cent ArtARH206Hist Western Art IIIAL
ART199Contemporary ArtART1AATART 100-level course
ART250Projects ArtART2AATART 200-level course
ART265Photographic WorkshopARTO2AATARTO 200-level course
ART298Independent StudyART2AATART 200-level course
ARTD110Digital Imaging Proc & TechARTD1AATARTD 100-level course
ARTD111Digital Imag-Process & Tech IIARTD1AATARTD 100-level course
ARTD112Digital Imaging for the ArtistARTD1AATARTD 100-level course
ARTD117Digital IllustrationARTD1AATARTD 100-level course
ARTD136Beg Digital PhotographyARTD1AATARTD 100-level course
ARTD150Topics in Digital MediaARTD1AATARTD 100-level course
ARTD1603D Modeling and Animation IARTD1AATARTD 100-level course
ARTD1613D Modeling and Animation IIARTD1AATARTD 100-level course
ARTD165Cartoon Draw for Digital AnimARTD1AATARTD 100-level course
ARTD166Intmed Cartoon Digital AnimatARTD1AATARTD 100-level course
ARTD214Intro to Graphic DesignARTD2AATARTD 200-level course
ARTD224TypographyARTD2AATARTD 200-level course
ARTH193History of Asian ArtARH133TArts & Letters Group, ICIC,AL
ARTH195Hist of Prehistoric & AncientARH204Hist Western Art IAL
ARTH196Hist Med/Renaiss ArtARH205Hist Western Art IIAL
ARTH197Hist 19th & 20th CARH206Hist Western Art IIIAL
ARTH199Contemporary Art HistoryARH100TArts & Letters GroupAL
ARTHS195Hist of Prehistoric&AncientARH100TArts & Letters GroupAL
ARTHS196Hist Medieval RenaissanceARH100TArts & Letters GroupAL
ASTR110The Visible UniverseASTR120TScience GroupSCI
ASTR120Elementary AstronomyASTR120TScience GroupSCI
ASTR128The Universe for BeginnersASTR120TScience GroupSCI
ASTR130Astronomy LabASTR1ALTAstronomy 100-level lab course
ASTR200Observ AstronomyASTR220TScience GroupSCI
ASTR298Observ AstronomyASTR2AATASTR 200-level course
ATH006Fitness/Athletic CompetitionPEP1AATPhys Ed Prof: 100-level course
ATH064Adv Theory of BaseballPEP1AATPhys Ed Prof: 100-level course
ATH068Athletic ConditioningPEP1AATPhys Ed Prof: 100-level course
BCA140History of BroadcastingJ1AATJ 100-level course
BIOS101Fund of Biological ScienceBI120TScience GroupSCI
BIOS101LFund of Biological Sci LabBI1ALTBI 100-level Lab Course
BIOS102Fund of Biological ScienceBI120TScience GroupSCI
BIOS104Birds of San Francisco BayBI1AATBI 100-level Course
BIOS112Fund of Biological ScienceBI120TScience GroupSCI
BIOS114General BiologyBI120TScience GroupSCI
BIOS115Intro Biological MoleculesBI120TScience GroupSCI
BIOS116Human BiologyBI120TScience GroupSCI
BIOS117Human BiologyBI120TScience GroupSCI
BIOS119MicrobiologyBI120TScience GroupSCI
BIOS120Intro Human Anat PhysBI120TScience GroupSCI
BIOS126Nature Study & ConservationBI120TScience GroupSCI
BIOS130Principles of BiologyBI211Gen Biol I: CellsSCI
BIOS131Principles of BiologyBI212Gen Biol II: OrganismsSCI
BIOS131Principles of BiologyBI213Gen Biol III: PopulatSCI
BIOS139Basic AnatomyBI120TScience GroupSCI
BIOS139Human AnatomyBI120TScience GroupSCI
BIOS140Intro Human PhysiologyBI120TScience GroupSCI
BIOS146Intro Bac & MicrobiologyBI120TScience GroupSCI
BIOS150TopicsBI1AATBI 100-level Course
BIOS160Intro Marine BiologyBI120TScience GroupSCI
BIOS162Fund of Marine Biology w/ LabBI120TScience GroupSCI
BIOS170Environmental ScienceBI120TScience GroupSCI
BIOS171Enviornmental Sci w/ LabBI120TScience GroupSCI
BIOS201Proj & Research BioscienceBI220TScience GroupSCI
BIOS204Biology of AnimalsBI220TScience GroupSCI
BIOS205Intro to Plant BiologyBI220TScience GroupSCI
BIOS210Field BiologyBI2AATBI 200 level Course
BIOS216Natural History Lassen ParkBI2AATBI 200 level Course
BIOS217Natural Hist Mount DiabloBI2AATBI 200 level Course
BIOS218Natural History YosemiteBI2AATBI 200 level Course
BIOS298Independent StudyBI2AATBI 200 level Course
BIOSC102Fund of Bio Sci w/LabBI120TScience GroupSCI
BUS101Business EnglishBA1AATBADM 100-level course
BUS103App Bus MathBA1AATBADM 100-level course
BUS109Intro to BusinessBA101Intro to BusinessSS
BUS110Kybdng BeginPROT100TProfess/Tech 100-level course
BUS111WP/Kybdng Lev IIPROT100TProfess/Tech 100-level course
BUS120Comp/Calc 10-KeyPROT100TProfess/Tech 100-level course
BUS130Shorthand TheoryPROT100TProfess/Tech 100-level course
BUS131Shorthand Lvl IIPROT100TProfess/Tech 100-level course
BUS140Records Mgt FilingPROT100TProfess/Tech 100-level course
BUS141Bus Apps dBase III+PROT100TProfess/Tech 100-level course
BUS145Bus Apps LotusPROT100TProfess/Tech 100-level course
BUS148Retail MerchandiseBA1AATBADM 100-level course
BUS149Fashion MerchBA1AATBADM 100-level course
BUS150Topics in BusinessNT100TNot Transferable
BUS150PFlorence: Prepng Study AbroadBA1AATBADM 100-level course
BUS155Advertising DesignBA1AATBADM 100-level course
BUS161Money ManagementBA1AATBADM 100-level course
BUS185Micro Acct AppBA1AATBADM 100-level course
BUS187Principles of Accounting IIACTG213Intro Accounting II
BUS191Small Business ManagementBA1AATBADM 100-level course
BUS200Microcmptr Activ LbBA2AATBADM 200-level course
BUS209International BusinessBA2AATBADM 200-level course
BUS211Office Proc TelecommBA2AATBADM 200-level course
BUS214Graphics for Dsktp PubBA2AATBADM 200-level course
BUS215Intro Desktop PubBA2AATBADM 200-level course
BUS220Graphics Bus ImageBA2AATBADM 200-level course
BUS221Graphics/ProductionBA2AATBADM 200-level course
BUS222Graphics/IllustrationBA2AATBADM 200-level course
BUS223Grphcs/Grph Des/Prtfl DevBA2AATBADM 200-level course
BUS224Grphcs/Type/PubBA2AATBADM 200-level course
BUS225Grphcs/Advt DesBA2AATBADM 200-level course
BUS231Medical TeminologyPROT200TProfess/Tech 200-level course
BUS233Medical TranscriptionPROT200TProfess/Tech 200-level course
BUS240Business StatisticsMATH243Intro Probabil & StatisticsMTH,SCI
BUS248Retail BuyingBA2AATBADM 200-level course
BUS250Business CommunicationsBA2AATBADM 200-level course
BUS257Advt Promo InternBA2AATBADM 200-level course
BUS261InvestmentsBA2AATBADM 200-level course
BUS282Interm AcctBA2AATBADM 200-level course
BUS283AuditingBA2AATBADM 200-level course
BUS284Cost AcctBA2AATBADM 200-level course
BUS285Fed Income TaxBA2AATBADM 200-level course
BUS286Govt/Nonprofit AcctBA2AATBADM 200-level course
BUS289LeadershipBA2AATBADM 200-level course
BUS292Legal Proc OfficeBA2AATBADM 200-level course
BUS293Legal Proc OfficeBA2AATBADM 200-level course
BUS294LawBA2AATBADM 200-level course
BUS295LawBA2AATBADM 200-level course
BUS296MediationBA2AATBADM 200-level course
BUS298Indep StudyBA2AATBADM 200-level course
BUS70Office TechVOCT100TVoc/Tech credits
BUS72WP IntroductionVOCT100TVoc/Tech credits
BUS76WP ApplicationsVOCT100TVoc/Tech Credit Only
BUS85WP (Current Sftwre)VOCT100TVoc/Tech credits
BUS86WP (Office ApplicaVOCT100TVoc/Tech credits
BUS90Office Skills ProjVOCT100TVoc/Tech credits
BUS92ShorthandVOCT100TVoc/Tech credits
BUS93Shorthand SpeedVOCT100TVoc/Tech credits
BUS95Micro Lab ActvtsVOCT100TVoc/Tech credits
BUS96Kybdng Spd AccrcyVOCT100TVoc/Tech credits
BUS99Topics BusVOCT100TVoc/Tech credits
BUSA150Topics in Business AccountingBA1AATBADM 100-level course
BUSA181Applied AccountingBA1AATBADM 100-level course
BUSA185Computer Accounting for Bus IBA1AATBADM 100-level course
BUSA186Principles of Accounting IACTG211Intro Accounting I
BUSA187Principles of Accounting IACTG213Intro Accounting II
BUSA188Computer Accounting for Bus IIBA1AATBADM 100-level course
BUSG214Intro Graphic DesignPROT200TProfess/Tech 200-level course
BUSI110Keyboarding IPROT100TProfess/Tech 100-level course
BUSI145Bus Sprdsht App/MS Excel 2003PROT100TProfess/Tech 100-level course
BUSM120Intro to Management StudiesBA1AATBADM 100-level course
BUSM131Gender Issues in ManagementBA181TAmerican Cultures, ACAC
BUSM132Human Resource MgmtBA1AATBADM 100-level course
BUSM148Retailing & MerchandisingBA1AATBADM 100-level course
BUSM151FTime ManagementBA1AATBADM 100-level course
BUSM151JManaging StressBA1AATBADM 100-level course
BUSM151KManaging ChangeBA1AATBADM 100-level course
BUSM151MImproving Mental EffectivenessBA1AATBADM 100-level course
