Course Attribute Codes

The following course attributes are used by the listed department to code courses for degree audit purposes. Attribute codes may be entered directly into Banner during the scheduling data entry period using form SSASECT. Navigate to the “Flags and Attributes” tab, and enter the appropriate code(s) in the “Section Attributes” field. After data closes contact Academic and Classroom Scheduling to add a code.

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Course attributes can signify that a course meets an upper division requirement, an emphasis area, or any other major/minor requirement that is coded in the Degree Audit system. Departments can also use course attributes with other departments. For example, Ethnic Studies could ask the Sociology department to apply the ESO attribute code to SOC courses pre-approved as Ethnic Studies electives.

If you have any questions regarding the use of course attributes, or if you would like to add course attributes to your departmental courses, please e-mail

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Look for courses by major/minor, attribute or description:

Major/Minor Attribute Description
African Studies AFCO African St: Contemporary Issues
African Studies AFEL African Studies: Elective
African Studies AFHS African Studies: History
African Studies AFID African St: Cul/Ethnicity/Ident
(All) MRES Count in Major/Minor Residency
(All) RJCT To Reject Maj/Min Requirements
Anthropology ANAR Archaeology
Anthropology ANBI Bioanthropology
Anthropology ANCU Cultural Anthropology
Anthropology ANGA Geographic Area in Archaeology
Anthropology ANTE Electives
Anthropology XANT Cross-Listed ANTH Crs
Arabic Studies ACSE Arabic Culture/Society/Elec
Arabic Studies ADAR Advanced Arabic
Architecture, Interior Architecture ABT ARCH/IARC: Advanced Bldg Tech
Architecture, Interior Architecture ARCG ARCH/IARC: Gothic Arch Hist
Architecture, Interior Architecture ARCM ARCH/IARC: Modern Arch Hist
Architecture, Interior Architecture ARCR ARCH/IARC: Renaissance Arch Hst
Architecture, Interior Architecture DSGN ARCH/IARC: Design
Architecture, Interior Architecture DSMD ARCH/IARC: Design Media
Architecture, Interior Architecture SAE ARCH/IARC: Subject Area Electives
Architecture (Minor) ARCE ARCH (Minor): Elective
Art History AHAA Art History: Ancient Art
Art History AHMD Art History: Medieval
Art History AHMH Art History: Modern/Contemporary
Art History AHOT Art History: Other
Art History AHRB Art History: Early Modern
Asian Studies AEAC Asian St Area: E Asia/China
Asian Studies AEAJ Asian St Area: E Asia/Japan
Asian Studies AEAK Asian St: Korea
Asian Studies ASA Asian St Area: South Asia
Asian Studies ASEA Asian St Area: SE Asia
Biology BI1 Biology Area I Course
Biology BI2 Biology Area II Course
Biology BI3 Biology Area III Course
Biology BI4 Biology 420-499 Elective
Biology BIH Biology Honors Program (BI 403)
Biology BIL Biology Lab/Field Course
Biology BIM Biology: MAPS Course
Biology XBI Cross-Listed Biology Course
Business BA1 Business: FIN 463
Business BA16 Bus Minor: BA 316
Business BA17 Bus Minor: BA 317
Business BA18 Bus Minor: BA 318
Business BA2 Business: MGMT 335
Business BA3 Business: MKTG 390
Business BA4 Business: MKTG 420
Business BA5 Business: MKTG 435
Business BA6 Business: SBUS 450
Business BA7 Business: MGMT 420
Business BA8 Business: MKTG 470
Business BAAC Bus Elec: ACTG Crs
Business BAC1 Bus Core: MGMT 321
Business BAC2 Bus Core: MKTG 311
