Group-Satisfying & Multicultural Courses

Group-Satisfying and Multicultural courses count toward partial fulfillment of bachelor’s degree requirements under the groups and categories listed below. The codes listed with each requirement (e.g. >1) are also listed on the Class Schedule, in the Student Schedule Builder and on transcripts in order to assist students and their advisors in identifying approved group-satisfying courses.

Group-Satisfying Multicultural
Arts & Letters (A&L)>1
(Examples that may satisfy: Art History, English, Folklore)
American Cultures (AC)
(Examples that may satisfy: Music, Philosophy, Theater Arts)
Social Science (SSC)>2
(Examples that may satisfy: Economics, Ethnic Studies, History)
Identity, Pluralism, and Tolerance (IP)
(Examples that may satisfy: Anthropology, Economics, History)
Science (SC)>3 (>4 if not used for BS MATH)
(Examples that may satisfy: Astronomy, Biology, Environmental Science)
International Cultures (IC)
(Examples that may satisfy: Comparative Literature, Geography, Spanish)

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Subject Course Number Course Title Arts & Letters (A&L) Social Science (SSC) Science (SC) American Cultures (AC) Identity, Pluralism & Tolerance (IP) International Cultures (IC) Edit
AAD 250 Art and Human Values A&L IP
AAD 251 The Arts and Visual Literacy A&L IP
AAD 252 Art and Gender A&L IP
AAD 301 Understanding Arts and Creative Sectors A&L
AFR 215 Introduction to African Studies SSC IC
ANTH 114 Anthropology of Pirates and Piracy SSC IC
ANTH 119 Anthropology and Aliens SSC
ANTH 145 Principles of Archaeology SC
ANTH 150 World Archaeology SSC IC
ANTH 161 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology SSC IC
ANTH 162 Introduction to Medical Anthropology SSC IC
ANTH 163 Origins of Storytelling SC IC
ANTH 165 Sexuality and Culture SSC IP
ANTH 170 Introduction to Human Origins SC
ANTH 171 Introduction to Monkeys and Apes SC
ANTH 173 Evolution of Human Sexuality SC IP
ANTH 175 Evolutionary Medicine SC
ANTH 176 Introduction to Forensic Anthropology SC
ANTH 220 Introduction to Nutritional Anthropology SC
ANTH 223 Anthropology of Chocolate SSC IC
ANTH 224M Introduction to Anthropology of the African Diaspora SSC IP
ANTH 225 Evolution of Play SC IC
ANTH 243 Island Archaeology SC
ANTH 248 Archaeology of Wild Foods SC AC
ANTH 250 Introduction to Middle East Studies SSC IC
ANTH 260 Domestic Animals SC
ANTH 270 Introduction to Biological Anthropology SC
ANTH 274 Animals and People SC IC
ANTH 278 Scientific Racism SC
ANTH 280 Introduction to Language and Culture SSC
ANTH 284 Warfare in Human Evolution SC IC
ANTH 311 Anthropology of Globalization SSC IC
ANTH 314 Gender in Cross-Cultural Perspective SSC IP
ANTH 315 Gender, Folklore, Inequality SSC IP
ANTH 320 Native North Americans SSC IP
ANTH 322 Anthropology of the United States SSC AC
ANTH 326 Caribbean Societies SSC IC
ANTH 328 New Guinea SSC IC
ANTH 329 Immigration and Farmworkers Political Culture SSC IP
ANTH 330 Hunters and Gatherers SSC IC
ANTH 331 Cultures of India and South Asia SSC IC
ANTH 332 Human Attraction and Mating Strategies SC
ANTH 340 Fundamentals of Archaeology SC
ANTH 341 Food Origins SC
ANTH 342 Archaeology of Egypt and Near East SSC IC
ANTH 343 Pacific Islands Archaeology SSC IC
ANTH 344 Oregon Archaeology SSC AC
ANTH 345 Archaeology of East Asia SSC
ANTH 347 Archaeology of Ancient Cities SSC IC
ANTH 349 Origins of Art SC IC
ANTH 361 Human Evolution SC
ANTH 362 Human Biological Variation SC IP
ANTH 369 Human Growth and Development SC
ANTH 373 Psychoactive Substances in Ancient Societies SSC
ANTH 375 Primates in Ecological Communities SC
ANTH 376 Genomics and Anthropology SC
ANTH 413 Culture and Psychology IC
ANTH 420 Culture, Illness, and Healing IC
ANTH 429 Jewish Folklore and Ethnology IP
