Course Search (UO Online Course Evaluations)

Members of the university community may search and view archived course evaluations. Results from Fall 1997 through Summer 2006, which include the then-standard four university-wide questions, are available at Output shows the median scores based on a 10-point scale and includes the number of evaluations.

Results from Fall 2007 and Winter 2008 are not available through the Course Search engines. Fall 2007 was the pilot term of the new online system. Winter 2008 was the first full-campus term of the online system, however the system was still using the four-question format.

Results from Spring 2008 to present are available through DuckWeb. Output on the new seven university-wide questions shows the median scores based on a 5-point scale and includes the number of evaluations.

Searching the database

Users can search either database in two ways:

  • by searching for an instructor’s evaluations by instructor name
  • by searching for all evaluations for a specific course

For example, select "MATH" from the subject pick-list and "111" from the Course Number to see all the MATH 111 evaluation results.

Viewing the online course evaluation results

To view the course evaluations results for Spring 2008 and forward:

  1. Log into DuckWeb using your UO ID and PAC.
  2. Click on the "Course Evaluations" link on the main menu page.
  3. Click the link at the bottom of the Course Evaluations information page to enter the course evaluation system.
  4. Look for the "Reports" link in the upper right-hand corner of your course evaluations web page. Click the drop down arrow and select "Course Search". This will take you to the Course Search page.
  1. From here, you can search for results by Subject and Course Number or by Instructor. Results will appear as soon as you make your selections.
  1. To search for additional data, simply re-select items from the pick-lists. (Note: Results for +Lab and +Dis sections are not searchable).

Questions can be addressed to or 541-346-2935.