Business BAC3 Bus Core: OBA 330
Business BAC4 Bus Core: OBA 335
Business BAC5 Bus Core: FIN 316
Business BAC6 Bus Core: OBA 340
Business BAC7 Bus Core: BE 325
Business BAC8 Bus Core: FIN 311
Business BAC9 Bus Core: BA 352
Business BADC Bus Elec: OBA Crs
Business BAFE Bus FINC Concentration Elec Crs
Business BAFN Bus Elec: FIN Crs
Business BAGE Bus Elec: Gen Elec Crs
Business BAMG Bus Elec: MGMT Crs
Business BAMK Bus Elec: MKTG Crs
Business BASE Bus SB Concentration Elec Crs
Business PBA1 PBA: Additional ACTG Seq Crse
Cinema Studies CNEL Cinema St: General Elective
Cinema Studies CORA Cinema St: Core A
Cinema Studies CORB Cinema St: Core B
Cinema Studies CORC Cinema St: Core C
Cinema Studies FNDA Cinema St: Fundamental A
Cinema Studies FNDB Cinema St: Fundamental B
Cinema Studies PRDA Cinema St: Production A
Cinema Studies PRDB Cinema St: Production B
Cinema Studies XCIN Cross-Listed Cinema St Crs
Comics and Cartoon Studies CCSE Comics & Cartoon Studies: Elective
Digital Humanities DHEL Digital Humanities: Electives
Disability Studies DSCP Disability St: Career Paths
Disability Studies DSFW Disability St: Fieldwork
Disability Studies DSSM Disability St: Social Models
Ecological Design - GCERT ECD GCERT-ECD: Elective
Economics E201 EC 201: Equivalent Course
Economics E202 EC 202: Equivalent Course
Economics E311 EC 311: Equivalent Course
Economics E313 EC 313: Equivalent Course
Educational Foundation SLP Science Literacy Program
English ENGA Eng maj: Eng Lit pre-1500
English ENGB Eng maj: Lit: 1500-1789
English ENGC Eng maj: Lit: 1789-present
English ENGD Eng maj: Lit theory/criticism
English ENGE Eng maj: Folklr, Ethn, Women's
English ENGF Eng maj: Upper Division Electives
English ENGG Eng maj: Gender/Ability/Sexuality
English ENGH Eng maj: Empire/Race/Ethn
English ENGI Eng maj: Theory/Rhetoric
English ENGJ Eng maj: Media/Folklore/Culture
English ENGK Eng maj: Pre-F16 Electives
English ENGL Eng maj: Lower Division Electives
English ENGU Eng maj: Genre Courses
English ENGW Eng maj: Writing
Entrepreneurship (Minor) EPEL Entrepreneurship Minor: Elective
Environmental Studies ENV1 ENVS 201: Equivalent Course
Environmental Studies ENV2 ENVS 202: Equivalent Course
Environmental Studies ENV3 ENVS 203: Equivalent Course
Environmental Studies EVD Environmental Design
Environmental Studies EVDC Environmental Design Core
Environmental Studies EVE Environment Earth/Physical Sci
Environmental Studies EVH Environmental Humanities
Environmental Studies EVHC Environmental Humanaties Core
Environmental Studies EVI Environmental Issues
Environmental Studies EVL Environmental Life Science
Environmental Studies EVNS Area 2 Add'l Non-sequence course
Environmental Studies EVP Environmental Policy
Environmental Studies EVPC Environmental Policy Core
Environmental Studies EVS Environmental Social Science
Environmental Studies EVSC Environmental Social Sci Core
Environmental Studies EVX Environmental Prac Learn Exper
Ethics ETEL Ethics: Electives
Ethnic Studies ESO Ethnic Studies-Other Depts
Ethnic Studies ESPR Ethnic Studies-ES Prefix
European Studies EUSH Euro St: Humanities
European Studies EUSS Euro St: Social Sciences
Family & Human Services - ECE ECEF FHS-ECE: Field Studies
Finance MSFC MS-Finance: Core
Finance MSFE MS-Finance: Electives
Finance MSFP MS-Finance: Prof Develop
Folklore FLRD Folklore: Diverse Communities
Folklore FLRE Folklore: Elective Crs
Folklore FLRP Folklore: Expressive Forms & Practices