ANTH 434 Native South Americans IC
ANTH 442 Northwest Coast Archaeology AC
ANTH 443 North American Archaeology IP
ARB 201 Second-Year Arabic A&L
ARB 202 Second-Year Arabic A&L
ARB 203 Second-Year Arabic A&L
ARB 253 Introduction to Arabic Culture SSC IC
ARB 301 Language and Culture A&L IC
ARB 302 Language and Culture A&L IC
ARB 303 Language and Culture A&L IC
ARB 331 Reading Classical Arabic A&L
ARB 353 Arab Cinema A&L IC
ARH 101 Global Masterpieces: Monuments in Context A&L IC
ARH 204 History of Western Art I A&L
ARH 205 History of Western Art II A&L
ARH 206 History of Western Art III A&L
ARH 208 History of Chinese Art A&L IC
ARH 209 History of Japanese Art A&L IC
ARH 210 Contemporary Asian Art and Architecture A&L IC
ARH 211 Survey of Latin American Arts A&L IC
ARH 314 History of World Architecture I A&L IC
ARH 315 History of World Architecture II A&L IC
ARH 317 Romanesque Architecture A&L
ARH 322 Art of Ancient Greece A&L
ARH 323 Art of Ancient Rome A&L
ARH 327 Medieval Art A&L
ARH 348 Rome in Age of Bernini A&L
ARH 350 History of Manga IC
ARH 351 19th-Century Art A&L
ARH 352 Art of the Enlightenment A&L
ARH 353 Modern Art, 1880–1950 A&L
ARH 354 Contemporary Art A&L IP
ARH 358 History of Design A&L
ARH 359 History of Photography A&L
ARH 372 Arts of Colonial Latin America A&L IC
ARH 373 20th Century Latin American Art AC
ARH 387 Chinese Buddhist Art A&L IC
ARH 485 Japanese Art: [Topic] IC
ARH 488 Japanese Prints IC
ART 101 Understanding Contemporary Art A&L
ART 111 The Artist Experience A&L
ASIA 111 Great Books on Modern Asia A&L IC
ASIA 350 What Is Asia: Theoretical Debates IC
ASIA 425 Asian Foodways IC
ASL 201 Second-Year American Sign Language A&L
ASL 202 Second-Year American Sign Language A&L
ASL 203 Second-Year American Sign Language A&L
ASL 301 American Deaf Culture IP
ASTR 121 The Solar System SC
ASTR 122 Birth and Death of Stars SC
ASTR 123 Galaxies and the Expanding Universe SC
BA 101 Introduction to Business SSC
BI 121 Introduction to Human Physiology SC
BI 122 Introduction to Human Genetics SC
BI 123 Biology of Cancer SC
BI 130 Introduction to Ecology SC
BI 131 Introduction to Evolution SC
BI 132 Introduction to Animal Behavior SC
BI 140 Science, Policy, and Biology SC
BI 150 The Ocean Planet SC
BI 160 From Brains to Artificial Intelligence SC
BI 211 General Biology I: Cells SC
BI 212 General Biology II: Organisms SC
BI 213 General Biology III: Populations SC
BI 214 General Biology IV: Mechanisms SC
BI 281H Honors Biology I: Cells, Biochemistry and Physiology SC
BI 282H Honors Biology II: Genetics and Molecular Biology SC
BI 283H Honors Biology III: Evolution, Diversity and Ecology SC
BI 306 Pollination Biology SC
BI 307 Forest Biology SC
BI 309 Tropical Diseases in Africa IC
BI 357 Marine Biology SC
BI 372 Field Biology SC
CDS 201 Communication Disorders in Society and Media IP
CH 111 Introduction to Chemical Principles SC
CH 113 The Chemistry of Sustainability SC
CH 114 Green Product Design SC
CH 221 General Chemistry I SC
CH 222 General Chemistry II SC
CH 223 General Chemistry III SC
CH 224H Honors General Chemistry SC
CH 225H Honors General Chemistry SC
CH 226H Honors General Chemistry SC
CHN 150 Introduction to Chinese Narrative A&L IC
CHN 151 Introduction to Chinese Film A&L IC
CHN 152 Introduction to Chinese Popular Culture A&L IC
CHN 201 Second-Year Chinese A&L
CHN 202 Second-Year Chinese A&L
CHN 203 Second-Year Chinese A&L
CHN 204 Accelerated Second-Year Chinese I A&L
CHN 205 Accelerated Second-Year Chinese II A&L
CHN 206 Accelerated Second-Year Chinese III A&L
CHN 301 Third-Year Chinese A&L
CHN 302 Third-Year Chinese A&L
CHN 303 Third-Year Chinese A&L
CHN 305 History of Chinese Literature A&L IC
CHN 306 History of Chinese Literature A&L IC
CHN 307 History of Chinese Literature A&L IC