BUSM151PAssertive & Handling CriticismBA1AATBADM 100-level course
BUSM151TCustomer Service SkillsBA1AATBADM 100-level course
BUSM152BManaging Cultural DiversityBA1AATBADM 100-level course
BUSM158SellingBA1AATBADM 100-level course
BUSM255AdvertisingBA2AATBADM 200-level course
BUSM256MarketingBA2AATBADM 200-level course
CARD110Careers in EducationCARG1AATCareer Guid 100-level course
CARD120Careers in Criminal JusticeCARG1AATCareer Guid 100-level course
CARD130Careers in Social ServiceCARG1AATCareer Guid 100-level course
CARD140Careers in Health ServicesCARG1AATCareer Guid 100-level course
CARD140Careers in Health EducationCARG1AATCareer Guid 100-level course
CARD150Exploring CareersCARG1AATCareer Guid 100-level course
CARD155ManagingCareer TransitionsCARG1AATCareer Guid 100-level course
CARE110Career and Life PlanningCARG1AATCareer Guid 100-level course
CARE140Job Search StrategiesCARG1AATCareer Guid 100-level course
CARE150Topics in CareersCARG1AATCareer Guid 100-level course
CARE150DExploring Engineer, Arch, ConsCARG1AATCareer Guid 100-level course
CARER130Career & Major ExplorationCARG1AATCareer Guid 100-level course
CHEM006Intro Inorganic/Phys ChemistryCH120TScience GroupSCI
CHEM108Intro ChemistryCH120TScience GroupSCI
CHEM109Intro Organic & BiochemCH120TScience GroupSCI
CHEM116Survey of Chem FundNT100TNot Transferable
CHEM119Chemistry 120 Adj ClassCH1AATCH 100-level course
CHEM120General College ChemistryCH120TScience GroupSCI
CHEM121General College ChemistryCH120TScience GroupSCI
CHEM224Quant AnalysisCH220TScience GroupSCI
CHEM226General Organic ChemistryCH220TScience GroupSCI
CHEM227General Organic ChemistryCH220TScience GroupSCI
CHEM298Indepndnt StdyCH2AATCH 200-level course
CHIN120First Term MandarinCHN1011st Year Chinese
CHIN121Second Term MandarinCHN1031st Year ChineseFLAN
CHIN220Third Term MandarinCHN2012nd Year ChineseFLAN,AL
CHIN221Fourth Term MandarinCHN2032nd Year ChineseLA,AL,FLAN
CHIN298Indpdnt StdyCHN2AATCHN 200-level course
CIS030CIntro to IBM Personal CompVOCT100TVoc/Tech Credit Only
CIS042AWeb Page DsgnVOCT100TVoc/Tech Credit Only
CIS042CPC Workshops/Using W98VOCT100TVoc/Tech Credit Only
CIS042MUsing MX Excel-Lvl IVOCT100TVoc/Tech Credit Only
CIS050BIntro to Personal ComputersVOCT100TVoc/Tech Credit Only
CIS055GDreamweaver Level 1PROT100TProfess/Tech 100-level course
CIS055SUsing Photoshop ElementsPROT100TProfess/Tech 100-level course
CIS099Special Topics in Soft ApplVOCT100TVoc/Tech Credit Only
CIS115Microsoft Word-ComprehensiveCIS1AATCIS 100-level course
CIS118Microsoft Power-Point-ComprCIS1AATCIS 100-level course
CIS130Adobe Photoshop ElementsCIS1AATCIS 100-level course
CIS30Pers Comp WkshpVOCT100TVoc/Tech Credit Only
CIS40Pers Comp WkshpVOCT100TVoc/Tech Credit Only
CIS50Pers Comp WkshpVOCT100TVoc/Tech Credit Only
CIS60Pers Comp WkshpVOCT100TVoc/Tech Credit Only
CNT105Microsoft Networking EssenPROT100TProfess/Tech 100-level course
CNT111Support Microsoft NT Core TechPROT100TProfess/Tech 100-level course
CNT160Cisco Networking IPROT100TProfess/Tech 100-level course
CNT161Cisco Networking IIPROT100TProfess/Tech 100-level course
CNT162Cisco Networking III & IVPROT100TProfess/Tech 100-level course
COLQ120Orient to CollegeALS1AATALS 100-level Course
COLQ120FYoung Actors FestivalALS1AATALS 100-level Course
COLQ120VMusic Business & LawALS1AATALS 100-level Course
COM116Rd DevNT100TNot Transferable
COMM120Public SpeakingSP100TArts & Letters GroupAL
COMM130Small Group CommunicationSP1AATSpeech 100-level course
COMS075Intro MicrocomputersCIS1AATCIS 100-level course
COMS095WWW Publishing with HTMLNT100TNot Transferable
COMS097Adv HTML - Style Sheets/DHTMLNT100TNot Transferable
COMS098PERL/CGINT100TNot Transferable
COMS100Intro Computers & Info SystCIS110Concepts: Info ProcessSCI
COMS100LComputers & Data Proc LabCIS1AATCIS 100-level course
COMS102Intro Programming LogicCIS1AATCIS 100-level course
COMS103Basic Language ProgramCIS1AATCIS 100-level course
COMS105Intro to Computer ScienceCIS120TScience GroupSCI
COMS110Intro to ProgrammingCIS121TScience Group:Count in BS MathSCI
COMS132Begin SpreadsheetPROT100TProfess/Tech 100-level course
COMS133Begin DatabasePROT100TProfess/Tech 100-level course
COMS134Adv SpreadsheetPROT100TProfess/Tech 100-level course
COMS135Adv DatabasePROT100TProfess/Tech 100-level course
COMS137Software AppsPROT100TProfess/Tech 100-level course
COMS140Intro Computer GraphicsPROT100TProfess/Tech 100-level course
COMS144Materials of ConstructionPROT100TProfess/Tech 100-level course
COMS145Data Comm FundmntlCIS1AATCIS 100-level course
COMS146Adv Data CommCIS1AATCIS 100-level course
COMS147Network System MgmtCIS1AATCIS 100-level course
COMS148Adv Network System MgmtCIS1AATCIS 100-level course
COMS150Top Computer ScienceCIS1AATCIS 100-level course
COMS151Topics OSCIS1AATCIS 100-level course
COMS152Topics AppCIS1AATCIS 100-level course
COMS153Topics AS400CIS1AATCIS 100-level course
COMS154Topics Prog LangCIS1AATCIS 100-level course
COMS155Topics NetwrkngCIS1AATCIS 100-level course
COMS156Topics MainframesCIS1AATCIS 100-level course
COMS158Intro AS/400CIS1AATCIS 100-level course
COMS159Data Base AS/400CIS1AATCIS 100-level course
COMS160Operations/MgmtCIS1AATCIS 100-level course
COMS161AS/400 CLPCIS1AATCIS 100-level course
COMS162AS/400 App DesignCIS1AATCIS 100-level course
COMS165Adv Programming with C & C++CIS1AATCIS 100-level course
COMS171UNIXCIS1AATCIS 100-level course
COMS195Adv Programming with C & C++CIS1AATCIS 100-level course
COMS200Object Oriented Progrmng C++CIS2AATCIS 200-level course
COMS210Design Data StructuresCIS210Computer Science IMTH,SCI
COMS210Prog Design & Data StructuresCIS2AATCIS 200-level course
COMS220RPG Lang ProgCIS2AATCIS 200-level course
COMS221Adv RPG Lang ProgCIS2AATCIS 200-level course
COMS240COBOLCIS221TSci Group, Counts for BS MathaMTH,SCI
COMS250Adv COBOLCIS221TSci Group, Counts for BS MathaMTH,SCI
COMS255Programming with JavaCIS221TSci Group, Counts for BS MathaMTH,SCI
COMS260AssemblerCIS221TSci Group, Counts for BS MathaMTH,SCI
COMS260Assembly Lang Prog/Comp OrgCIS2AATCIS 200-level course
COMS265Program with CCIS221TSci Group, Counts for BS MathaMTH,SCI
COMS266C++CIS221TSci Group, Counts for BS MathaMTH,SCI
COMS267C++ for WindowsCIS221TSci Group, Counts for BS MathaMTH,SCI
COMS268Visual BasicCIS221TSci Group, Counts for BS MathaMTH,SCI
COMS270System AnalysisCIS2AATCIS 200-level course
COMS273Construction ManagementPROT200TProfess/Tech 200-level course
COMS280DatabaseCIS2AATCIS 200-level course
COMS298Independent StudyCIS2AATCIS 200-level course
COMS75Intro MicrocomputersNT100TNot Transferable
COMS75Intro MicrocomputersPROT100TProfess/Tech 100-level course
COMS80Intro WindowsPROT100TProfess/Tech 100-level course
COMS90Intro InternetPROT100TProfess/Tech 100-level course
COMT110BIntro to Computer HardwarePROT100TProfess/Tech 100-level course
COMT118Intro to Operating SystemsPROT100TProfess/Tech 100-level course
CONS114Blueprint ReadingPROT100TProfess/Tech 100-level course
CONS124Construction Details & SpecsPROT100TProfess/Tech 100-level course
CONS150L2CarpentryPROT100TProfess/Tech 100-level course
COOP160General Work Experience EdFE100TField Experience
COOP170Occupational Work ExperFE100TField Experience
COUN075AProbation Alleviation StratsNT100TNot Transferable
COUN096Orient to Coll Studnt AthletesNT100TNot Transferable
COUN100Group CounsNT100TNot Transferable
COUN105Orientation to CollegeALS1AATALS 100-level Course
COUN106Orientation to Coll-AthletesALS1AATALS 100-level Course
COUN110Career Counseling R-OKVOCT100TVoc/Tech credits
COUN130Ensuring Transfer SuccessCARG1AATCareer Guid 100-level course
COUN150FIntl (F-1 Visa) Stud OrientALS1AATALS 100-level Course
COUN150SCollege SurvivalALS1AATALS 100-level Course
COUN98Probation Seminar 1NT100TNot Transferable
COUNS095Orientation to CollegeNT100TNot Transferable
COUNS096Orient to Coll Stdnt-AthletesNT100TNot Transferable
