University of Oregon Diplomas

Diplomas are mailed beginning four to six weeks after your degree has been awarded.  Graduation application status can be viewed in DuckWeb.  Diplomas are produced by an off-campus commercial printer and mailed via first class mail to the address designated as your permanent residence or to your diploma mailing address. Please allow additional delivery time for international addresses. 

The Office of the Registrar is not responsible for lost or undelivered mail, in addition to shipping issues that may arise with international mail delivery.  Please verify your addresses in DuckWeb to ensure accuracy. Awarded students will receive one free paper diploma, including free shipping to the permanent address or diploma mailing address provided. It is important that the address is provided before the end of a student's final term and that the address can receive mail. Diplomas are mailed via first-class mail. The USPS does not provide tracking information for first-class mail.

Diplomas that are not received may be reordered using the Online Diploma Service link under Order Replacement Diplomas Online. Diplomas that are damaged as a result of shipping may be reordered and shipped for free with the return of the damaged original diploma to the Office of the Registrar. 

Diplomas that are returned to the Office of the Registrar due to a non-deliverable address will be held for 90 days, after which time they will be destroyed.  Information regarding replacement diploma ordering is in the next section.

University of Oregon diplomas include the following:

  • the University of Oregon school seal
  • the college or colleges from which you are graduating
  • the name you have chosen to appear on your diploma when you applied for graduation
  • honors you have earned
  • the signatures of the president of the University, the dean(s) of your college(s), and the Chair of the Board of Trustees, and the Chancellor of the Oregon University System.

If you choose to attend your major department's graduation ceremony, you will receive a diploma cover at that time. If you do not attend the ceremony, you can order a diploma cover through the University Bookstore by calling the mail order department at 1-800-352-1733.

If you have questions about diplomas, contact the Office of the Registrar at

Order Diploma Replacements Online

The following Online Diploma Service is available through our official diploma vendor, the Michael Sutter Company.

Order a paper replacement diploma - Order your diploma easily online. You will be able to choose Standard Delivery or Express Overnight Delivery. There is a $50.00 charge for each Diploma Replacement. You will have an option to choose Notary Service for an additional $10.00. Your Diploma will be printed and mailed within 1-2 days of your order.

Order an official UO eDiploma - The eDiploma is a signed and certified PDF of your original paper diploma used for easy diploma verification purposes.  The one-time charge for the eDiploma is $50.00.  You will receive your eDiploma within minutes of ordering.  You can share your eDiploma as often as you need.

Diploma Status - Search the status of your diploma order whether it is the new diploma or replacement diploma.  Diplomas are only issued to students who have been awarded their degree.  Ordering a replacement diploma before the conferral of your degree will not generate a diploma.  

A student that has already received the diploma is able to update the diploma name during the order process for a replacement diploma.  When making your order through the University of Oregon diploma store, use the Submit a Diploma Request button.  You will have the opportunity to enter the updated name in the "Name to appear on Diploma" box.  This will not update the UO student record.

If both the diploma name and the UO student record need to be updated, the record will be updated by submitting a Name Change Request.  

Notarization Service

Upon written request, the Office of the Registrar will notarize an original transcript or other documents related to the UO student record.  Notarization requests are processed once a week, usually on Wednesdays.  If express mail is requested, your order will be processed in one to two business days.  A $10.00 special service fee is required for each notarized document.  Documents to be notarized, other than transcripts, must be provided at the time of request.

Notarized documents will not be emailed or faxed.

Request Form

For more information, contact the Office of the Registrar at

Authentication (Apostille)

In some situations students may be required to provide an Authentication or Apostille along with the notarized transcript or diploma. Foreign Jurisdictions often require them before they will accept the notarized document.

If this applies to you and you need an Authentication (Apostille), you will need to complete an “Authentication Application" form obtained from the Oregon Secretary of State website.  If you have additional questions regarding this process, please see the Authenticating Documents (Apostille) FAQ.

General steps for obtaining an Apostille:

  1. Complete and sign the notary request form.  Use Request Form button above.
  2. Submit the signed form by fax or mail.  The notary request form cannot be accepted my email.
  3. Notarization requests are processed once a week, usually on Wednesdays.
  4. Notarized documents will be returned to the requester.
  5. Students that need to obtain an Apostille for the notarized documents will need to work directly with the Oregon Secretary of State.  

Request to Update Contact Information (former students)

Please use the form below to request an update to the contact information that we have on file.  This request will only update your information with the Office of the Registrar.  It will not update the contact information with the Alumni Association or other departments on campus.  This form requires your handwritten signature.  Script fonts and electronic signatures are not accepted.

The form can be submitted to or faxed to 541-346-6682.

Update Contact Information

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