Granting Proxy Access on DuckWeb

"Proxy Access" is the mechanism by which students can optionally give access to their parent(s) or legal guardian(s) to view their student information in DuckWeb. Choosing which information to include, if you wish to give access to it, is done in the "Proxy Access" tab in DuckWeb.

What is DuckWeb?

Click on the Proxy Access tab to give someone (usually a parent, guardian, or spouse) read-only access to designated areas of your student information. You maintain complete control over your proxy relationships. You are able to set them up, reset their passwords, change or delete their access, and send them messages detailing the access they have been given.

To add a proxy, click on Proxy Management > Add Proxy. Then click on Expand (name of proxy) and complete the proxy profile.

Field Descriptions

Relationship = Select from dropdown menu
Description = Is the proxy your Mother, father, Grandfather, Aunt, etc.?
Start Date = Today’s date
Stop Date = When proxy access ends

Grant Authorization to a Proxy

Once you have completed the profile information, grant authorization to your proxy in the Authorization tab. Select the information you are authorizing your proxy to view. Then scroll back to the top of the page and click on the “E-mail Authorizations link in the right hand corner; this saves the authorization and emails the authorization to the proxy.

After you have authorized the information your proxy can view, the proxy receives an email with a PIN and link to login to view the information authorized. The proxy is required to create a password and should bookmark the link so it is readily available.

Should the proxy forget his/her password, the student will need to login to DuckWeb and reset the proxy’s PIN (click "Reset PIN" in the Profile tab). After you have reset the PIN, the proxy will receive an email with a new PIN and link to the proxy’s information. Again, the proxy will be asked to create a new password and the link should be bookmarked. A student’s proxy should never share his or her password with another person and to ensure the safety and security of his or her student’s information.

To view what you have authorized proxies to view, go to the History tab and then the Communication tab.

Remove Proxy Access

Use good judgment when authorizing proxy access to your student information. If your proxy has already logged in or accessed your information, then you will no longer be able to delete that proxy’s access and you will need to un-authorize the proxy's access. To do this, click on the Authorization tab and uncheck the boxes to withdraw information that was made viewable to your proxy. You may also enter a new “Stop Date” in the Profile tab to stop all access for that proxy.

Note: Only students can manage their proxies' accounts, regardless of whether the proxy has logged in or not. Staff in the Office of the Registrar and in other UO administrative offices do not have access to change or delete proxy access for students.

What is DuckWeb?