2021 Production Schedule

Dates are as certain as we know at the time, but may be updated with new information about the UO response to COVID-19. These dates were updated on May 3, 2021.

If you have any questions please email Sarah Strickler, Assistant Registrar for Operations: Classroom Scheduling and Curriculum at sstrick2@uoregon.edu

Activity Term Dates & Deadlines
2021 2021 2021 2021
Winter Spring Summer Fall
SWREGRP reports available; SSASECT open for data entry by departments, Submit large classroom and videoconference requests; term added to IDR; Schedule proof available from SWREGRP. 15-Jul-20 17-Nov-20 18-Dec-20 TBD
“Academic Scheduling 101” training for new staff email sched  email sched email sched  email sched
Deadline: return large classroom and videoconference request form to RO 7-Aug-20 6-Jan-21 7-Apr-21
Large Classroom and videoconference assignments completed; info sent to departments for data entry 28-Aug-20 15-Jan-21 12-Apr-21
Deadline: data entry input completed by academic departments 11-Sep-20 27-Jan-21 5-Mar-21 21-Apr-21
Registrar’s processing: verify data entry, run and correct error reports, resolve questions/problems; assign classrooms. Course adds/changes not allowed. 14-Sep-20 to   1-Oct-20 28-Jan-21 to    1-Feb-21 8-Mar-21 to   19-Mar-21 22-Apr-21 to 30-Apr-21
Final schedule summary report available on SWREGRP. 2-Oct-20 1-Feb-21 22-Mar-21 3-May-21
Submit combined exam requests 16-Oct-20 3-Feb-21 5-May-21
Deadline: course changes due by 5 p.m. 21-Oct-20 3-Feb-21 29-Mar-21 5-May-21
Class Schedule updated on-line with new term 30-Oct-20 5-Feb-21 2-Apr-21 7-May-21
Open to submit miscellaneous term room requests for the regular term to Academic or University Scheduling 2-Nov-20 8-Feb-21 5-Apr-21 10-May-21
Initial registration period 16-Nov-20 to 25-Nov-20 22-Feb-21 to   4-Mar-21 3-May-21 to    7-May-21 17-May-21 to 27-May-21
Classes Begin 4-Jan-21 28-Mar-21 21-Jun-21 27-Sep-21
Open to submit miscellaneous room requests for finals week 25-Jan-21 19-Apr-21 18-Oct-21