We know this is a challenging time for our entire campus community and everyone at the University of Oregon is working daily to support all students as they continue their education. To that end, we’ve made temporary changes that allow more flexibility and offer additional options to students while we all navigate a quickly shifting situation.

Students are encouraged to seek advising support for questions about these changes and for help making decisions.

Changes By Term

For the most comprehensive and up-to-date information regarding the University of Oregon’s response to the COVID-19, please visit the Coronavirus Information page.

Spring 2021 Changes:

  • Class Meetings: Beginning the first day of classes for Spring term, all courses will meet as scheduled in the class schedule.
  • Online Fee: The $25 per credit online fee will be charged and refunded for Spring 2021 term courses.

Winter 2021 Changes:

  • Online Fee: The $25 per credit online fee will be charged and refunded for Winter 2021 term courses.
  • First Week Remote: Classes with in-person meeting times will meet remotely week 1 of winter term. Starting week 2, classes with in-person meeting times will meet in their assigned classrooms.

Fall 2020 Changes:

  • Online Fee: The $25 per credit online fee will be charged and refunded for Fall 2020 term courses.
  • First-Day Mandatory Attendance: For courses identified as requiring mandatory attendance the first day, students must attend the first class or notify the instructor by the end of the first class meeting that they will not be able to attend.
  • Remote After Week 9: The university anticipates ending in-person classes after Week 9, just before Thanksgiving. Week 10 will be fully remote as will final examinations.

Spring 2020 Changes:

  • First-Day Mandatory Attendance: We are suspending enforcement of the Mandatory Attendance requirement for Spring term 2020. Students who do not “attend” the first class period will not be removed from courses flagged with this requirement during Spring 2020. Faculty will still have expectations for students to engage with the course through Canvas during the first week, so it is crucial that students read emails and follow faculty instructions for each course.
  • Graduation Extension: The deadline for spring graduation applicants to complete degree requirements has been extended through September 11, 2020. An October 30, 2020 extension is available by request to uodegree@uoregon.edu. Students who require registration for their degree in terms after Spring 2020 are not eligible for this extension.
    Visit our Graduation Application Information if you have questions about applying for graduation.

Winter 2020 Changes:

  • Disqualifications: We are suspending academic disqualifications for Winter term 2020. Instead, students who would have been disqualified after winter term 2020 can remain at the UO on probation, and will be required to meet with an advisor during Spring term 2020 to support their future academic success.

    Please note that academic standing policies are independent of financial aid policies. Students who would have otherwise been disqualified at the end of Winter term 2020 should check in with the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships if they have any concerns about their eligibility for financial aid in Spring term 2020.

Additional Helpful Information

Definitions of Delivery for Courses

  • On Campus: On-campus meeting times and locations as scheduled
  • Remote: Classes will include live engagement during scheduled class periods
  • Online: No on-campus meetings

In-Person Precautions

Here are a few ways we are limiting the spread of COVID-19 on campus:

  1. All in-person classes will be limited to 50 people or fewer, in rooms that allow for 6 feet of distance between each person.  As of winter term 2021, classrooms are limited to 25 people, including instructors.
  2. We will provide single-use cleaning products in classrooms so individuals can clean their own spaces before and after class.
  3. We will have enhanced cleaning of high touch points in buildings.

Face Coverings

The UO is requiring faculty, staff, students, visitors, and vendors to wear face coverings in indoor campus settings, as part of its resumption plans. The university is also recommending the use of face coverings when outdoors on campus when physical distancing isn’t possible.

The UO’s policy includes an exemption for individuals who have a physical or mental condition or disability that prevents them from putting on, taking off or wearing any face covering, among others. The university will develop procedures to distribute reusable face coverings to members of the campus community and disposable coverings will be made available at the EMU. The current face-covering policy may evolve based on new guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Oregon Health Authority.

Contact Us

If you or your family have any questions, please email us.

We hope these adjustments will support your academic success here at the University of Oregon.