Guaranteed Undergraduate Tuition & Fees

This information is for admitted undergraduate students who first enrolled in Summer 2020 or later. Read more about the Oregon Guarantee on the Financial Aid website..

Spring and Summer 2020 Fee Refund

The university will provide a refund to any student who has paid the Student Union and Student Rec Center mandatory fees for Spring and Summer 2020 terms. Students who paid these fees will have a fee remission (credit) applied to their accounts. Additional information outlined in the message from the Division of Student Life.

For tuition and fees for admitted undergraduate students first enrolled before Summer 2020, please see Continuing Undergraduate Tuition & Fees. For non-admitted and Community Education Program (CEP) undergraduate students, please see Non-Admitted Undergraduate Students.

Choose your term, residency status and student classification to display the tuition & fees table that applies to you. The table shows the tuition & fees per term.

University of Oregon tuition and fees are based on residency, student classification (undergraduate, graduate, etc.) and the number of credits enrolled. Course-specific fees may also apply. For additional required fees, refer to the Class Schedule. See also: How Much Will It Cost?

Tuition & Fee Tables (UO Office of Institutional Research)

Historical Tuition Rates

See also: Policies on Tuition, Mandatory Enrollment Fees and Other Charges, Fines, and Fees (Budget and Resource Planning)