CHN 308 Literature of Modern Taiwan A&L IC
CHN 350 Gender and Sexuality in Traditional Chinese Literature A&L IP
CHN 351 Gender and Sexuality in Modern Chinese Literature A&L IP
CHN 380 Self and Society in Traditional Chinese Literature A&L
CHN 423 Issues in Early Chinese Literature IC
CHN 424 Issues in Medieval Chinese Literature IC
CHN 425 Issues in Modern Chinese Literature IC
CHN 452 Chinese Film and Theory IC
CINE 110M Introduction to Film and Media A&L
CINE 111 How to Watch TV A&L
CINE 151M Introduction to Korean Cinema A&L IC
CINE 230 Remix Cultures A&L
CINE 265 History of the Motion Picture I A&L
CINE 266 History of the Motion Picture II A&L
CINE 267 History of the Motion Picture III A&L
CINE 268 United States Television History A&L
CINE 330 Film Festivals A&L
CINE 335 Exhibition and Audiences A&L
CINE 340 Production Studies A&L
CINE 345 Stars A&L
CINE 350 Queer European Cinema A&L IP
CINE 360 Film Theory A&L
CINE 362M Contemporary Korean Film A&L IC
CINE 365 Digital Cinema A&L
CINE 381M Film, Media, and Culture A&L IP
CIS 105 Explorations in Computing SC
CIS 110 Fluency with Information Technology SC
CIS 111 Introduction to Web Programming SC
CIS 115 Multimedia Web Programming SC
CIS 122 Introduction to Programming and Problem Solving SC
CIS 210 Computer Science I SC
CIS 211 Computer Science II SC
CIS 212 Computer Science III SC
CLAS 110 Classical Mythology A&L IP
CLAS 188 Introduction to Classical Archaeology SSC
CLAS 201 Greek Life and Culture A&L IC
CLAS 202 Roman Life and Culture A&L
CLAS 301 Greek and Roman Epic A&L
CLAS 302 Greek and Roman Tragedy A&L
CLAS 303 Classical Greek Philosophers A&L
CLAS 310 Early China, Ancient Greece A&L IC
CLAS 311 Death and Rebirth in Greece and India A&L IC
CLAS 314 Gender and Sexuality in Antiquity A&L IP
COLT 101 Introduction to Comparative Literature A&L IP
COLT 102 Introduction to Comparative Literature A&L IC
COLT 103 Introduction to Comparative Literature A&L IC
COLT 211 Comparative World Literature A&L IC
COLT 212 Comparative World Cinema A&L IC
COLT 231 Literature and Society A&L IC
COLT 232 Literature and Film A&L IC
COLT 301 Approaches to Comparative Literature A&L IP
COLT 305 Cultural Studies A&L IC
COLT 360 Gender and Identity in Literature A&L IP
COLT 370 Comparative Comics A&L IP
DAN 241 Screendance: History and Theory A&L
DAN 251 Looking at Dance A&L
DAN 260 Anatomy of Human Movement SC
DAN 301 African Dance Aesthetics A&L IC
DSGN 321 Inclusive Urbanism SSC IP
EALL 209 Language and Society in East Asia A&L IC
EALL 210 China: A Cultural Odyssey A&L IC
EALL 211 Japan: A Cultural Odyssey A&L IC
EALL 360 East Asian Cinema A&L IC
EC 101 Contemporary Economic Issues SSC
EC 201 Introduction to Economic Analysis: Microeconomics SSC
EC 202 Introduction to Economic Analysis: Macroeconomics SSC
EC 327 Introduction to Game Theory SSC
EC 330 Urban and Regional Economic Problems SSC IP
EC 333 Resource and Environmental Economic Issues SSC
EC 340 Issues in Public Economics SSC
EC 350 Labor Market Issues SSC
EC 360 Issues in Industrial Organization SSC
EC 370 Money and Banking SSC
EC 380 International Economic Issues SSC
EC 390 Problems and Issues in the Developing Economies SSC IC
EC 430 Urban and Regional Economics IP
EC 490 Economic Growth and Development IC
EDST 111 Educational Issues and Problems SSC
EDST 225 School and Representation in Film AC
ENG 104 Introduction to Literature: Fiction A&L
ENG 105 Introduction to Literature: Drama A&L
ENG 106 Introduction to Literature: Poetry A&L
ENG 107 World Literature A&L IC
ENG 108 World Literature A&L IC
ENG 109 World Literature A&L IC
ENG 110M Introduction to Film and Media A&L
ENG 207 Shakespeare A&L
ENG 208 Shakespeare A&L
ENG 216 Survey of American Literature A&L
ENG 225 Age of King Arthur A&L
ENG 230 Introduction to Environmental Literature A&L