COUNS120Student SuccessALS1AATALS 100-level Course
CULN105Introduction to the KitchenPROT100TProfess/Tech 100-level course
CULN120Fundamentals of CuisinePROT100TProfess/Tech 100-level course
CULN150CCandies, Choc, & TrufflesPROT100TProfess/Tech 100-level course
CULN150VVietnamese CuisinePROT100TProfess/Tech 100-level course
CULN153Safety and SanitationPROT100TProfess/Tech 100-level course
CULN228International CuisinePROT200TProfess/Tech 200-level course
DANC144Modern Dance IDANC1AATDANC 100-level course
DANC145Modern Dance IIDANC1AATDANC 100-level course
DENT110Overview of the Dental ProfessPROT100TProfess/Tech 100-level course
DRAM109Sound ReinforcemtTA1AATTA 100-level course
DRAM110Fund Stage ProdTA1AATTA 100-level course
DRAM111Fund Stage ProdTA1AATTA 100-level course
DRAM112Stage MakeupTA1AATTA 100-level course
DRAM113Costume DesignTA1AATTA 100-level course
DRAM115PantomimeTA1AATTA 100-level course
DRAM117Interm LightingTA1AATTA 100-level course
DRAM118Scene PaintingTA1AATTA 100-level course
DRAM122Basic Prin ActingTA1AATTA 100-level course
DRAM123Interm Prin ActingTA1AATTA 100-level course
DRAM124Adv Prin ActingTA1AATTA 100-level course
DRAM126Acting on CameraTA1AATTA 100-level course
DRAM130Prin DirectingTA1AATTA 100-level course
DRAM140History of TheaterTA100TArts & Letters GroupAL
DRAM141History of TheaterTA100TArts & Letters GroupAL
DRAM142Multi-Cultural PerspectiveTA182TIdentity Plural Tolerance, IPIP
DRAM150Childrens TheatreTA1AATTA 100-level course
DRAM155KCKCAC Theater Fest CompetTA1AATTA 100-level course
DRAM155TCStage Combat/Period MovementTA1AATTA 100-level course
DRAM155VActing in Musical TheaterTA1AATTA 100-level course
DRAM170Musical TheatreTA1AATTA 100-level course
DRAM180World DramaTA133TArts & Letters Group, ICIC,AL
DRAM181World DramaTA133TArts & Letters Group, ICAL,IC
DRAM200Intro to Technical TheatreTA2AATTA 200-level course
DRAM201Technical Theatre LabTA2AATTA 200-level course
DRAM205Stage Mgt ProjTA2AATTA 200-level course
DRAM206Stage Des ProjTA2AATTA 200-level course
DRAM210Scenery Props PaintTA2AATTA 200-level course
DRAM211Light and SoundTA2AATTA 200-level course
DRAM212Makeup ProjectTA2AATTA 200-level course
DRAM213Costume ProjTA2AATTA 200-level course
DRAM230Directing ProjectTA2AATTA 200-level course
DRAM260Acting ProjectTA2AATTA 200-level course
DRAM270Major ProductionTA2AATTA 200-level course
DRAM290TopicsTA2AATTA 200-level course
DRAM298Indpdnt StdyTA2AATTA 200-level course
ECE124Childe Develop & PsychologyEDST1AATEDST 100-level course
ECE125Explor Exp With Young ChildEDST1AATEDST 100-level course
ECE128Curriculum Dev Young ChildEDST1AATEDST 100-level course
ECE130Child, Family, & CommunityEDST1AATEDST 100-level course
ECE150MMedia & the Developing Child**EDST1AATEDST 100-level course
ECE152ATouchpoints in Child HealthEDST1AATEDST 100-level course
ECE153CPlay and Roots of Literacy**EDST1AATEDST 100-level course
ECE244Circle Time ActivitiesEDST2AATEDST 200-level course
ECON100Economics in ActionEC110TSocial Science GroupSS
ECON105Current IssuesEC1AATEC 100-level Course
ECON130Conc EconomicsEC110TSocial Science GroupSS
ECON200Intro to EconomicsEC210TSocial Science GroupSS
ECON201DiscussionEC2AATEC 200-level Course
ECON220Princ MacroeconomicsEC202Intro Econ Analy MacroSS
ECON221Princ MicroeconomicsEC201Intro Econ Analy MicroSS
ECON298Independent StudyEC2AATEC 200-level Course
EDUC120Teaching as a ProfessionEDST1AATEDST 100-level course
ELEC130Basic Electricity-DCPROT100TProfess/Tech 100-level course
ELTR100Pre-Tech ElectPROT100TProfess/Tech 100-level course
ELTR101ADC CircuitsPROT100TProfess/Tech 100-level course
ELTR101BAC CircuitsPROT100TProfess/Tech 100-level course
ELTR102AElectronic DevicesPROT100TProfess/Tech 100-level course
ELTR102BLinear CircuitsPROT100TProfess/Tech 100-level course
ELTR112Math for ElectronicsPROT100TProfess/Tech 100-level course
ELTR140Electronics FabricationPROT100TProfess/Tech 100-level course
ELTR201ADigital CircuitsPROT200TProfess/Tech 200-level course
ENG118Writing DevelopmentNT100T0.00Transferable
ENG122Freshman EnglishWR121College Composit IWR
ENG126Crit Think: Shap Mean LangWR100TEnglish CompositionWR
ENG252English LiteratureENG210Survey English LitAL
ENGI110Intro EngineeringENGR1AATEngineering 100-level course
ENGI119Elem Engineer DrawingENGR1AATEngineering 100-level course
ENGI120Engineering DrawingENGR1AATEngineering 100-level course
ENGI121Engineering DrawingENGR1AATEngineering 100-level course
ENGI126CompAid Des Drft-AutocadENGR1AATEngineering 100-level course
ENGI130Energy, Society, & EnvironmentENGR1AATEngineering 100-level course
ENGI135Prgm for Scien & EngrENGR1AATEngineering 100-level course
ENGI140Plane SurveyENGR1AATEngineering 100-level course
ENGI1503-D Modeling/AutocadENGR1AATEngineering 100-level course
ENGI240Prop of Engineering MaterialsENGR2AATEngineering 200-level course
ENGI255StaticsENGR2AATEngineering 200-level course
ENGL090Intro to College EnglishNT100TNot Transferable
ENGL091CCollege Vocab DevelopNT100TNot Transferable
ENGL096Intro to College ReadingNT100TNot Transferable
ENGL098Intro to College WritingNT100TNot Transferable
ENGL104Basic WritingNT100TNot Transferable
ENGL105Ind Std-RdNT100TNot Transferable
ENGL110English Grammar UsageNT100TNot Transferable
ENGL114Reading College SkillsNT100TNot Transferable
ENGL116Reading DevelopmentNT100TNot Transferable
ENGL118College Writing DevelopmentNT100TNot Transferable
ENGL122Composition & Read IWR121College Composit IWR
ENGL123Freshman English: CompWR122College Composit IIWR
ENGL124LinguisticsLING100TArts & Letters GroupAL
ENGL125Exp Prose & EssayWR123College Composit IIIWR
ENGL126Crit Think:Shap MeanWR123College Composit IIIWR
ENGL130Intro Technical WritingWR1AATWR 100-level course
ENGL140Tutor TrainingPROT100TProfess/Tech 100-level course
ENGL150Intro to LiteratureENG104Intro LiteratureAL
ENGL151The Short StoryENG100TArts & Letters GroupAL
ENGL152The Short FilmENG100TArts & Letters GroupAL
ENGL154Shakespeare & His WorldENG207ShakespeareAL
ENGL155Drama In PerformanceTA1AATTA 100-level course
ENGL157Mark TwainENG100TArts & Letters GroupAL
ENGL160Literature American ValuesENG100TArts & Letters GroupAL
ENGL162Language Literature CultureENG132TArts & Letters Group, IPAL,IP
ENGL163Asian American LiteratureENG131TArts & Letters Group, ACAL,AC
ENGL164Native American LiteraturesENG244Intro Native Amer LitIP,AL
ENGL165Afro-American WritingENG131TArts & Letters Group, ACAC,AL
ENGL166Afro-American LiteratureENG131TArts & Letters Group, ACAL,AC
ENGL167Mexican-American LitENG131TArts & Letters Group, ACAC,AL
ENGL168Literatures of AmericaENG131TArts & Letters Group, ACAL,AC
ENGL170World MythologyCLAS100TArts & Letters GroupAL
ENGL172Bible as LiteratureENG100TArts & Letters GroupAL
ENGL173Intro Gay Lesbian VoicesENG132TArts & Letters Group, IPAL,IP
ENGL175Literature Science FictionENG100TArts & Letters GroupAL
ENGL176The Graphic Novel/LiteratureENG100TArts & Letters GroupAL
ENGL177Children's LiteratureENG100TArts & Letters GroupAL
ENGL180Literature of the DramaENG100TArts & Letters GroupAL
ENGL190Women in LiteratureENG132TArts & Letters Group, IPAL,IP
ENGL222Creative WritingCRWR2AATCRWR 200-level course
ENGL223Short Story WritingCRWR2AATCRWR 200-level course
ENGL224Poetry WritingCRWR2AATCRWR 200-level course
ENGL225Nonfiction WritingCRWR2AATCRWR 200-level course
ENGL252Early English LiteratureENG210Survey English LitAL
ENGL253English LiteratureENG211Survey English LitAL
ENGL262Survey American LitENG215Survey American LitAL
ENGL263Survey of American LitENG216Survey American LitAL
ENGL272World LiteratureENG107World LiteratureIC,AL
ENGL273World LiteratureENG109World LiteratureIC,AL
ENGL284Comm American CultureENG200TArts & Letters GroupAL
ENGL298Independent StudyENG2AATENG 200-level course
ENGL67ESL: Intro SkillsNT100TNot Transferable
ENGL72Pronunc/ListenNT100TNot Transferable
ENGL76ESL: Interm SkillsNT100TNot Transferable
