Placement Testing

Placement Testing at the UO consists of tests in Writing, Mathematics, Second Language and AEIS (Academic English for International Students). Questions concerning placement testing can be sent to the University Testing Center.

Most score results are available immediately after the completion of the test and are posted to DuckWeb within 24 hours. To review your placement test scores for mathematics or languages go to Student Menu > View Placement Test Scores.

Writing Requirement and Exemptions

Students are required to complete two terms of Writing in order to receive their degree and can satisfy this requirement by completing WR 121 and either WR 122 or 123. Consult with your advisor to determine the appropriate section of WR 121 for your needs. Students who believe their writing skills to be in advance of what they would learn in WR 121 and/or WR 122 can take a waiver exam, during the first week of the Fall, Winter and Spring terms.

Some students will be exempt from WR 121 based on SAT-CR or ACT-English scores. Students who have taken and received qualifying scores on either the AP or the IB English exam may receive credit for WR 121 and WR 122.

The Composition Program of the Department of English can waive the general education writing requirement based on demonstrated competency, passing the waiver exam, or approving transfer course equivalencies. Please see the Department of English for more information.

UO Departmental Partners – you will need to log in with your DuckID to access the form. Once submitted, the form will be sent to our office for processing. Please let us know if you have questions –

Request Writing Waiver

Standard Writing Requirement

Fall 2016 Forward

Code Exam Score Standard Writing Requirement
STRD SAT Reading Score 10-25 WR 121 (With option to co-enroll in tutorial WR 195)
STWL SAT Writing/Language Score 10-25
ACTE ACT English 18 or below
STRD SAT Reading Score 26-36 WR 121
STWL SAT Writing/Language Score 26-36
ACTE ACT English 19-31
STRD SAT Reading Score 37 or above WR 122 or 123 (Exempt from WR 121)
STWL SAT Writing/Language Score 37 or above
ACTE ACT English 32 or above
  • * Both the STRD and STWL scores must be in this range to qualify

Writing Requirement Exemption

Test Score Advanced Writing Placement
AP Language and Composition 3, 4, 5 WR 122 or 123 (Exempt from WR 121)
IB English A (Higher level exam) 5 Writing requirement completed

Note: Clark Honors College students satisfy the writing requirement as part of the honors college curriculum

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Mathematics Placement

Placement tests are designed to assess your skills and recommend the math class that you’re ready to take – classes that are challenging but manageable.

All freshmen are expected to take a math placement test prior to attending orientation to assess your current readiness for college-level math. Additionally, your placement scores provide academic advisors with the most up-to-date information prior to your first advising appointment.

Mathematics placement testing is available online. Before you take a placement test, please claim your Duck ID. After 24 hours, your placement test will be ready for you.

After you complete the online mathematics placement test, allow two business days for your scores to appear in Duckweb. Follow these Duckweb links to see your scores:

Student Menu > Records & Registration > View Placement Test Scores

When viewing your scores in DuckWeb, use the charts below to determine your placement level:

Fall 2019 Forward

Placement Score Student should register for:
0 - 34 Please work through the ALEKS learning modules and retake the assessment to improve your score.
35 - 48 MATH 101
49 - 65 MATH 105, 106, 107, 111, 211, 243
66 - 79 MATH 112, 241
80 - 100 MATH 231, 246, 251

Through Summer 2018

Placement Score: Equivalent Course Completed Students should register for:
5 High school MATH 070
15 MATH 070 MATH 095
20 MATH 095 MATH 105, 106, 107, 111 or 243
25 MATH 111 MATH 112, 241 or 243
35 MATH 112 MATH 231, 251 or 246

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Second Language Placement

Second language placement test are for those students that have prior knowledge or coursework in a language and want to continue their studies above the 101-course level.

Students who have earned college credit for French, German, or Spanish, either with coursework or through the Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, or CLEP programs may not need to take a placement test. For example, a student who has earned credit for SPAN 101, 102, and 103 would be recommended to register for the next class in the sequence, SPAN 201, and would not need to take a placement test. Information on credits and course equivalencies awarded through the AP, IB, and CLEP programs can be found at the Office of the Registrar.

Students who have earned prior credit, either through coursework or the AP, IB, or CLEP programs, need to be sure that an official transcript has been sent to the university. Until the official transcript has been received and the credits posted to the student's academic record, a student may not be able to register for the appropriate class. Students can check on DuckWeb to be sure that their transcripts have been received and credits posted. The Transfer Evaluation Report will list the credits and course equivalencies for any academic work transferred to the University of Oregon as well as credits awarded through the AP, IB, and CLEP programs.

Students with previous background in Japanese, Chinese, or Korean are highly encouraged to take the placement test even if the student has earned credits through AP or IB tests.

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AEIS - Academic English for International Students

Students whose native language is not English must supply results of a standardized language-proficiency test.  Please see the International Admissions website for more detailed information. 

With some exceptions, international students must take the AEIS placement test after arriving at the university. Placement test results determine whether students are required to take language support courses in the Academic English for International Students (AEIS) program. Students placed in AEIS courses also concurrently enroll in regular university credit courses.

Chemistry Placement

The University of Oregon Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry offers a placement assessment to help students decide which introductory course is right for them.

Students wishing to enroll in General Chemistry I (CH 221) or Advanced General Chemistry I (CH 224H) are required to take the assessment prior to registration.

  • The assessment is not required for students wishing to enroll in Introduction to Chemical Principles, CH 111.
  • Students who already have credit for CH 221 (either through AP or IB) are not required to take the placement assessment and are encouraged to register for CH 224H.

Find information about the Chemistry Placement on the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry's website.

More information about all placement testing can be found at the University Testing Center.

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