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Learning a language is a process through which you discover a new world, a new you! Languages also open up a world of career possibilities and enhance people’s learning skills to make them better learners in general.

Language Studies is one of the main strengths of the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Oregon. While the Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree requires proficiency in a second language, it is not a limiting factor. All students can pursue a second, third language to deepen their understanding of the peoples of the world, to develop more meaningful relationships both personal and professional.

To graduate with a BA degree, University of Oregon students need to show intermediate competency in one language other than English. This can be accomplished by completing at least the third term of the second year in a Second Language course taught in the language (203 or equivalent), with a grade of C– or better or P. In general, this level corresponds to the sixth term of study (e.g., FREN 203, CHN 203, SPAN 203 or 228.). Students receive the credit associated with the course(s) passed.

Another way to meet the requirements is demonstrating proficiency by exam. More information about satisfying the BA Language requirement can be found here.

Old English Option

Students may fulfill the UO second-language requirement by passing two years of courses in Old English through the Department of English. Students complete ENG 428 OE I (Old English grammar), and then two Old English reading courses—ENG 429 Old English II and 430 Old English III—which are each taken twice, over two successive years. Because 429 and 430 must be repeated, the readings studied in ENG 429 and ENG 430 vary every other year. Taking these two courses twice means that students will complete five different courses, which together will satisfy the BA Language requirement. Once these five courses have been passed successfully, students should contact the CAS Divisional Dean for Humanities, who will certify the BA second language requirement as completed.

Using Hebrew Courses to Fulfill the BA Language Requirement

Students may fulfill the UO second-language requirement by passing 3 upper-division Hebrew courses. These courses are repeatable and may be taken in any order. The upper-division courses offered at the University of Oregon are HBRW 311 – Biblical Narrative, HBRW 312 – Biblical Poetry, and HBRW 313 – Postbiblical Literature. Please refer to the Class Schedule for term offerings.

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