ENG 240 Introduction to Disability Studies A&L IP
ENG 241 Introduction to African American Literature A&L IP
ENG 242 Introduction to Asian American Literature A&L IP
ENG 243 Introduction to Chicano and Latino Literature A&L IP
ENG 244 Introduction to Native American Literature A&L IP
ENG 245 Introduction to Ethnic American Literature: [Topic] IP
ENG 250 Literature and Digital Culture A&L
ENG 280 Introduction to Comic Studies A&L
ENG 316 Women Writers' Forms: [Topic] IP
ENG 321 English Novel A&L
ENG 322 English Novel A&L
ENG 323 English Novel A&L
ENG 330 Oral Controversy and Advocacy A&L
ENG 335 Inventing Arguments A&L
ENG 340 Jewish Writers A&L IP
ENG 360 African American Writers IP
ENG 361 Native American Writers IP
ENG 362 Asian American Writers IP
ENG 363 Chicano and Latino Writers IP
ENG 364 Comparative Ethnic American Literatures AC
ENG 380 Film, Media, and History A&L
ENG 381M Film, Media, and Culture A&L IP
ENG 385 Graphic Narratives and Cultural Theory A&L
ENG 386 Bodies in Comics A&L IP
ENG 391 American Novel A&L
ENG 392 American Novel A&L
ENG 394 20th-Century Literature A&L
ENG 395 20th-Century Literature A&L
ENG 496 Feminist Film Criticism: [Topic] IP
ENVS 201 Introduction to Environmental Studies: Social Sciences SSC
ENVS 202 Introduction to Environmental Studies: Natural Sciences SC
ENVS 203 Introduction to Environmental Studies: Humanities A&L
ENVS 225 Introduction to Food Studies SSC IC
ENVS 335 Allocating Scarce Environmental Resources SSC
ENVS 345 Environmental Ethics A&L
ES 101 Introduction to Ethnic Studies SSC AC
ES 224M Introduction to Anthropology of the African Diaspora SSC IP
ES 250 Introduction to African American Studies SSC AC
ES 252 Introduction to Asian American Studies SSC AC
ES 254 Introduction to Chicano and Latino Studies SSC AC
ES 256 Introduction to Native American Studies SSC AC
ES 258 Introduction to Pacific Islander Studies SSC AC
ES 310 Race and Popular Culture: [Topic] IP
ES 330 Women of Color: Issues and Concerns AC
ES 345M Music, Politics, and Race SSC AC
ES 350 Native Americans and the Environment IP
ES 352 Social Equity and Criminal Justice SSC IP
ES 354 Environmental Racism SSC AC
ES 356 Race and Social Movements AC
ES 370 Race, Ethnicity, and Cinema: [Topic] IP
ES 380 Race, Migration, and Rights SSC AC
ES 440 Race, Literature, and Culture: [Topic] IP
ES 456 History of Native American Education IP
FHS 213 Issues for Children and Families SSC
FHS 216 Diversity in Human Services IP
FLR 225 Voices of Africa A&L IC
FLR 235 Folklore and the Supernatural A&L
FLR 236 Magic in the Middle Ages A&L
FLR 245 Folklore and the Pacific Northwest A&L AC
FLR 250 Introduction to Folklore A&L IP
FLR 255 Folklore and United States Popular Culture A&L IP
FLR 320 Car Cultures A&L
FLR 350 Folklore and the Bible A&L
FLR 370 Folklore and Sexuality A&L IP
FLR 411 Folklore and Religion IC
FLR 416 African Folklore IC
FLR 418 Folklore and Gender IP
FLR 483 Folklore and Mythology of the British Isles IP
FR 150 Cultural Legacies of France A&L IC
FR 201 Second-Year French A&L
FR 202 Second-Year French A&L
FR 203 Second-Year French A&L
FR 301 Culture et langage: la France contemporaine A&L IC
FR 302 Culture et langage: Le monde francophone contemporain A&L IC
FR 312 French Survey: Francophone Literature A&L IC
FR 317 French Survey: Medieval and Renaissance A&L
FR 318 French Survey: Baroque and Enlightenment A&L
FR 319 French Survey: 19th and 20th Centuries A&L
FR 330 French Poetry A&L
FR 331 French Theater A&L
FR 333 French Narrative A&L
FR 361 French Cinema for Nonmajors A&L IC
FR 362 French Film A&L IC
FR 497 Francophone Women's Writing IP
GEOG 141 The Natural Environment SC
GEOG 142 Human Geography SSC IC
GEOG 181 Our Digital Earth SSC
GEOG 201 World Regional Geography SSC IC
