The Registrar's Office assists UO students who wish to send a Common Application to participating institutions outside of the UO.

The Common Application asks for certification from the University attesting to a student’s good character and dates of enrollment.

At the UO, this process involves two offices. The Office of the Registrar handles enrollment verification and passes the form on to the Office of Student Conduct and Community Relations for completion of the conduct portion.

Follow these instructions for the UO to process your Common Application paperwork:

• Completed offline form(s)
• Stamped / pre-addressed envelope(s)
• Consent form(s)

  1. When the Common Application website prompts you for a UO Registrar email address, enter:
  2. An "offline form" link will appear
  3. Print and fill out one offline form. (The offline form is also called a "Transfer Registrar Report".) After the UO completes this form for you, copies will be made for each university to which you will apply.
  4. Prepare a stamped, pre-addressed envelope for each university to which you will apply
  5. Print and complete this consent form. In the space provided, write mailing addresses for each university to which you will apply. Use additional consent forms if you need more space.
  6. Submit all paperwork to the Registrar's Office:
  7. Order official UO transcripts in Duckweb, addressed to each university to which you will apply

Common Application Certifications require five to ten business days for the paperwork to be processed and mailed. Allow plenty of time for mail delivery. Due to the number of requests, we do not notify you when a completed form is mailed. You may check with the receiving institution to see if they received your form.

Requests for Common Application Certifications should be sent to:

EUGENE, OR 97403-5257