Course and Degree Information

Registering For Classes

Students register for classes through DuckWeb, an online tool available to all admitted students at the University of Oregon. Read about registration priority, registration holds, what to do when a class is full, how to drop or withdraw from a class, and more.

DuckWeb Information

DuckWeb is the University of Oregon’s online information system for students. You'll use DuckWeb to manage many aspects of your academic career.

Schedule of Classes

The University of Oregon Class Schedule provides an interactive, searchable means of looking up UO course offerings for the current academic year.

Student Schedule Builder

Students use the Student Schedule Builder to generate a class schedule that fits individual needs without having to resort to pen and paper. To use it, log into DuckWeb and go to Student Menu > Registration Menu > Schedule Builder.

University Catalog

The Online University of Oregon Catalog provides information on courses and graduation requirements for specific departments or programs.

Repeating Courses

Certain courses at the University of Oregon are repeatable for credit. (Read more.)

Major/Minor/Certificate Information

See: How to Add or Drop a Major or Minor

Undergraduate Students Enrolling in Graduate-Level Classes

Undergraduate seniors who are seeking a degree may, if approved, register for graduate-level classes. (Read more.)

Subject Codes

An index of subject codes appearing in the University of Oregon Catalog, Class Schedule, student schedules, degree audits, transfer evaluation reports and transcripts. (Read more.)

BA Language Satisfying Courses

The Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree requires proficiency in a second language. The Second Language requirement may be met in various ways. (Read more.)

Group Satisfying and Multicultural Courses

Group-Satisfying Courses are courses that counts toward partial fulfillment of bachelor's degree requirements in one of the three general-education groups: Arts & Letters (A&L), Social Science (SSC), and Science (SC). Bachelor's degree candidates must also complete one course in two of the following categories: A: American Cultures (AC); B: Identity, Pluralism & Tolerance (IP); C: International Cultures (IC). (Read more.)

Grading System

Grades are updated once per day and posted on DuckWeb beginning the Monday of Finals Week each term. Select Student Menu > Grades and Transcripts to view them. (See: Grading System.

Auditing Courses

Students who want to enroll in a course for Audit or who want to change a course from credit to no credit (audit)must have departmental authorization. (See: Auditing Courses.)

Zero Week Courses

Some academic departments offer courses during the week between the end of spring term and the start of the first week of summer term. These courses -- called Zero Week courses -- begin the week of June 18, prior to the first day of Summer Session. (Read more)