GEOG 202 Geography of Europe SSC
GEOG 204 Geography of Russia and Neighbors SSC IC
GEOG 205 Geography of Pacific Asia SSC IC
GEOG 208 Geography of the United States and Canada SSC AC
GEOG 209 Geography of the Middle East and North Africa SSC IC
GEOG 214 Geography of Latin America SSC IC
GEOG 321 Climatology SC
GEOG 322 Geomorphology SC
GEOG 323 Biogeography SC
GEOG 341 Population and Environment SSC IC
GEOG 342 Geography of Globalization SSC
GEOG 343 Society, Culture, and Place SSC IP
GEOG 360 Watershed Science and Policy SC
GEOG 361 Global Environmental Change SC
GEOG 391 Social Science Inquiry and Research SSC
GEOG 441 Political Geography IP
GEOG 444 Cultural Geography IP
GEOG 445 Culture, Ethnicity, and Nationalism IP
GEOG 465 Environment and Development IC
GEOG 471 North American Historical Landscapes AC
GEOG 475 Advanced Geography of Non-European-American Regions: [Topic] IC
GEOL 101 Exploring Planet Earth SC
GEOL 102 Exploring Earth’s Environment SC
GEOL 103 Exploring Earth History SC
GEOL 110 People, Rocks, and Fire SC
GEOL 137 Mountains and Glaciers SC
GEOL 156M Scientific Revolutions SC
GEOL 201 Dynamic Planet Earth SC
GEOL 202 Earth's Surface and Environment SC
GEOL 203 History of Life SC
GEOL 213 Geology of National Parks SC
GEOL 304 The Fossil Record SC
GEOL 305 Dinosaurs SC
GEOL 306 Volcanoes and Earthquakes SC
GEOL 307 Oceanography SC
GEOL 308 Geology of Oregon and the Pacific Northwest SC
GEOL 310 Earth Resources and the Environment SC
GEOL 353 Geologic Hazards SC
GER 201 Second-Year German A&L
GER 202 Second-Year German A&L
GER 203 Second-Year German A&L
GER 206 Law in Literature A&L IC
GER 220M From Kierkegaard to Kafka A&L IC
GER 221 Postwar Germany: Nation Divided A&L IC
GER 222 Voices of Dissent in Germany A&L IP
GER 223 Germany: A Multicultural Society A&L IP
GER 250 The Culture of Money A&L IC
GER 251 Sexuality A&L IP
GER 252 War, Violence, Trauma A&L IC
GER 311 Intermediate Language Training A&L
GER 312 Intermediate Language Training A&L
GER 313 Intermediate Language Training A&L
GER 317 Study in Germany A&L
GER 340 Introduction to German Culture and Society A&L
GER 341 Introduction to German Culture and Society A&L
GER 350 Genres in German Literature A&L IC
GER 351 Diversity in Germany A&L IP
GER 352 Authors in German Literature A&L
GER 354 German Gender Studies A&L IP
GER 355 German Cinema: History, Theory, Practice A&L IC
GER 356 German Fairy Tales A&L IC
GER 357 Nature, Culture, and the Environment A&L IC
GER 360 Introduction to German Literature: Poetry, Plays, Prose A&L
GER 361 Introduction to German Literature: Literary Movements A&L
GER 362 Introduction to German Literature: Interpretive Models A&L
GER 366 Themes in German Literature A&L
GER 367 Themes in German Literature A&L
GER 368 Themes in German Literature A&L
GRK 301 Authors: [Topic] A&L
GRK 302 Authors: [Topic] A&L
GRK 303 Authors: [Topic] A&L
HC 207H Honors College Science SC
HC 209H Honors College Science SC
HC 221H Honors College Arts and Letters A&L
HC 222H Honors College Arts and Letters A&L
HC 223H Honors College Arts and Letters A&L
HC 231H Honors College Social Science SSC
HC 232H Honors College Social Science SSC
HC 233H Honors College Social Science SSC
HC 424H Honors College Identities Colloquium: [Topic] IP
HC 434H Honors College International Cultures Colloquium: [Topic] IC
HC 444H Honors College American Cultures Colloquium: [Topic] AC
HIST 101 Western Civilization SSC
HIST 102 Western Civilization SSC
HIST 103 Western Civilization SSC
HIST 104 World History SSC IC
HIST 105 World History SSC IC
HIST 106 World History SSC IC
HIST 121 Women in World History SSC IC
HIST 186 Cultures of India SSC IC
HIST 190 Foundations of East Asian Civilizations SSC IC
HIST 191 China, Past and Present SSC IC
HIST 192 Japan, Past and Present SSC IC
