Your University of Oregon bill each term or semester is primarily made up of tuition, mandatory enrollment fees and course fees. (See also: How Much Will It Cost?)

Fall 2020 Online Fee Refund

The $25 per credit online fee will be charged and refunded for Fall 2020 term courses.

Spring and Summer 2020 Fee Refund

The university will provide a refund to any student who has paid the Student Union and Student Rec Center mandatory fees for Spring and Summer 2020 terms. Students who paid these fees will have a fee remission (credit) applied to their accounts. Additional information outlined in the message from the Division of Student Life.

Fees by Location

  Building Incidental Health Service Recreation Center EMU Facility Technology
All Admitted Students 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100%
OIMB (Charleston) Programs 100% 50% 100% 100% 100% 100%
Portland Programs 100% 50% PSU Rate 0% 0% 100%
Community Education Programs (CEP) 100% 100% 0% 100% 100% 100%
Off-Campus / Online Only 100% 100% 0% 0% 0% 100%

Mandatory Enrollment Fees

The basic mandatory enrollment fees are based on three criteria:

  • Your residency (in-state, out-of-state, domestic or international)
  • Your student classification (Undergraduate, Graduate, Law)
  • The number of credits in which you are enrolled.

Matriculation Fee

This is a one-time fee required by all new, admitted Undergraduate, Graduate, Post-baccalaureate and Law students and appears on your bill at the beginning of your first term at the UO.

Building Fee

This fee is used to fund the construction and provide debt service for capital projects, primarily those associated with student centers, health centers, and recreational facilities. 

Incidental Fee

This fee covers the cost of running the student government and numerous student groups who submit budget requests each year. The most visible benefits a student receives from this fee include free athletic tickets and free bus service throughout Lane County. Students enrolled in off-campus programs (OIMB and Portland only) are assessed 50% of the Incidental fee.

Health Service Fee

All registered students must pay the health fee, part of the UO tuition and fees package. The health fee ensures a healthy and safe campus. The fee supports immunization compliance, funds health education and wellness activities, provides access to behavioral mental health counseling services, provides access to contraceptives and safer sex resources, and enables the University Health Services to plan for and respond to campus health emergencies. It also provides crisis intake for psychiatry, sexual victim advocacy, alcohol education, triage nursing advice, after-hours nursing telephone advice 365 days per year, and more.

The full fee is assessed regardless of the number of credits for which a student is registered. Students enrolled in the Portland programs use the Portland State University Student Health Center, and pay the same Health Service Fee as PSU students.

Recreation Center Fees

  • Recreation Center Fee: This fee is being used to retire the debt incurred to build and renovate the Student Recreation Center. The fee was first approved by students in an election in 1997, and beginning in Fall 2009, is a flat fee.
  • Recreation Center Bond Fee: The Recreation Center Bond Fee is for the bond debt service on the new Recreation Center addition.

Student Union Fee (EMU)

The Student Union Fee is used to fund the construction, debt service, maintenance, and operation costs of the student union.

Technology Fee

The Technology Fee helps to defray the rapidly rising cost of technology services that are provided to University of Oregon students such as wired and wireless internet access, classroom technology, and widely distributed computer availability. The fee helps the university make important investments to maintain and improve the core infrastructure our technology relies on and stay abreast of rapidly changing technological advances.

Law School Event Fee

A one-time $150 Event Fee is assessed on all new and transfer Law students, to cover Commencement-related costs.

International Student Support Fee

Students coded as international undergraduates will be assessed a $200 fee each term during the regular academic year. During the summer, this fee is $150. This fee is intended to support the services for international students, which include academic support; enrollment services; increased immigration compliance and reporting (as required by the federal government); personal and cultural counseling and advising; and accelerated planning and delivering of new programs.

International Student Insurance

University of Oregon international students and their accompanying dependents are required to have health and accident insurance which meet the University of Oregon requirements (OAR 571-04-015). International undergraduate and graduate students registered for the current term will be automatically billed for the cost of the UO insurance plan. Spouses and unmarried children under the age of 19 are also eligible for coverage under the UO insurance plan, provided the eligible student is covered by this insurance.

The premium for the plan will appear automatically on your tuition bill unless you have other insurance that meets certain requirements (and have completed the required waiver). Please refer to the University of Oregon Health Center page for more details. (See also: Office of International Affairs. International law students should also consult the School of Law about this plan).

Course-Specific Fees

Course Fees cover instruction-related services such as materials consumed by a student as a part of the course or required field trip costs. To determine which courses might have course fees, use the Course Fees by Fiscal Year to view the lists of all approved course fees.

You can also look up specific classes in the Class Schedule; if there is a green "$" in the "Notes" column, the course has a course fee for that term. (See example below). Click on either the Notes or on the underlined CRN for that class to view the course fee amount.


Illustration of the dollar symbol in the Notes section
(Example from "Classes Found" results list)

Illustration of the dollar symbol on Course Data page section
(Example from "Course Data" page)

Self-Support Course Fees are charged for some courses instead of the typical tuition/fees listed above.

When you use the Class Schedule to select your courses, look for a footnote of "T" in the "Notes" column. Click on either the Notes or on the underlined CRN of the class to find the amount of self-support tuition being assessed for that course. (See example above). If any of your courses are self support, you need to make sure that you add the self-support amount listed to your total cost -- but don't count those credits as part of your tuition and fees.

Tips For Avoiding Other Fees

  • Check your UO e-mail account regularly for your student billing alerts. The Business Affairs Office will e-mail you at your e-mail address to remind you about due dates for your university account. Be sure to log into DuckWeb and pay your account on time to avoid late charges.
  • Register for your classes on time to avoid late registration fees.
  • Register your car and/or bike. Park where you should to avoid parking fines and towing fees.
  • Return your library books on time to avoid late book fines.