IntroDUCKtion is the University of Oregon's summer orientation program for new students. At IntroDUCKtion, newly admitted students become acquainted with the UO campus and have opportunities to discuss university life with current students as well as faculty and staff members.

Registration is mandatory and will be available to students who have paid their Advance Tuition Deposit and sent in their "Intent to Register" form to the Office of Admissions.

The Intent to Register form is part of the initial admissions packet that is mailed to all new students. If you can’t find this form, you can pay online by logging into DuckWeb under the admissions menu, or by mailing a check (with your UO ID included) to:

EUGENE, OR 97403-1217

Once the Advance Tuition Deposit has been paid and you are pre-registered, you may then log on to DuckWeb with the student ID number and the Personal Access Code (PAC) that the Admissions Office mailed you after you applied for admission. Simply follow the prompts to register for orientation.

IntroDUCKtion Home Page What is DuckWeb?

How to Register for IntroDUCKtion

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your UO ID (95XXXXXXX)
  3. Enter your six-character Personal Access Code or PAC
  4. If you have not already registered for UO Emergency Notification System, you may be prompted to do so. This step is optional.
  5. Click on "Admissions"
  6. If you are eligible to register for Orientation (see above) click on “Register for Orientation and FIGs”. Click on this link.
  7. Check that your information listed at the bottom of the screen is correct. If it is not, you will need to email the Registrar’s Office or call (541) 346-2935.

Selecting a FIG

FIG registration opens in late July 2020. The exact date can be found on the First Year Programs website by June 30, 2020.

A FIG (First-Year Interest Group) brings groups of 20 freshmen together for a unique academic experience. Students take three courses together, centered on an exciting theme. While registering for a FIG is optional, we have found that they help students to have a welcoming first-term experience at UO, and are instrumental in later success. Detailed descriptions of FIGs that are offered can be found on the First-Year Programs website in First-Year Interest Group (FIG).

First Year Programs

In Duckweb, go to "Select a FIG." You will see a drop-down list of all available FIGs on the next page. If a FIG you are interested in is not shown, this means that it is full. There are no wait lists for FIGs, but spaces open up as students meet with their academic advisors during IntroDUCKtion. Students can make changes to their FIG selection after meeting with an advisor by connecting directly with the FIG advisor. Contact information is located on the First-Year Programs website. 

After selecting a FIG from the list, click "Save Selection" to continue. Your selection will be shown in the information block under "First-Year Interest Group". 

Video Tutorial: How to Register for Student Orientation on DuckWeb