ENGL78ESL: Int Wr SkillsNT100TNot Transferable
ENGL83ESL: Lang LabNT100TNot Transferable
ENGL86ESL: Reading SkillsNT100TNot Transferable
ENGL88ESL: High Wrtg SkillsNT100TNot Transferable
ENGL90English Skills WkshpNT100TNot Transferable
ENGL90Intro College English SkillsNT100TNot Transferable
ENGL91BSentence Struct/PunctNT100TNot Transferable
ENGL91ESpeed/Efficient ReadingNT100TNot Transferable
ENGL92College Study SkillsNT100TNot Transferable
ENGL96Intro College SkillsNT100TNot Transferable
ENGL98Intro College WritngNT100TNot Transferable
ENGLD123Fresh Eng:Comp & ReadWR121College Composit IWR
ESL081CESL: ConversationNT100TNot Transferable
ESL086ESL: High Intermed ReadingNT100TNot Transferable
ESL096AESL: Col Read/Study SkillsNT100TNot Transferable
ESL098AESL: Intro to College WritingNT100TNot Transferable
FAML124Child Develop & PsychFHS1AATFam Human Srv 100-level course
FAML125Expl Exp Young ChildFHS1AATFam Human Srv 100-level course
FAML126Health Safety ChildFHS1AATFam Human Srv 100-level course
FAML127Nutrition & Young ChildFHS1AATFam Human Srv 100-level course
FAML130Child Fam CommunityFHS1AATFam Human Srv 100-level course
FAML130Child, Family & CommunityFHS1AATFam Human Srv 100-level course
FAML134Fam Comm InteractFHS1AATFam Human Srv 100-level course
FAML135Midlife RolesFHS1AATFam Human Srv 100-level course
FAML137Death Ed & TheFHS1AATFam Human Srv 100-level course
FAML137Issues SeparationFHS1AATFam Human Srv 100-level course
FAML140Health Safe ChildFHS1AATFam Human Srv 100-level course
FAML144Diversty ECE ClassFHS182TIdentity Plural Tolerance, IPIP
FAML150AChild Dev LabFHS1AATFam Human Srv 100-level course
FAML150BChild Dev LabFHS1AATFam Human Srv 100-level course
FAML150CChild Dev LabFHS1AATFam Human Srv 100-level course
FAML150DChild Dev Lab DFHS1AATFam Human Srv 100-level course
FAML150EBeh Dev PatternsFHS1AATFam Human Srv 100-level course
FAML220Prog Sch Age ChildFHS2AATFam Human Srv 200-level course
FAML230Infant Toddler CareFHS2AATFam Human Srv 200-level course
FAML237ECE ResearchFHS2AATFam Human Srv 200-level course
FAML240Lang Exp ChildFHS2AATFam Human Srv 200-level course
FAML241Science Math ECEFHS2AATFam Human Srv 200-level course
FAML242Music Young ChildFHS2AATFam Human Srv 200-level course
FAML243Creative Art ChildFHS2AATFam Human Srv 200-level course
FAML244Cont Iss Fam EducFHS2AATFam Human Srv 200-level course
FAML244Psyc Effect Abuse of ChildFHS2AATFam Human Srv 200-level course
FAML245AIntro Day CareFHS2AATFam Human Srv 200-level course
FAML245BMgmt Day CareFHS2AATFam Human Srv 200-level course
FAML246Intro to Foster ParentingFHS2AATFam Human Srv 200-level course
FAML246AIntro to Foster ParentingFHS2AATFam Human Srv 200-level course
FAML246BIntro to Foster ParentingFHS2AATFam Human Srv 200-level course
FAML246CParenting Child of OthersFHS2AATFam Human Srv 200-level course
FAML249Intro ECE PracticeFHS2AATFam Human Srv 200-level course
FAML250ECE Theory PracticeFHS2AATFam Human Srv 200-level course
FAML251Admin Super ECEFHS2AATFam Human Srv 200-level course
FAML252Staff Dev Super ECEFHS2AATFam Human Srv 200-level course
FAML263Speech Lang HearFHS2AATFam Human Srv 200-level course
FAML265Iss Wrk W/YoungFHS2AATFam Human Srv 200-level course
FAML266Sign Lang SEE IASL2AATASL 200-level Course
FAML267Sign Lang SEE IICDS2AATCDS 200-level course
FAML268Sign Lang SEE IIICDS2AATCDS 200-level course
FAML269Special Needs ChildSPED2AATSPED 200-level course
FAML280American Sign Lang IASL1011st Yr Amer Sign Lang
FAML281American Sign Lang IIASL1031st Yr Amer Sign LangFLAN
FAML282American Sign Lang IIIASL2012nd Yr Amer Sign LangAL,FLAN
FAML298Indepndent StdyFHS2AATFam Human Srv 200-level course
FIEL234Coll Instructional Asst WrkFE200TField Experience
FILM120Top Film GenreENG1AATENG 100-level course
FILM120BDocumentary FilmENG1AATENG 100-level course
FILM130Top Great DirectorsENG1AATENG 100-level course
FILM130HGreat Directors-ScorseseENG1AATENG 100-level course
FILM130JGreat Directors-Spike LeeENG1AATENG 100-level course
FILM140American CinemaENG100TArts & Letters GroupAL
FILM150Topics in FilmENG1AATENG 100-level course
FILM150MAmer Comedy in MoviesENG1AATENG 100-level course
FILM160American Culture FilmENG131TArts & Letters Group, ACAL,AC
FILM180Comparative Film StudiesENG100TArts & Letters GroupAL
FILM280Intro to Film 1900-1950ENG200TArts & Letters GroupAL
FILM281Film: World Cine 1900-1960ENG200TArts & Letters GroupAL
FILM282Intro To Film:1950-PresentENG200TArts & Letters GroupAL
FILM283World Cinema 1960 to PresentENG200TArts & Letters GroupAL
FILM290Film & TV Script WritingCRWR2AATCRWR 200-level course
FILM292Fund Film MakingENG2AATENG 200-level course
FILM293Fund Film MakingENG2AATENG 200-level course
FILM298Independent StudyENG2AATENG 200-level course
FRNC120First Term FrenchFR1011st Year French
FRNC121Second Term FrenchFR1031st Year FrenchFLAN
FRNC1551st Sem Conv FrenchFR1AATFR 100-level course
FRNC1562nd Term Convers FrenchFR1AATFR 100-level course
FRNC165Adv French ConversFR1AATFR 100-level course
FRNC2203rd Term FrenchFR2012nd Year FrenchFLAN,AL
FRNC2214th Term FrenchFR2032nd Year FrenchLA,AL,FLAN
FRNC2983rd Term FrenchFR2AATFR 200-level course
GEOG120Physical GeographyGEOG141Natural EnvironmentSCI
GEOG121Physical Geography LabGEOG1ALTGeography 100-level lab course
GEOG125Intro Geographic Info SysGEOG120TScience GroupSCI
GEOG127Intro GPSGEOG1AATGEOG 100-level course
GEOG130World Regional GeographyGEOG201World Regional GeographySS,IC
GEOG135World Regional GeographyGEOG142Human GeographyIC,SS
GEOG140Intro MeteorologyGEOG120TScience GroupSCI
GEOG141Intro to Weather LabGEOG1ALTGeography 100-level lab course
GEOG155Topics GeographyGEOG1AATGEOG 100-level course
GEOG160Intro Remote SensingGEOG120TScience GroupSCI
GEOG298Independent StudyGEOG2AATGEOG 200-level course
GEOL120Physical GeologyGEOL101Dynamic EarthSCI
GEOL121Historical GeologyGEOL103Evolving EarthSCI
GEOL122Geology LaboratoryGEOL1ALTGEOL 100-level Lab Course
GEOL124Historical Geology LabGEOL1ALTGEOL 100-level Lab Course
GEOL125Geology of CaliforniaGEOL120TScience GroupSCI
GEOL135Intro to Field GeologyGEOL1AATGEOL 100-level course
GEOL298Indep StudyGEOL2AATGEOL 200-level course
GERM121Second Term GermanGER1031st Year GermanFLAN
GERM1451st Trimstr GermanGER1011st Year German
GERM1462nd Trimstr GermanGER1021st Year GermanFLAN
GERM1473rd Trimstr GermanGER1031st Year GermanFLAN
GERM2203rd Term GermanGER2012nd Year GermanFLAN,AL
GRMA120First Term GermanGER1011st Year German
GRMA1212nd Term GermanGER1031st Year GermanFLAN
GRMA220Third Term GermanGER2012nd Year GermanAL,FLAN
GRMA2214th Term GermanGER2032nd Year GermanAL,FLAN,LA
GRMA2305th Term GermanGER202TArts & Letters Group:Clears BAAL,LA
GRMA2316th Term GermanGER202TArts & Letters Group:Clears BAAL,LA
GRMA298Independent StudyGER2AATGER 200-level course
H ED124EcologyHPE1AATHealth/PE 100-level course
HE122Healthy LivingHPE1AATHealth/PE 100-level course
HIST110History of AfricaHIST153TSocial Science Group, ICSS,IC
HIST111History of AfricaHIST153TSocial Science Group, ICIC,SS
HIST120History of the USHIST201United StatesSS
HIST121History of the USHIST203United StatesSS
HIST122Critical Reas in HistoryHIST110TSocial Science GroupSS
HIST123Local HistoryHIST1AATHIST 100-level course
HIST124History of CaliforniaHIST110TSocial Science GroupSS
HIST125Hist American SouthwestHIST110TSocial Science GroupSS
HIST126The American WestHIST110TSocial Science GroupSS
HIST127Afr-Am Persp US HistHIST151TSocial Sci Group, ACAC,SS
HIST128Afr-American HistoryHIST151TSocial Science Group, ACSS,AC
HIST129Asian-American HistoryHIST151TSocial Science Group, ACSS,AC
HIST130Peoples of North AmericaHIST151TSocial Sci Group, ACSS,AC
HIST134California Travel StudyHIST1AATHIST 100-level course
HIST135History of Latin AmericaHIST153TSocial Science Group, ICSS,IC
HIST140Western Civil to RenaissanceHIST101Western CivilizationSS
HIST141Western Civ Since RenaissanceHIST103Western CivilizationSS
