Courses Awarded for CLEP Exams

The College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) is a nationwide testing program which makes it possible for students to earn college credit by taking exams. 

Subject Examinations are open to all students. The academic departments that have authorized the use of these examinations also determine the scores necessary to receive college credit. CLEP credits count toward graduation but do not count as residence credits at the UO. The University of Oregon does not award credit to the General Examinations.  

For a list of currently approved exams and score minimums, please use our TES® Public View.  To search for CLEP examinations, look under the institution The College Board AP/CLEP.

TES® Public View

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Ordering your CLEP score report

Descriptions of the tests are available at the UO Testing Center. CLEP tests are given by appointment throughout the year. Follow this link for ordering instructions.

When requesting score reports, include your name, birth date, social security number, year/date tested, registration or test number, and college or school code.

CLEP Transcript
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Using TES® to View Equivalencies

  1. Institution Search: The College Board AP/CLEP
  2. Click on institution link.
    Example TES institution link for CLEP exams.
  3. To view additional information about a specific exam, please click on the green arrow to the left of the title.
    Example TES CLEP exam listing link.
  4. Equivalency detail will display.
    Example TES CLEP equivalency detail.