After completing an Advanced Placement course, high school students have the option of paying a fee to take the appropriate examination. Test scores determine the type and number of credits the UO can award. 

For a list of currently approved exams and score minimums, please use our TES® Public View.  To search for AP examinations, look under the institution The College Board AP/CLEP.  Posted scores are effective Fall 2021 through Summer 2022.  AP scores submitted prior to the posting of the next academic-year table will have the UO equivalencies updated to match the new academic-year table once posted.

TES® Public View

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Courses Awarded for AP Exams (archived August 2021)

Requesting Official AP Score Reports

When requesting score reports, include your name, birth date, social security number, year/date tested, registration or test number, and college or school code.

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Using TES® to View Equivalences

  1. Institution Search: The College Board AP/CLEP
  2. Click on institution link.
    Example TES lookup for AP credit from The College Board AP/CLEP.
  3. To view additional information about a specific exam, please click on the green arrow to the left of title.
    Example exam listing on TES for AP Chinese Language and Culture.
  4. Equivalency detail will display.
    Example AP equivalency detail.