HIST150History of AsiaHIST153TSocial Science Group, ICIC,SS
HIST151Hist Far EastHIST153TSocial Science Group, ICIC,SS
HIST155TopicsHIST1AATHIST 100-level course
HIST160History British Life/CultureHIST110TSocial Science GroupSS
HIST170Hist Women US to 1877HIST152TSocial Science Group, IPSS,IP
HIST171Hist Women US from 1877HIST152TSocial Science Group, IPSS,IP
HIST224Contem California IssuesHIST2AATHIST 200-level course
HIST240Contemporary EuropeHIST210TSocial Science GroupSS
HIST298Independent StudyHIST2AATHIST 200-level course
HORT110Intro to HorticultureHORT1AATHorticulture 100-level course
HORT141Tree IdentificationHORT1AATHorticulture 100-level course
HORT160Plant PropagationHORT1AATHorticulture 100-level course
HORT161Plant Pests & DiseasesHORT1AATHorticulture 100-level course
HORT174Landscape DesignHORT1AATHorticulture 100-level course
HORT179ArboricultureHORT1AATHorticulture 100-level course
HRM100Orientation Hospitality IndusPROT100TProfess/Tech 100-level course
HRM101Intro Hotel & Motel Mangt InduPROT100TProfess/Tech 100-level course
HRM111Hospitality Wine AppreciationPROT100TProfess/Tech 100-level course
HRM226California CuisinePROT200TProfess/Tech 200-level course
HRMG153Applied Food Serv SanitationPROT100TProfess/Tech 100-level course
HSCI124Health and WellnessHPE1AATHealth/PE 100-level course
HSCI124Ecology Of Human HealthHPE1AATHealth/PE 100-level course
HSCI127Drugs, Health and SocietyHPE1AATHealth/PE 100-level course
HSCI128Medical TerminologyPROT100TProfess/Tech 100-level course
HSCI130First AidHPE1AATHealth/PE 100-level course
HSCI131CPRHPE1AATHealth/PE 100-level course
HSCI135Sports MedicineHPE1AATHealth/PE 100-level course
HSCI140Human SexualitySOC152TSocial Science Group, IPSS,IP
HSCI141Sexual Asp AgingHPE1AATHealth/PE 100-level course
HSCI150Stress ManagementHPE1AATHealth/PE 100-level course
HSCI160Alchoholism & FamilyHPE1AATHealth/PE 100-level course
HSCI164MindBodyHealng:X-CltrPrspctvHPE183TInternational Cultures, ICIC
HSCI170Women's HealthHPE182TIdentity Plural Tolerance, IPIP
HSCI181HospiceHPE1AATHealth/PE 100-level course
HSCI182Communication & PainHPE1AATHealth/PE 100-level course
HSCI230Adv CPRHPE2AATHealth/PE 200-level course
HSCI240Field Stud-Family Plan Clin R-HPE2AATHealth/PE 200-level course
HSCI298Independent StudyHPE2AATHealth/PE 200-level course
HUM110Intro HumanitiesHUM101Humanities IAL
HUM112Intro Hum: The Modern EraHUM103Humanities IIIAL
HUM116The Arts & Culture of AsiaHUM133TArts & Letters Group, ICIC,AL
HUM280Arts Bay AreaHUM2AATHUM 200-level course
HUM298Indep StudyHUM2AATHUM 200-level course
HUMA105Intro To HumanitiesHUM101Humanities IAL
HUMA108The Roots of HellHUM100TArts & Letters GroupAL
HUMA110ClassicalHUM100TArts & Letters GroupAL
HUMA111Hum:Mid Ages&RenaisHUM102Humanities IIAL
HUMA112Hum:Modern WorldHUM103Humanities IIIAL
HUMA115The American Multicultural ExpHUM133TArts & Letters Group, ICAL,IC
HUMA116The Arts & Cultures of AsiaHUM133TArts & Letters Group, ICAL,IC
HUMA118Major Works: TransformationsHUM100TArts & Letters GroupAL
HUMA120Intro Hum: Black ExperiHUM131TArts & Letters Group, ACAL,AC
HUMA123American Popular CultureHUM131TArts & Letters Group, ACAL,AC
HUMA150Hum Movie ThemesHUM100TArts & Letters GroupAL
HUMAN105Intro to Humanities:Arts/IdeasHUM101Humanities IAL
HUMAN111Intro to Human: Middle AgesHUM100TArts & Letters GroupAL
IBIO33Ecol,Evol DinosaursBI120TScience GroupSCI
ITAL120First Term ItalianITAL1011st Year Italian
ITAL121Second Term ItalianITAL1031st Year ItalianFLAN
ITAL1451st Trim ItalianITAL1011st Year Italian
ITAL1462nd Trim ItalianITAL1021st Year ItalianFLAN
ITAL1473rd Trim ItalianITAL1031st Year ItalianFLAN
ITAL1551st Trim Italian ConvITAL1AATITAL 100-level course
ITAL1562nd Trim Italian ConvITAL1AATITAL 100-level course
ITAL1573rd Trim Italian ConvITAL1AATITAL 100-level course
ITAL165Adv Conversational ItalianITAL1AATITAL 100-level course
ITAL2203rd Term ItalianITAL2012nd Year ItalianAL,FLAN
ITAL2214th Term ItalianITAL2032nd Year ItalianLA,FLAN,AL
ITAL2305th term ItalianITAL200TArts & Letters GroupAL
JAPA1201st term JapaneseJPN1011st Year Japanese
JAPA1212nd term JapaneseJPN1031st Year JapaneseFLAN
JAPA130Intensive Study KanjiJPN1AATJPN 100-level course
JAPA145Intro Japanese LangJPN1011st Year Japanese
JAPA146Japanese LanguageJPN1021st Year JapaneseFLAN
JAPA147Japanese LanguageJPN1031st Year JapaneseFLAN
JAPA220Third Term JapaneseJPN2012nd Year JapaneseAL,FLAN
JAPA245Intermediate JapaneseJPN2012nd Year JapaneseFLAN,AL
JAPAAIntro Japanese LangJPN1011st Year Japanese
JRNA110Mass Media of CommunicationJ201The Mass Media & SocSS
JRNA120Intro Basic Newspaper TechJ1AATJ 100-level course
JRNA121Newspaper TechJ1AATJ 100-level course
JRNA126Newspaper Production LabJ1AATJ 100-level course
JRNA150Magazine Article WritingJ1AATJ 100-level course
JRNA156Periodical Production Lab StJ1AATJ 100-level course
JRNA160Writing the Feature StoryJ1AATJ 100-level course
JRNL298Indep StudyJ2AATJ 200-level course
KNAC110ABeginning Hatha YogaPE1AATPE 100-level course
KNAC146AThry/Prac Strngth Trng/Fit IPEP1AATPhys Ed Prof: 100-level course
KNIC199Athletic ConditioningPEP1AATPhys Ed Prof: 100-level course
KNIC206Intercollegiate Football, MenPEP2AATPhys Ed Prof: 200-level course
KNIC220Intercoll Track/Field, MenPEP2AATPhys Ed Prof: 200-level course
KNIC225Intercoll Water Polo WomenPEP2AATPhys Ed Prof: 200-level course
L150DSchool LibrariesNT100TNot Transferable
LRNS049AssessmentNT100TNot Transferable
LRNS060Learning StrategiesNT100TNot Transferable
LRNS100AAssessment R-OKNT100TNot Transferable
LRNS100BReading Skills R-OKNT100TNot Transferable
LRNS49AssessmentNT100TNot Transferable
LS120Intro to Library ResLIB101Intro to the Library
LS121Info Competency/Research SkllsLIB1AATLIB 100-level course
LS130Info Discov on the InternetLIB1AATLIB 100-level course
MANG120Intro to SupervisionBA1AATBADM 100-level course
MANG151PAssertiveness/Handl CritBA1AATBADM 100-level course
MANG151RMaking Successful Bus PresBA1AATBADM 100-level course
MATE120Machine ProcessesPROT100TProfess/Tech 100-level course
MATE121Machine Processes IIPROT100TProfess/Tech 100-level course
MATH065Arithmetic & Problem SolvingNT100TNot Transferable
MATH075Prealgebra with Arith ReviewNT100TNot Transferable
MATH080ESummer Bridge-Self Paced MathNT100TNot Transferable
MATH090Elementary AlgebraNT100TNot Transferable
MATH100Fundamentals MathNT100TNot Transferable
MATH104Elementary AlgebraNT100TNot Transferable
MATH105Review of Algebra FundNT100TNot Transferable
MATH105AReview of Algebra FundNT100TNot Transferable
MATH105BReview of Algebra FundNT100TNot Transferable
MATH110Elementary AlgebraNT100TNot Transferable
MATH110AElementary AlgebraNT100TNot Transferable
MATH110BElementary AlgebraNT100TNot Transferable
MATH114GeometryNT100TNot Transferable
MATH115Principles of NumbersNT100TNot Transferable
MATH118Elementary AlgebraNT100TNot Transferable
MATH119GeometryNT100TNot Transferable
MATH120Intermediate AlgebraNT100TNot Transferable
MATH120AIntermediate AlgebraNT100TNot Transferable
MATH120BIntermediate AlgebraNT100TNot Transferable
MATH120SPIntermed Algebra-Self PacedNT100TNot Transferable
MATH121Plane TrigonometryMATH112Elem FunctionMTH
MATH122Slide RuleMATH1AATMATH 100-level course
MATH124Math for Liberal ArtsMATH121TScience Group:Count in BS MathMTH,SCI
MATH130History of MathMATH120TScience GroupSCI
MATH135College AlgebraMATH111College AlgebraMTH
MATH135SPCollege AlgebraMATH111College AlgebraMTH
MATH140Tutor TrainingMATH1AATMATH 100-level course
MATH142Elem Statistics/ProbabilMATH243Intro Probabil & StatsMTH,SCI
MATH170Topics MathMATH1AATMATH 100-level course
MATH181Finite MathematicsMATH121TScience Group:Count in BS MathMTH,SCI
MATH182Calculus for Mgmt,Life SciMATH241Calc Bus & Soc Sci IMTH,SCI
MATH183Calculus for Mgmt,Life SciMATH242Calc Bus & Soc Sci IIMTH,SCI
MATH191PrecalculusMATH127TCounts for BS MathMTH