HIST 201 Inventing America SSC AC
HIST 202 Building the United States SSC AC
HIST 203 American Century SSC AC
HIST 205 Ancient Sports SSC IP
HIST 211 Reacting to the Past SSC
HIST 215 Food in World History SSC IC
HIST 221 Sex in History SSC IP
HIST 239 Classical and Medieval Warfare SSC IC
HIST 240 War in the Modern World I SSC
HIST 241 War in the Modern World II SSC
HIST 245 Russia, America, and the World SSC
HIST 248 Latinos in the Americas SSC AC
HIST 250 African American History SSC AC
HIST 251 African American History SSC AC
HIST 273 Introduction to Environmental History SSC IC
HIST 286 Cities in India and South Asia SSC IP
HIST 301 Modern Europe SSC
HIST 302 Modern Europe SSC
HIST 303 Modern Europe SSC
HIST 308 History of Women in the United States I SSC IP
HIST 309 History of Women in the United States II SSC IP
HIST 319 Early Middle Ages in Europe SSC
HIST 320 High Middle Ages in Europe SSC
HIST 321 Late Middle Ages in Europe SSC
HIST 325 Precolonial Africa SSC IC
HIST 326 Colonial and Postcolonial Africa SSC IC
HIST 340 US Military History SSC
HIST 345 Early Russia SSC IC
HIST 346 Imperial Russia SSC IC
HIST 347 Soviet Union and Contemporary Russia SSC IC
HIST 350 American Radicalism IP
HIST 351 American Radicalism IP
HIST 352 The United States in the 1960s SSC
HIST 361 Early Modern Science SSC
HIST 368 American West in Popular Culture SSC AC
HIST 378 American Environmental History to 1890 SSC AC
HIST 379 American Environmental History, 1890-Present SSC AC
HIST 380 Latin America SSC IC
HIST 381 Latin America SSC IC
HIST 382 Latin America SSC IC
HIST 383 Soccer and Society in Latin America SSC IC
HIST 385 South Asia: [Topic] IC
HIST 386 India IP
HIST 387 Early China SSC IC
HIST 388 Vietnam War and the United States IP
HIST 396 Samurai in Film SSC IC
HIST 414 Ancient Rome: [Topic] IP
HIST 415 Advanced World History: [Topic] IC
HIST 416 Advanced Women's History: [Topic] IC
HIST 417 Society and Culture in Modern Africa: [Topic] IC
HIST 420 The Idea of Europe IC
HIST 444 The Holocaust IP
HIST 446 Modern Russia: [Topic] IC
HIST 449 Race and Ethnicity in the American West AC
HIST 455 Colonial American History AC
HIST 469 American Indian History: [Topic] IP
HIST 480 Mexico IC
HIST 482 Aztecs and Incas IC
HIST 483 Latin America: [Topic] IC
HIST 487 China: [Topic] IC
HIST 490 Japan: [Topic] IC
HIST 491 Medicine and Society in Premodern Japan IC
HIST 497 Culture, Modernity, and Revolution in China: [Topic] IC
HIST 498 Early Japanese Culture and Society: [Topic] IC
HPHY 103 Exercise and Performance SC
HPHY 105 Principles of Nutrition SC
HPHY 111 The Science of Sex SC
HPHY 112 The Science of Health SC
HUM 101 Introduction to the Humanities I A&L
HUM 102 Introduction to the Humanities II A&L
HUM 103 Introduction to the Humanities III A&L
HUM 240 Medical Humanities A&L
HUM 245 Food, Art, and Literature A&L
HUM 260 Postwar European Culture A&L IC
HUM 300 Themes in the Humanities A&L
HUM 354 The City A&L IC
HUM 355 The American City A&L
INTL 101 Introduction to International Issues SSC IC
INTL 240 Perspectives on International Development SSC IC
INTL 250 Value Systems in Cross-Cultural Perspective SSC IC
INTL 260 Culture, Capitalism, and Globalization SSC IC
INTL 280 Global Environmental Issues and Alternatives SSC
INTL 323 Islam and Global Forces IC
INTL 340 Global Health and Development SSC IC
INTL 345 Africa Today: Issues and Concerns IC
INTL 360 International Cooperation and Conflict SSC IP
INTL 370 International Human Rights SSC IP
INTL 421 Gender and International Development IP
INTL 423 Development and the Muslim World IC
INTL 431 Cross-Cultural Communication IC
INTL 432 Indigenous Cultural Survival IC
INTL 433 Childhood in Cross-Cultural Perspective IP
INTL 442 South Asia: Development and Social Change IC
