Registrar Active Communications

The following is a list of Registrar communications to assist students with their academic progress (time to register, check progress on a degree, apply to graduate, etc.).

Campaign Name When is this run? To whom The general message Responsible Staff Member
FERPA message Start of all terms. Active students FERPA  
Claim Duck ID When waitlisting turned on and through first part of term. Waitlisting is turned on Monday of week 8 or 6 (Summer). All students who have not claimed their Duck ID. Remind them the reasons to claim a  DuckID with instructions on how to do so.  
Final Exam Announcement Approx. 6th week of each term Registered Students Notify students that the final exam schedule has been posted. Have them look in Duck Web for specific times and locations. Mike J
Priority Registration Notification Prior to registration each term (4 times per year). Registration Reminders: All active students registered this term (except for those who have applied to graduate).  1. Look at schedule of classes to be ready to register. 2. Look up Registration Start Time 3. Talk to an Advisor. 4. Run your Degree Audit Scott M
Priority Registration Follow-up After Registration Priority for Fall, Spring and Winter terms. Students Registered now, but not registered in next term  Tell them that registration remains open until next term or IntroDUCKtion(fall only).  Scott M
Apply to Graduate Reminder Beginning of All  terms – before deadline to apply to graduate (4th week of term) UG Seniors who might be able to graduate but have not applied yet based on number of credits. Some major codes excluded that require more credits (AA). Tell them to apply to graduate and how to do so. Sherrie/Tina
Graduates Over 16 Credits Four times a year. Beginning Monday of week before term starts, through deadline to drop without penalty (Sunday end of week 1) Students with type of "GR." Tell them that they are registered for more than 16 credits Scott M (sent as regular email interaction)
Undeclared Juniors Beginning of each term Juniors that have "Undeclared" as a major. Tell them to declare a major and the reasons for doing so (allowed to register for some classes, etc.)  
AP Scores Received As AP Scores are received A confirmation is sent to the student who sent us their AP score We have articulated your AP Scores, log in to Duckweb to view equivalencies. Shelly
Latin Honors Mid-term Spring, End-term other terms. Students that have received Latin Honors. What honor they have received. Where to pick up regalia if walking in Graduation. Tina
Incomplete Grades Mid-term and end-of-term Students with an "I" or "I*" grade. Notify students that their "I" grade will become an "F" after one calendar year. Notify students again after grade changes.