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EUGENE OR 97403-5257

Office location: 220 Oregon Hall (the Registrar's Office is located on the second floor of Oregon Hall at the corner of 13th and Agate.)

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Staff Directory

Name Title E-mail address Phone extension Office location
Keri Baker Office Support Specialist 541-346-3183 215 Oregon Hall
John Banister Web Developer 541-346-1239 220 Oregon Hall
Fraser Barron Academic History Specialist 541-346-2947 220 Oregon Hall
Jim Blick Assistant Registrar, Statistical Reporting and Analysis 541-346-3246 225 Oregon Hall
Jim Bouse Director of Technology for Enrollment Management and Associate Registrar for Technology 541-346-3182 219 Oregon Hall
Heather Chaney Student Records Specialist 541-346-2628 220 Oregon Hall
Sam Chen System and Network Administrator 541-346-2929 226 Oregon Hall
Mary Earp Veterans Benefit Coordinator 541-346-2938 215 Oregon Hall
Shelly Ehlers Transfer Articulation Specialist 541-346-1470 220 Oregon Hall
Jen Fendelander Veterans Benefits Coordinator 541-346-2932 215 Oregon Hall
Hillary Ferguson Student Records Specialist 541-346-2935 220 Oregon Hall
Janel Frank Transcript Specialist and Student Records Specialist 541-346-2935 220 Oregon Hall
Denise Frolov Student Records Specialist 541-346-2935 220 Oregon Hall
Bonnie Gutierrez International Articulation Specialist 541-346-2940 220 Oregon Hall
Tina Hammock Graduation Specialist 541-346-3482 220 Oregon Hall
Dan Huston Registration Specialist 541-346-1322 220 Oregon Hall
Michael Jefferis Assistant Registrar for Operations 541-346-1264 228 Oregon Hall
Loralee Jones Student Records Specialist 541-346-2935 220 Oregon Hall
Cecilia Justina Student Records Specialist 541-346-2935 220 Oregon Hall
Satomi Ladd Degree Audit Specialist 541-346-2925 220 Oregon Hall
Chris LeBlanc Assistant Registrar for Technology 541-346-2931 215A Oregon Hall
Brian Lowery Associate University Registrar 541-346-7344 213 Oregon Hall
Martin Milner Student Records Specialist 541-346-2935 220 Oregon Hall
Scott Morrell Assistant Registrar – Registration and Academic History 541-346-2941 222 Oregon Hall
Lori Norton Executive Assistant to the University Registrar 541-346-3184 215B Oregon Hall
Julia Pomerenk Assistant Vice President for Enrollment Management and University Registrar 541-346-3124 217 Oregon Hall
Laura Potter Academic Scheduling Assistant 541-346-2935 228 Oregon Hall
Karen Reyes-Ramirez Student Records Specialist 541-346-2926 220 Oregon Hall
Julie Schulte Assistant Registrar for Technology CRM 541-346-3025 227 Oregon Hall
Sherie Snyder Senior Assistant University Registrar 541-346-3371 221 Oregon Hall
Sarah Strickler Academic Scheduling Specialist 541-346-2953 228 Oregon Hall