INTL 445 Development and Social Change in Sub-Saharan Africa IC
ITAL 150 Cultural Legacies of Italy A&L IC
ITAL 152 Desire and Resistance: Italian Cinema A&L IC
ITAL 201 Second-Year Italian A&L
ITAL 202 Second-Year Italian A&L
ITAL 203 Second-Year Italian A&L
ITAL 252 The Italian-American Experience A&L AC
ITAL 301 Cultura e lingua: l'Italia contemporanea A&L IC
ITAL 303 Cultura e lingua: societa, economia, politica A&L IC
ITAL 305 Cultura e lingua: arte, musica, i mass media A&L IC
ITAL 317 Italian Survey: Medieval and Renaissance A&L
ITAL 318 Italian Survey: Baroque and Enlightenment A&L
ITAL 319 Italian Survey: 19th and 20th Centuries A&L
J 201 Media and Society SSC
J 209 Understanding Media SSC
J 320 Gender, Media, and Diversity IP
J 385 Communication Law SSC
J 387 Media History SSC
J 397 Media Ethics A&L
JDST 212 Medieval and Early Modern Judaism A&L IP
JDST 213 The Jewish Encounter with Modernity SSC IP
JDST 330 American Jewish Cultures SSC IP
JDST 340 Israelis and Palestinians SSC IC
JPN 201 Second-Year Japanese A&L
JPN 202 Second-Year Japanese A&L
JPN 203 Second-Year Japanese A&L
JPN 250 Manga Millennium A&L IC
JPN 301 Third-Year Japanese A&L
JPN 302 Third-Year Japanese A&L
JPN 303 Third-Year Japanese A&L
JPN 305 Introduction to Japanese Literature A&L IC
JPN 306 Introduction to Japanese Literature A&L IC
JPN 307 Introduction to Japanese Literature A&L IC
JPN 315 Introduction to Japanese Linguistics A&L IC
JPN 425 Modern Japanese Literature: [Topic] IC
JPN 437 Classical Japanese Literary Language IC
JPN 471 The Japanese Cinema IC
KRN 151M Introduction to Korean Cinema A&L IC
KRN 201 Second-Year Korean A&L
KRN 202 Second-Year Korean A&L
KRN 203 Second-Year Korean A&L
KRN 301 Third Year Korean A&L
KRN 302 Third-Year Korean A&L
KRN 303 Third-Year Korean A&L
KRN 309 Languages and Cultural Formation in Korea A&L IC
KRN 315 Introduction to Korean Linguistics A&L IC
KRN 361 Korean Popular Culture and Transnationalism A&L IC
KRN 362M Contemporary Korean Film A&L IC
LA 260 Understanding Landscapes A&L
LA 333 Photography and Environmental Values A&L
LA 375 Contemporary American Landscape A&L
LAS 200 Introduction to Latin American Studies IC
LAS 211 Latin American Humanities: [Topic] IC
LAS 212 Latin American Social Sciences: [Topic] IC
LAT 301 Authors: [Topic] A&L
LAT 302 Authors: [Topic] A&L
LAT 303 Authors: [Topic] A&L
LAW 102 Introduction to Criminal Law SSC
LAW 104 Introduction to Business Law SSC
LAW 201 Introduction to Environmental Law and Policy SSC
LAW 202 Introduction to Public International Law SSC
LAW 203 Controversies in Constitutional Law SSC
LAW 204 Immigration and Citizenship SSC IP
LAW 301 Youth and Social Change SSC IP
LING 101 Introduction to Language SSC
LING 150 Structure of English Words A&L
LING 201 Language and Power SSC IP
LING 211 Languages of the World SSC IC
LING 225 Writing Systems A&L
LING 294 Child Language SSC
LING 296 Language and Society in the United States SSC AC
LING 297 Introduction to Bilingualism SSC IP
LING 301 Introduction to Linguistics Analysis SSC
LING 302 Introduction to Linguistic Behavior SSC
LING 396 Language and Cognition SSC
LING 491 Sociolinguistics IP
MATH 105 University Mathematics I SC
MATH 106 University Mathematics II SC
MATH 107 University Mathematics III SC
MATH 211 Fundamentals of Elementary Mathematics I SC
MATH 212 Fundamentals of Elementary Mathematics II SC
MATH 213 Fundamentals of Elementary Mathematics III SC
MATH 231 Elements of Discrete Mathematics I SC
MATH 232 Elements of Discrete Mathematics II SC
MATH 241 Calculus for Business and Social Science I SC
MATH 242 Calculus for Business and Social Science II SC
MATH 243 Introduction to Methods of Probability and Statistics SC
MATH 246 Calculus for the Biological Sciences I SC
MATH 247 Calculus for the Biological Sciences II SC