MATH192Analyt Geom & Calculus IMATH251Calculus IMTH,SCI
MATH193Analyt Geom & Calculus IIMATH252Calculus IIMTH,SCI
MATH193Analyt Geom & Calculus IIMATH253Calculus IIIMTH,SCI
MATH194Linear AlgebraMATH121TScience Group:Count in BS MathMTH,SCI
MATH195Discrete MathMATH121TScience Group:Count in BS MathMTH,SCI
MATH292Analyt Geom & CalcMATH281Several-Variab Calc I
MATH292Analyt Geom & CalcMATH282Several-Variab Calc II
MATH294Differential EqtnsMATH256Intro Differ Equations
MATH298Indep StudyMATH2AATMATH 200-level course
MATH299Student Instructional AsstALS2AATALS 200-level Course
MATH60Study SkillsNT100TNot Transferable
MATH70Refresher ArithmeticNT100TNot Transferable
MATH71Pre-AlgebraNT100TNot Transferable
MGNT151LTeamwork & Team-Bldg. SkillsHS1AATHS 100-level course
MULT111Digital Imag Proc & Tech IIARTD1AATARTD 100-level course
MULT130Intro to Digital AudioARTD1AATARTD 100-level course
MULT150BBSpecial FX and DVD AuthoringARTD1AATARTD 100-level course
MULT171Web DesignARTD1AATARTD 100-level course
MUSI100Sem/Indiv Studio Inst R-OKMUS1AATMUS 100-level Course
MUSI101Beginning Guitar & Folk SinginMUS1AATMUS 100-level Course
MUSI102Intermed GuitarMUS1AATMUS 100-level Course
MUSI103Guitar EnsembleMUS194TGuitar Ensemble
MUSI104Adv Guitar EnsembleMUS194TGuitar Ensemble
MUSI105America's MusicMUS131TArts & Letters Group, ACAC,AL
MUSI105Intermed Electric GuitarMUS1AATMUS 100-level Course
MUSI106Jazz & RockMUS131TArts & Letters Group, ACAC,AL
MUSI106Advanced Electric GuitarMUS1AATMUS 100-level Course
MUSI107Live Popular Concert Perf/ProdMUS1AATMUS 100-level Course
MUSI110Intro to Music LitMUS100TArts & Letters GroupAL
MUSI111Hist Music Western CultureMUS100TArts & Letters GroupAL
MUSI113Intro & History Of JazzMUJ131TArts & Letters Group, ACAC,AL
MUSI114World Music CulturesMUS133TArts & Letters Group, ICIC,AL
MUSI117Hist of Rock & R and BMUS131TArts & Letters Group, ACAC,AL
MUSI118History of JazzMUJ131TArts & Letters Group, ACAC,AL
MUSI120Intro to Music SkillsMUS1AATMUS 100-level Course
MUSI122Theory I: Intro Mus TheoryMUS1AATMUS 100-level Course
MUSI123Theory II Beginning HarmonyMUS1AATMUS 100-level Course
MUSI124Studio Record/ArrangingMUS1AATMUS 100-level Course
MUSI127Jazz Theory & ImprovMUS1AATMUS 100-level Course
MUSI130Jazz WorkshopMUS1AATMUS 100-level Course
MUSI134Musical Theatre WkshpMUS1AATMUS 100-level Course
MUSI136Jazz EnsembleMUS197TChorus
MUSI137Jazz CombosMUS194TChamber Ensemble
MUSI138Varsity BandMUS195TBand
MUSI139Marching Band Tech/PerfMUS1AATMUS 100-level Course
MUSI140Symphonic Band R-OKMUS195TBand
MUSI142Applied Woodwing Ens R-OKMUS1AATMUS 100-level Course
MUSI144Applied Brass EnsembleMUS194TBrass Ensemble
MUSI147Baroque Chamb OrchestraMUS196TOrchestra
MUSI148Bach Family OrchestraMUS196TOrchestra
MUSI150Beginning Piano IMUS1AATMUS 100-level Course
MUSI151Beginning Piano IIMUS1AATMUS 100-level Course
MUSI152Jazz PianoMUS1AATMUS 100-level Course
MUSI154Begin WoodwindMUS1AATMUS 100-level Course
MUSI155Begin Brass InstMUS1AATMUS 100-level Course
MUSI156String InstumentsMUS1AATMUS 100-level Course
MUSI157Begin PercussionMUS1AATMUS 100-level Course
MUSI158Applied Org InstMUS1AATMUS 100-level Course
MUSI159Interm Orch StringsMUS1AATMUS 100-level Course
MUSI162A Capella ChoirMUS197TChorus
MUSI166Chamber Singers/WomenMUS197TChorus
MUSI168Applied PercussionMUS1AATMUS 100-level Course
MUSI170Applied VoiceMUS1AATMUS 100-level Course
MUSI171Voc St Jazz PopMUS1AATMUS 100-level Course
MUSI172MIDIMUS1AATMUS 100-level Course
MUSI173MIDIMUS1AATMUS 100-level Course
MUSI174Intro to Pro ToolsMUS1AATMUS 100-level Course
MUSI176Applied String EnsembleMUS194TStrings Ensemble
MUSI177Intro to Reason & ACIDMUS1AATMUS 100-level Course
MUSI178Early Amer Ens MusicMUS1AATMUS 100-level Course
MUSI180Masterworks ChoraleMUS197TChorus
MUSI181Intro to the Music IndustryMUS1AATMUS 100-level Course
MUSI182SongwritingMUS1AATMUS 100-level Course
MUSI190Intro Midi Comp/Synth R-OKMUS1AATMUS 100-level Course
MUSI190AGMusic of Adam GorbMUS1AATMUS 100-level Course
MUSI190ARArtist ManagmentMUS1AATMUS 100-level Course
MUSI190FRMusic/French Republican GuardMUS1AATMUS 100-level Course
MUSI190JMMusic of John Mackey for BandMUS1AATMUS 100-level Course
MUSI190MMHavhaness: Maximum MinimalismMUS1AATMUS 100-level Course
MUSI190MTMusic of Michael TorkeMUS1AATMUS 100-level Course
MUSI190NSummer Band Literature ClinicMUS1AATMUS 100-level Course
MUSI190PRPrivate Instumntl/Vocal StudyMUS1AATMUS 100-level Course
MUSI190RJMusic of Robert Jager for WindMUS1AATMUS 100-level Course
MUSI222Theory III Adv HarmonyMUS2AATMUS 200-level Course
MUSI223Theory IV: Tech Hamonic DevMUS2AATMUS 200-level Course
MUSI236Adv Jazz PerformanceMUS2AATMUS 200-level Course
MUSI240Concert Band R-OKMUS295TConcert Band
MUSI250Interm PianoMUS2AATMUS 200-level Course
MUSI252Piano Ensemble R-OKMUS2AATMUS 200-level Course
MUSI255Adv PianoMUS2AATMUS 200-level Course
MUSI256Teach Perf PractMUS2AATMUS 200-level Course
MUSI260Organ Tech MatrlsMUS2AATMUS 200-level Course
MUSI261Organ Tech MatrlsMUS2AATMUS 200-level Course
MUSI298Indep StudyMUS2AATMUS 200-level Course
MUSI 177177Cont Inst EnsMUS1AATMUS 100-level Course
MUSL110Sounds of Music: Intro to LitMUS125Understanding MusicAL
MUSL113Intro & Hist of Jazz & RockMUJ131TArts & Letters Group, ACAL,AC
MUSL114Music Cultures of the WorldMUS133TArts & Letters Group, ICIC,AL
MUSL117History of Rock and R & BMUS131TArts & Letters Group, ACAL,AC
MUSP107Rhythm & Blues PerformanceMUS194TChamber Ensemble
MUSP135Vocal Jazz EnsembleMUS197TChorus
MUSP140Wind EnsembleMUS194TChamber Ensemble
MUSP141Honor BandMUS195TBand
MUSP142Woodwind EnsembleMUS194TChamber Ensemble
MUSP162Concert ChoirMUS197TChorus
MUSP166Chamber SingersMUS197TChamber Singers
MUSP240Symphonic BandMUS195TBand
MUSP290DVC Philharmonic OrchestraMUS296TPhilharmonic Orchestra
NUTR112Changes: Behavior &FN1AATFood/Nutritn 100-level course
NUTR115Elements of NutritionFN1AATFood/Nutritn 100-level course
NUTR120Sprts Nut: Fuel the AthleteFN1AATFood/Nutritn 100-level course
NUTR150Topics NutritionFN1AATFood/Nutritn 100-level course
NUTR160NutritionFN1AATFood/Nutritn 100-level course
NUTR298Indep StudyFN2AATFood/Nutritn 200-level course
OCEA101Fundamentals of OceanographyGEOL120TScience GroupSCI
OCEA102Fund of Oceanography/Lab**GEOL120TScience GroupSCI
OCEA109Fund of OceanGEOL120TScience GroupSCI
OCEA110Fund of Oceanography LabGEOL1ALTGEOL 100-level Lab Course
OCEA111Field StudiesGEOL1AATGEOL 100-level course
OCEA298Adv Probs OceanographyGEOL2AATGEOL 200-level course
PE098Sports Skills/TechPE1AATPE 100-level course
PE099Adv Athletic Trng/SecondaryPE1AATPE 100-level course
PE100Aquatic FitnessPE1AATPE 100-level course
PE102Adv LifeguardPE1AATPE 100-level course
PE104Adv SpringboardPE1AATPE 100-level course
PE105Water AerobicsPE1AATPE 100-level course
PE106SwimmingPE1AATPE 100-level course
PE107Stretch & Yoga for SportsPE1AATPE 100-level course
PE108Beginning Hatha YogaPE1AATPE 100-level course
PE110Water PoloPE1AATPE 100-level course
PE113Modern Dance AdvDANC1AATDANC 100-level course
PE114Beginning Hatha YogaPE1AATPE 100-level course
PE115Body SculptPE1AATPE 100-level course
PE116Figure BegPE1AATPE 100-level course
PE117Fitness JoggingPE1AATPE 100-level course
PE118TriathlonPE1AATPE 100-level course
PE119Fitness WalkingPE1AATPE 100-level course
PE120Physical Fitness/Body SculptPE1AATPE 100-level course
PE121PE ActivityPE1AATPE 100-level course
PE122Ski ConditionPE1AATPE 100-level course
PE123Ski DownhillPE1AATPE 100-level course
PE124Weight TrainingPE1AATPE 100-level course
PE125Power LiftPE1AATPE 100-level course
PE126Super CircuitPE1AATPE 100-level course
PE127Hips/Thighs/AbsPE1AATPE 100-level course
PE128Floor BarrePE1AATPE 100-level course
PE130HikingPE1AATPE 100-level course
PE130Ballet R-OKDANC1AATDANC 100-level course
PE133Interm BalletDANC1AATDANC 100-level course
PE136Jazz Dance R-OKDANC1AATDANC 100-level course
