Calendars & Schedules

Academic Dates & Deadlines By Term/Semester

Find the Academic Dates and Deadlines for the current and upcoming terms or the next five academic years.

Refund Schedules

Visit the Refund Schedule to get a listing of dates with corresponding percentages of tuition owed refunds by Fall, Winter and Spring terms.

Registration Priority Schedule

Registration priority is based on the number of credits accumulated (not counting your current registration if you are a continuing UO student) and the last three digits of your UO ID number.

Student Schedule Builder

Use the Student Schedule Builder to generate a class schedule that fits your individual needs without having to resort to pen and paper. To use it, log into DuckWeb and go to Student Menu > Registration Menu > Schedule Builder.

Final Exam Schedule

Final Exams are scheduled according to the first hour of the first scheduled class meeting. Classes meeting Monday, Wednesday, or Friday follow the "Monday" schedule and classes meeting Tuesday or Thursday follow the "Tuesday" schedule.

Tuition & Fees

Your University of Oregon bill is made up of tuition, mandatory enrollment fees and course-specific fees. See: How Much Will It Cost?.

Student Accounts and Billing (Business Affairs)

Billing Account (Business Affairs Office) provides students with the means to view all UO billing-related information, including payments and due dates, charges, refunds, direct deposits and more.

Degree & Graduation Information

UO Degree Guide

The UO Degree Guide is a web-based program that allows students to view progress toward current declared majors and run a "What If" guide for alternative majors.

Alternative Ways to Earn Credit

Students may earn credit toward graduation while simultaneously decreasing the cost and time required for standard undergraduate study by taking advantage of programs established by the University of Oregon. Credits are awarded for AP & IB exams, CLEP, Military Credit and Credit by Examination.

Bachelor's Degree Requirements

Undergraduates who plan to receive a bachelor's degree from the University of Oregon must submit an application through DuckWeb by the fourth Sunday of the anticipated term of graduation. See: Bachelor's Degree for more details.

Graduation Application Information

Students are encouraged to apply to graduate during the term preceding their graduation term. This allows students to plan or change their final term's course schedule to ensure completion of all requirements. To apply to graduate, log into DuckWeb and click on Student Menu > Registration Menu > Apply for Undergraduate Degree.

Diploma Information

University of Oregon diplomas are mailed approximately six to eight weeks after your graduation date. Diplomas are produced by an off-campus commercial printer and mailed via first class mail to the address designated as your permanent residence or to your diploma mailing address. See: University of Oregon Diplomas.

Course Information

Areas of Inquiry; Global Perspectives; and US: Difference, Inequality, Agency Courses

Areas of Inquiry; Global Perspectives; and US: Difference, Inequality, Agency courses count toward partial fulfillment of bachelor’s degree requirements under the following groups and categories:

Areas of Inquiry Global Perspectives; and US: Difference, Inequality, Agency
Arts & Letters (A&L)
Social Science (SSC)
Science (SC)
Global Perspectives (GP)
US: Difference, Inequality, Agency (US)

BA Language Satisfying Courses

BA Language Satisfying Courses satisfy the Second Language requirement for the Bachelor of Arts degree if completed with a grade of C- or better or P. For further information concerning completion of the Second Language requirement please consult the University of Oregon Catalog.

Global Education Oregon Course Equivalencies (Study Abroad)

Global Education Oregon (previously known as Study Abroad) offers study abroad programs on five continents for undergraduate students from schools throughout the U.S. Study Abroad Program Support helps students determine how courses from Global Education Oregon (GEO) will apply toward your UO requirements.

Other Pages of Interest

Enrollment & Study Load Limits

The minimum full-time study load is twelve credits for undergraduates and nine credits for graduate students; the half-time study load for undergraduates is six credits and for graduate students is five credits. Read more: Enrollment & Study Load Limits.

Student E-mail Communication Policy

The University must be able to communicate quickly and efficiently with employees and enrolled students in order to conduct official University business. E-mail is an available and appropriate medium for such communication. See: Student E-mail Communication Policy.

Student Right To Know

"Student Right To Know" (SRTK) refers to a Federally-mandated public disclosure of a college's Completion Rate and Transfer Rate. The intent of SRTK is to provide to the consumer a statistic of comparable effectiveness that can be used in the determination of college choice. All colleges nationwide are required to participate in the disclosure of their rates. See: Student Right To Know.

Joint-Campus Program

University of Oregon graduate students may enroll in graduate courses at Oregon State University and/or Portland State University, with approval from their UO advisor or department and approval from the course instructor and department head at the host institution.

For more information, please see the Joint-Campus Registration page on the Graduate School web site.