MATH 251 Calculus I SC
MATH 252 Calculus II SC
MATH 253 Calculus III SC
MATH 261 Calculus with Theory I SC
MATH 262 Calculus with Theory II SC
MATH 263 Calculus with Theory III SC
MATH 307 Introduction to Proof SC
MATH 343 Statistical Models and Methods SC
MUJ 350 History of Jazz, 1900–1950 A&L AC
MUJ 351 History of Jazz, 1940 to Present A&L AC
MUS 125 Understanding Music A&L
MUS 141 Popular Piano and Musicianship I AC
MUS 151 Popular Songwriting A&L AC
MUS 227 Elements of Electronic Music A&L
MUS 250 Popular Musics in Global Context IP
MUS 264 Rock History, 1950–70 AC
MUS 265 Rock History, 1965 to Present AC
MUS 267 Survey of Music History A&L
MUS 268 Survey of Music History A&L
MUS 269 Survey of Music History A&L
MUS 270 History of the Blues A&L AC
MUS 281 Music of the Woodstock Generation IP
MUS 345M Music, Politics, and Race SSC AC
MUS 347 Music, Gender, Sexuality A&L IP
MUS 349 American Ethnic and Protest Music AC
MUS 351 The Music of Bach and Handel A&L
MUS 356 Innovative Jazz Musicians: [Topic] AC
MUS 358 Music in World Cultures A&L IC
MUS 359 Music of the Americas A&L AC
MUS 360 Hip-Hop Music: History, Culture, Aesthetics A&L AC
MUS 363 The Beatles and Their Times A&L
MUS 365 Regional Ethnomusicology: [Topic] IC
MUS 367 Survey of African Music A&L IC
MUS 380 Film: Drama, Photography, Music A&L
MUS 382 American Musical Theater A&L
MUS 451 Introduction to Ethnomusicology IC
MUS 452 Musical Instruments of the World IC
MUS 460 Music and Gender IP
MUS 462 Popular Musics in the African Diaspora IP
PHIL 101 Philosophical Problems A&L
PHIL 102 Ethics A&L
PHIL 103 Critical Reasoning A&L
PHIL 110 Human Nature A&L IP
PHIL 120 Ethics of Enterprise and Exchange A&L
PHIL 123 Internet, Society, and Philosophy SSC
PHIL 130 Philosophy and Popular Culture A&L
PHIL 170 Love and Sex A&L IP
PHIL 211 Existentialism A&L
PHIL 213 Asian Philosophy A&L IC
PHIL 216 Philosophy and Cultural Diversity A&L AC
PHIL 307 Social and Political Philosophy SSC
PHIL 308 Social and Political Philosophy SSC
PHIL 309 Global Justice SSC IC
PHIL 310 History of Philosophy: Ancient and Medieval A&L
PHIL 311 History of Philosophy: Modern A&L
PHIL 312 History of Philosophy: 19th Century A&L
PHIL 315 Introduction to Feminist Philosophy A&L IP
PHIL 322 Philosophy of the Arts A&L
PHIL 330 Philosophy and Disaster A&L
PHIL 332 Philosophy of Film A&L
PHIL 335 Medical Ethics A&L
PHIL 339 Introduction to Philosophy of Science SSC
PHIL 340 Environmental Philosophy A&L
PHIL 342 Introduction to Latin American Philosophy A&L IC
PHIL 343 Critical Theory SSC IP
PHIL 344 Introduction to Philosophy of Law SSC
PHIL 345 Place in the Cosmos A&L
PHIL 452 Philosophy and Race IP
PHYS 101 Essentials of Physics SC
PHYS 102 Essentials of Physics SC
PHYS 152 Physics of Sound and Music SC
PHYS 153 Physics of Light, Color, and Vision SC
PHYS 155 Physics behind the Internet SC
PHYS 156M Scientific Revolutions SC
PHYS 161 Physics of Energy and Environment SC
PHYS 162 Solar and Other Renewable Energies SC
PHYS 171 The Physics of Life SC
PHYS 181 Quantum Mechanics for Everyone SC
PHYS 201 General Physics SC
PHYS 202 General Physics SC
PHYS 203 General Physics SC
PHYS 251 Foundations of Physics I SC
PHYS 252 Foundations of Physics I SC
PHYS 253 Foundations of Physics I SC
PHYS 301 Physicists' View of Nature SC
PORT 150 Lusofonia: The Portuguese-Speaking World A&L IC
PORT 201 Second Year Portuguese A&L
PORT 202 Second-Year Portuguese A&L
PORT 203 Second-Year Portuguese A&L
PORT 301 Cultura e Lingua: Expressoes Artisticas A&L IC
PORT 305 Cultura e lingua: Brasil ontem e hoje A&L IC
PPPM 201 Introduction to Public Policy SSC
PPPM 202 Healthy Communities SSC
PPPM 205 Introduction to City Planning SSC
PPPM 280 Introduction to the Nonprofit Sector SSC
PPPM 340 Climate-Change Policy SSC <