PE137Interm Jazz DanceDANC1AATDANC 100-level course
PE138Tap DanceDANC1AATDANC 100-level course
PE139Folk DanceDANC1AATDANC 100-level course
PE140Dance ChoreographyDANC1AATDANC 100-level course
PE141Interm Tap DanceDANC1AATDANC 100-level course
PE144Spirit SquadPE1AATPE 100-level course
PE145Dance ProductionDANC1AATDANC 100-level course
PE146Adaptve Indiv ExercPE1AATPE 100-level course
PE148Adapt Wt LiftPE1AATPE 100-level course
PE149Adapt Aquat FitPE1AATPE 100-level course
PE150Weight TrainPE1AATPE 100-level course
PE150FCFitness Center Strenght TrainPE1AATPE 100-level course
PE150MLMen's LacrossePE1AATPE 100-level course
PE150RYogaPE1AATPE 100-level course
PE151Aquat Ex LimitedPE1AATPE 100-level course
PE152Team SportPE1AATPE 100-level course
PE153YogaPE1AATPE 100-level course
PE154BadmintonPE1AATPE 100-level course
PE158ActivityPE1AATPE 100-level course
PE162GolfPE1AATPE 100-level course
PE163Intermed/Adv GolfPE1AATPE 100-level course
PE172TennisPE1AATPE 100-level course
PE172ATennisPE1AATPE 100-level course
PE173Distance Track TrainingPE1AATPE 100-level course
PE174Track and FieldPE1AATPE 100-level course
PE175VolleyballPE1AATPE 100-level course
PE176TumblingPE1AATPE 100-level course
PE178WrestlingPE1AATPE 100-level course
PE180BaseballPE1AATPE 100-level course
PE182BasketballPE1AATPE 100-level course
PE185PE ActivityPE1AATPE 100-level course
PE186Flag FootballPE1AATPE 100-level course
PE187Mult Asp/Mod Day FootballPEP1AATPhys Ed Prof: 100-level course
PE188SoccerPE1AATPE 100-level course
PE190SoftballPE1AATPE 100-level course
PE192VolleyballPE1AATPE 100-level course
PE192AVolleyballPE1AATPE 100-level course
PE193Team Sports CombPE1AATPE 100-level course
PE195Plyometrics/AgilityPE1AATPE 100-level course
PE199Athletic CondPE1AATPE 100-level course
PE200Intercolleg Baseball, MenPEP2AATPhys Ed Prof: 200-level course
PE202Basketball VarsityPEP2AATPhys Ed Prof: 200-level course
PE204Cross Country MenPEP2AATPhys Ed Prof: 200-level course
PE205Cross Country WomenPEP2AATPhys Ed Prof: 200-level course
PE206Cross Country WomenPEP2AATPhys Ed Prof: 200-level course
PE206Intercollegiate FootballPEP2AATPhys Ed Prof: 200-level course
PE215Softball WomenPEP2AATPhys Ed Prof: 200-level course
PE216Intercol Swim/DivePEP2AATPhys Ed Prof: 200-level course
PE217Swim/Dive WomenPEP2AATPhys Ed Prof: 200-level course
PE218Tennis MenPEP2AATPhys Ed Prof: 200-level course
PE219Tennis WomenPEP2AATPhys Ed Prof: 200-level course
PE220Intermediate Track & FieldPEP2AATPhys Ed Prof: 200-level course
PE221Track & Field WomenPEP2AATPhys Ed Prof: 200-level course
PE223Volleyball:WomenPEP2AATPhys Ed Prof: 200-level course
PE224Intercollegiate Water PoloPEP2AATPhys Ed Prof: 200-level course
PE226Wrestling:MenPEP2AATPhys Ed Prof: 200-level course
PE249Adv Lifesav/GuardPEP2AATPhys Ed Prof: 200-level course
PE250Water SafetyPEP2AATPhys Ed Prof: 200-level course
PE254Intro to Sports MedicinePEP2AATPhys Ed Prof: 200-level course
PE255Adv Athletic TrainingPEP2AATPhys Ed Prof: 200-level course
PE259Sports PsychologyPEP2AATPhys Ed Prof: 200-level course
PE260Secondary School CertPEP2AATPhys Ed Prof: 200-level course
PE290PE & Sports in SocietyPEP2AATPhys Ed Prof: 200-level course
PE298Independent StudyPEP2AATPhys Ed Prof: 200-level course
PE99Adv Athletic Trng/Secondary StNT100TNot Transferable
PE C130TennisPE1AATPE 100-level course
PE W112Modern DanceDANC1AATDANC 100-level course
PE W156GymnasticsPE1AATPE 100-level course
PEAD151Aquatic Exerc/Phys LimitedPE1AATPE 100-level course
PEC131Int TennisPE1AATPE 100-level course
PECM111Tae Kwon DoPE1AATPE 100-level course
PECM114AikidoPE1AATPE 100-level course
PECM119KaratePE1AATPE 100-level course
PEDA128Pilates Mat WorkPE1AATPE 100-level course
PEDA129Intro to DanceDANC1AATDANC 100-level course
PEDA130Beginning BalletDANC1AATDANC 100-level course
PEDA133Intermed BalletDANC1AATDANC 100-level course
PEDA136Jazz DanceDANC175Jazz I
PEDA137Intermed Jazz DanceDANC1AATDANC 100-level course
PEDA142Modern DanceDANC1AATDANC 100-level course
PEDA150ABallroom/Partner DancingDANC1AATDANC 100-level course
PEDA155EBeginning Salsa/Latin DanceDANC1AATDANC 100-level course
PEDA161Swing DanceDANC1AATDANC 100-level course
PEDA162Salsa & Latin DanceDANC1AATDANC 100-level course
PEIC098Intercollegiate Pre-Pt OrientnNT100TNot Transferable
PEIC110Student-Athlete Success IALS1AATALS 100-level Course
PEIC111Student-Athlete success IIALS1AATALS 100-level Course
PEIC200Intercollegiate Baseball, MenPEP2AATPhys Ed Prof: 200-level course
PEIC204Intercolleg Cross Cntry, MenPEP2AATPhys Ed Prof: 200-level course
PEIC205Intercoll Cross Cntry, WomenPEP2AATPhys Ed Prof: 200-level course
PEIC210Intercollegiate Soccer, WomenPEP2AATPhys Ed Prof: 200-level course
PEIC216Intercollegiat Swim&Diving MenPEP2AATPhys Ed Prof: 200-level course
PEIC217Intercolleg Swim&Dive, WomenPEP2AATPhys Ed Prof: 200-level course
PEIC218Intercollegiate Tennis, MenPEP2AATPhys Ed Prof: 200-level course
PEIC219Intercollegiate Tennis, WomenPEP2AATPhys Ed Prof: 200-level course
PEIC220Intercollegiate Track&FieldPEP2AATPhys Ed Prof: 200-level course
PEIC221Intercolleg Track&Field, WomenPEP2AATPhys Ed Prof: 200-level course
PEIC223Intercoll Volleyball, WomenPEP2AATPhys Ed Prof: 200-level course
PEIC224Intercollegiate WaterPolo MenPEP2AATPhys Ed Prof: 200-level course
PEIC226Intercollegiate WrestlingPEP1AATPhys Ed Prof: 100-level course
PEM190Intercollegiate Water PoloPEP1AATPhys Ed Prof: 100-level course
PEM226Water PoloPE2AATPE 200-level course
PERS120First Term PersianPRSN101T1st Year Persian
PERS121Second Term PersianPRSN103T1st Year PersianFLAN
PETH150ICIntercollegiate Pre-Pt OrientnPEP1AATPhys Ed Prof: 100-level course
PETH150SAStudent-Athlete Success IPEP1AATPhys Ed Prof: 100-level course
PETH150SBStudent-Athlete Success LabPEP1AATPhys Ed Prof: 100-level course
PETH187Mult Aspects/Modern FootballPEP1AATPhys Ed Prof: 100-level course
PETH210Introduction to KinesiologyHPHY2AATHPHY 200-level course
PETH240HPerform Enhan Tech/Strat-AthlPEP2AATPhys Ed Prof: 200-level course
PETH249Overview:Sprts Med/Fitn ProfPEP2AATPhys Ed Prof: 200-level course
PETH252Theory of BaseballPEP2AATPhys Ed Prof: 200-level course
PETH253Intro Sports MassagePEP2AATPhys Ed Prof: 200-level course
PETH254Intro Sports MedicinePEP2AATPhys Ed Prof: 200-level course
PETH259Sport and Exercise PsychologyPEP2AATPhys Ed Prof: 200-level course
PETH261Theory of CoachingPEP2AATPhys Ed Prof: 200-level course
PETH262Theory Coaching BasketballPEP2AATPhys Ed Prof: 200-level course
PETH264Theory Coaching FootballPEP2AATPhys Ed Prof: 200-level course
PETH265Theory Coaching SoccerPEP2AATPhys Ed Prof: 200-level course
PETH270Theory Coaching BaseballPEP2AATPhys Ed Prof: 200-level course
PETH279Overview: Sprts Med/Fitn ProfsPEP2AATPhys Ed Prof: 200-level course
PETH280Prof Aspects of Pt & Fit InsPEP2AATPhys Ed Prof: 200-level course
PETH281Princ Opt Human PerformancePEP2AATPhys Ed Prof: 200-level course
PETH283Intro to Sports MassagePEP2AATPhys Ed Prof: 200-level course
PETHE268Theory of Coaching SwimmingPEP2AATPhys Ed Prof: 200-level course
PEW140Figure ControlPE1AATPE 100-level course
PHIL120Intro to PhilosophyPHIL101Philosophical ProblemsAL
PHIL121Intro to PhilosophyPHIL100TArts & Letters GroupAL
PHIL122Intro to EthicsPHIL102EthicsAL
PHIL130Intro to LogicPHIL103Critical ReasonAL
PHIL131Symbolic LogicPHIL100TArts & Letters GroupAL
PHIL140Judeo Christian TraditionREL110TSocial Science GroupSS
PHIL141Intro Philosophy ReligionPHIL100TArts & Letters GroupAL
PHIL220Comparative ReligionREL232TArts & Letters Group, IPIP,AL
PHIL220Cont Religious MovementREL231TArts & Letters Group, ACAC,AL
PHIL224Hist Western PhilosophyPHIL200TArts & Letters GroupAL
PHIL225Hist Western PhilosophyPHIL200TArts & Letters GroupAL
PHIL298Independent StudyPHIL2AATPHIL 200-level course
PHSC110Fundament PhysicsPHYS1AATPHYS 100-level course
PHYS108Science of EnergyPHYS120TScience GroupSCI
