Standard Class Schedule Footnotes

(Enter in SSASECT during data entry period)

A Mandatory Attendance
B Open to non­majors after initial registration period
C Previously offered as a different course number; may not be repeated. Contact department for more info
D Remedial course. Credits deducted; course does not apply to degree requirements
E For freshmen and new students only
F Course content is conducted online with some degree of required travel to UO campus for testing/exams. Some departments permit students who are unable to travel to UO campus to use a proctored location; see syllabus or contact department for information.
G Pre­major, major, or minor are required to take this course graded to be applied to major or minor requirements
H Honors
K Lectures and readings in English
M Major, minor, or pre­major restrictions; contact the academic department for additional information
N Open to non­majors only
O All course content is conducted online. Students are not required to come to campus for orientation, testing, or academic support services.
P This course has special meeting dates. Academic Deadlines stated below do not apply. Please contact the academic department for more information.
Q Tentative
S Enrollment restricted for THIS SECTION/TERM ONLY to participants in the Society of College Scholars Program
T Self­support course; course fee replaces tuition
V Cannot drop on DuckWeb on or after the first day of class (after 5pm Fri if starts Sat/Sun). To drop after course starts, email from your UO email or call 541-346-2935. Refunds are based on amount of course complete when contacted.
W Computer based/online course; requires access to the web
X Combined Midterm Exams. See course details for specific dates and times.
Y Combined Final Examination

For RO use only:

J First-Year Seminars are limited to 23 students. For questions, visit First Year Programs or e-mail
L Course day/time/location changed; check course detail for more info
U Some or all of the seats in this section are reserved for students in Freshman Interest Groups (FIG)