PHYS110Elementary PhysicsPHYS120TScience GroupSCI
PHYS111Physics LaboratoryPHYS204Intro Physics Lab
PHYS112Fund of Physical SciencePHYS120TScience GroupSCI
PHYS113From Atoms to the Big BangPHYS120TScience GroupSCI
PHYS120Gen College PhysicsPHYS201General PhysicsSCI
PHYS120Gen College PhysicsPHYS204Intro Physics Lab
PHYS120Gen College PhysicsPHYS205Intro Physics Lab
PHYS121General College PhysicsPHYS202General PhysicsSCI
PHYS121General College PhysicsPHYS203General PhysicsSCI
PHYS121General College PhysicsPHYS206Intro Physics Lab
PHYS124Calc SupplementPHYS1AATPHYS 100-level course
PHYS125Calc SupplementPHYS1AATPHYS 100-level course
PHYS129Intro Physics Engin SciPHYS120TScience GroupSCI
PHYS130Physics for Engineers & SciPHYS120TScience GroupSCI
PHYS150TopicsPHYS1AATPHYS 100-level course
PHYS230Physics for Engineers & SciPHYS220TScience GroupSCI
PHYS231Physics for Engineers & SciPHYS220TScience GroupSCI
PHYS298Independent StudyPHYS2AATPHYS 200-level course
PHYSC112Fund Physical ScienceGS120TScience GroupSCI
PHYSC150TopicsPHYS1AATPHYS 100-level course
PHYSC298Independent StudyPHYS2AATPHYS 200-level course
POLI101Intro to Political SciencePS110TSocial Science GroupSS
POLI102American Political SystemPS201US PoliticsSS
POLS120Intro to PoliticsPS110TSocial Science GroupSS
POLS121Intro United States GovtPS201US PoliticsSS
POLS150Local Govt (C C City)PS110TSocial Science GroupSS
POLS151Issues State LocalPS203State & Local GovtSS
POLS155TopicsPS199Special Studies
POLS220Comparative PoliticsPS204Intro Comparative PolSS
POLS240Political TheoryPS207Intro Contemp Pol TheoSS
POLS298Independent StudyPS2AATPS 200-level Course
POLSC121Intro to US GovernmentPS201US PoliticsSS
POLSC250International RelationsPS205Intro Intl RelationsSS
PORT120PortuguesePORT101T1st Year Portuguese
PORT121PortuguesePORT103T1st Year PortugueseFLAN
PSCY122Modern PsychologyPSY110TSocial Science GroupSS
PSYC101Introduction to PsychologyPSY201Mind and BrainSCI
PSYC119Fnctnl ASPPSY1AATPSY 100-level course
PSYC120General PsychologyPSY110TSocial Science GroupSS
PSYC122Psychology in Modern LifePSY110TSocial Science GroupSS
PSYC130Emotions Learning & The BrainPSY120TScience GroupSCI
PSYC140Psych African-AmericanPSY151TSocial Science Group, ACAC,SS
PSYC141Psych Mexican-AmericanPSY151TSocial Science Group, ACSS,AC
PSYC145Critical Thinking/PsychologyPSY110TSocial Science GroupSS
PSYC150Psychology of WomenPSY152TSocial Science Group, IPIP,SS
PSYC155TopicsPSY1AATPSY 100-level course
PSYC155BPsychology of Boys & MenPSY1AATPSY 100-level course
PSYC155EPsych of Love/RelationshipPSY1AATPSY 100-level course
PSYC160Psychology of WomenPSY152TSocial Science Group, IPIP,SS
PSYC190AdolescencePSY110TSocial Science GroupSS
PSYC200Life Span DevelopmentPSY210TSocial Science GroupSS
PSYC210General PsychologyPSY210TSocial Science GroupSS
PSYC215Intro to Resrch MethPSY2AATPSY 200-level course
PSYC220Pers/Soc/Cul DifferencesPSY210TSocial Science GroupSS
PSYC225Social PsychologyPSY210TSocial Science GroupSS
PSYC230Abnormal PsychologyPSY210TSocial Science GroupSS
PSYC240Transpersonal PsychologyPSY210TSocial Science GroupSS
PSYC298Indep StdyPSY2AATPSY 200-level course
RE100Intro Real EstateBA1AATBADM 100-level course
RE160Fund of Real EstatePROT100TProfess/Tech 100-level course
RE161Legal Aspects of Real EstatePROT100TProfess/Tech 100-level course
RUSS120First Term RussianRUSS1011st Year Russian
RUSS121Second Term RussianRUSS1031st Year RussianFLAN
RUSS220Third Term RussianRUSS2012nd Year RussianFLAN,AL
RUSS221Fourth Term RussianRUSS2032nd Year RussianLA,AL,FLAN
SIGN280American Sign LanguageASL1011st Year Am Sign Lang
SIGN281American Sign Lang (ASL) IIASL1031st Year Am Sign LangFLAN
SIGN282American Sign Lang IIIASL2012nd Yr Amer Sign LangAL,FLAN
SIGN283American Sign Language IVASL2032nd Yr Amer Sign LangLA,FLAN,AL
SOCI120Intro SociologySOC204Intro SociologySS
SOCI121Intro Social ProblemsSOC207Social InequalitySS,IP
SOCI122Crit Think/Soc & Cultr IssSOC152TSocial Science Group, IPIP,SS
SOCI123Social InvestigationSOC110TSocial Science GroupSS
SOCI124Gender Culture SocietySOC152TSocial Science Group, IPSS,IP
SOCI125Intro to Marriage & FamilySOC110TSocial Science GroupSS
SOCI126Crime American SocietySOC110TSocial Science GroupSS
SOCI131The Urban CommunitySOC110TSocial Science GroupSS
SOCI135Patterns of Ethnic CultureSOC207Social InequalitySS,IP
SOCI137Soc Change: Tech EnviroSOC110TSocial Science GroupSS
SOCI140Culture,Society & PersonalitySOC152TSocial Science Group, IPIP,SS
SOCI150Delinq: Youth, CultureSOC110TSocial Science GroupSS
SOCI152Sociology of ViolenceSOC110TSocial Science GroupSS
SOCI155TopicsSOC199Special Studies
SOCI160Principles GerontologySOC110TSocial Science GroupSS
SOCI220Intro SociologySOC204Intro SociologySS
SOCI298Independent StudySOC2AATSOC 200-level Course
SOCS110Gen Course Social ScienceSOC110TSocial Science GroupSS
SOCS111Money, Power, & Politics in USSOC110TSocial Science GroupSS
SOCS115Asians American SocietySOC151TSocial Science Group, ACSS,AC
SOCS120Women Soc Change Mod USSOC152TSocial Sci Group, IPIP,SS
SOCS125Soc Sci Technq& Fld StdiesSOC1AATSOC 100-level Course
SOCS130Student LeadershipALS1AATALS 100-level Course
SOCS131Student LeadershipALS1AATALS 100-level Course
SOCS132Student LeadershipALS1AATALS 100-level Course
SOCS133Student LeadershipALS1AATALS 100-level Course
SOCS155Topics Social ScienceSOC1AATSOC 100-level Course
SOCS160AConflict Resolution GroupsSOC1AATSOC 100-level Course
SOCS161Mexican Life CultureSOC153TSocial Science Group, ICIC,SS
SOCS162Italian Life CultureSOC153TSocial Science Group, ICIC,SS
SOCS200Intro Human ServiceSOC210TSocial Science GroupSS
SOCS220Women & SocietySOC252TSocial Science Group, IPSS,IP,IP,SS
SOCS250Persp AlcoholSOC2AATSOC 200-level Course
SOCS251Treatment AlcoholSOC2AATSOC 200-level Course
SOCS260Comm Care AdminSOC2AATSOC 200-level Course
SOCS261Comm Care Admin IISOC2AATSOC 200-level Course
SOCS270Law Comm Serv ProvSOC2AATSOC 200-level Course
SOCS298Independent StudySOC2AATSOC 200-level Course
SOSC110Gen Crs Soc SciSOC110TSocial Science GroupSS
SOSC220Women and SocietySOC210TSocial Science GroupSS
SPAN12Second Term SpanishSPAN1031st Year SpanishFLAN
SPAN120First Term SpanishSPAN1011st Year Spanish
SPAN1212nd Term SpanishSPAN1031st Year SpanishFLAN
SPAN1551st Term Conversational SpanSPAN1AATSPAN 100-level course
SPAN1562nd Term Conver SpanishSPAN1AATSPAN 100-level course
SPAN1573rd Term Convers SpanishSPAN1AATSPAN 100-level course
SPAN220Third Term SpanishSPAN2012nd Year SpanishAL,FLAN
SPAN221Fourth Term SpanishSPAN2032nd Year SpanishLA,AL,FLAN
SPAN230Fifth Term SpanishSPAN206TSatisfies BA LanguageLA
SPAN231Sixth Term SpanishSPAN206TSatisfies BA LanguageLA
SPAN298Indep StudySPAN2AATSPAN 200-level course
SPCH123Argument/DebateSP1AATSpeech 100-level course
SPCH124Voice & DictionSP1AATSpeech 100-level course
SPCH128Interpersonal CommunicationSP1AATSpeech 100-level course
SPCH130Group DiscussionSP1AATSpeech 100-level course
SPCH140Effective ListeningSP1AATSpeech 100-level course
SPCH150Oral InterpretationSP1AATSpeech 100-level course
SPCH152Interm Oral InterpretationSP1AATSpeech 100-level course
SPCH155Topics SpeechSP1AATSpeech 100-level course
SPCH160Projects Public SpeakingSP1AATSpeech 100-level course
SPCH161Projects DebateSP1AATSpeech 100-level course
SPCH162Projects Oral InterpretationSP1AATSpeech 100-level course
SPCH298Independent StudySP2AATSpeech 200-level course
SPCK120Fundamentals of SpeechSP100TArts & Letters GroupAL
SPCK121Persuasion & Critical ThinkingSP100TArts & Letters GroupAL
SPED101Intro to DisabilitiesFHS1AATFam Human Srv 100-level course
TCOM100Intro to TelecommJ1AATJ 100-level course
TRAN*Bulk Transfer CreditTRAN100TTransfer Elective Credit
TV120Intro to TV Prod TechniquesJ1AATJ 100-level course
TV121Beginning TV DirectingJ1AATJ 100-level course
TV125Electronic Field ProductionJ1AATJ 100-level course