Food Studies FDEL Food St: Elective
French (Major) FRSV FR: Literature Survey
General Social Science GCLS GSS: Crime, Law and Society
General Social Science GEBS GSS: Applied Econ, Business & Soc
General Social Science GGEP GSS: Globalization, Environment & Policy
General Social Science GSST GSS: Social Studies Teaching
Geography GCPT Geog: Culture, Pol & Place Track Crs
Geography GEDT Geog: Geog Ed Track Crs
Geography GEET Geog: Environment, Econ, & Sustainability (F16)
Geography GEST Geog: Environmental Systems (F16)
Geography GEVT Geog: Env Geog Track Crs
Geography GGET Geog: Geographic Education (F16)
Geography GGIT Geog: Geographic Info System Science (F16)
Geography GHUM Geog: Human Crs
Geography GIST Geog: GIS Track Crs
Geography GLPD Geog: The Launchpad
Geography GPHT Geog: Physical Geog Track Crs
Geography GPHY Geog: Physical Crs
Geography GPPT Geog: Culture, Politics & Place (F16)
Geography GREG Geog: Regional/Synthetic Crs
Geography GTCH Geog: Techniques Crs
Geography GWST Geog: Water Science & Policy (F16)
Geology FGEO GEOL: Field Geology Course
Global Health GHNS Global Hlth: Natural Science
Global Health GHSS Global Hlth: Social Science
Historic Preservation HPCO Historic Preserva: Core Course
Historic Preservation HPEL Historic Preserva: Elec Course
History HSTA African History Field
History HSTB Asian History Field
History HSTC European History Field
History HSTD Latin American History Field
History HSTE History Elective Course
History HSTF United States History Field
History HSTG Pre-1800 History Course
History HSTH African/Middle Eastern History field
History HSTI World History Field
Honors College HCEL HC Colloquium Elective
Honors College HCLT HC Literature Colloquium
Honors College HCSC HC Science Colloquium
Honors College HCSS HC Social Science Colloquium
Human Physiology HPHC Human Physiology Capstone Course
Human Physiology HPHE Human Physiology List C
International Studies IAFR Africa
International Studies IBUS INTL: Int'l Business
International Studies ICAD INTL: Culture, Art & Development
International Studies ICID INTL: Comparative Int'l Development
International Studies ICR INTL: Peace Studies & Conflict Resolution
International Studies IDIR INTL: Diplomacy & Int'l Relations
International Studies IEC INTL: Int'l Economics
International Studies IEI INTL: Cross-Cultural Comm Edu
International Studies IEUR Europe
International Studies IEV INTL: Int'l Environment
International Studies IGH INTL: Global Health & Development
International Studies IGI INTL: Int'l Gender Issues
International Studies ILAM Latin America
International Studies ILHR INTL: Law & Human Rights
International Studies IMDE Middle East
International Studies IMDR INTL: Migration, Displacement & Refugees
International Studies IMJC INTL: Media, Journalism & Communications
International Studies INAM North America
International Studies INPM INTL: Int'l Nonprofit Management
International Studies ISCA South Asia
International Studies ISEA Southeast & East Asia
Italian (Major) ITEE ITAL: Electives IS only
Italian (Major) ITEL ITAL: Electives
Italian (Major) ITEX ITAL: Expertise
Italian (Major) ITLC ITAL: Literature/Cinema (old "survey")
Italian (Major) ITXP ITAL: Expertise IS only
Journalism JVIS J: Journalism: Visual Concentration
Journalism JWRT J: Journalism: Writing Concentration
Judaic Studies JSEL JDST: Elective
Landscape Architecture (Major) LAE LA: Electives
Landscape Architecture (Major) LAHL LA: Add'l Hist/Lit/Theory
Landscape Architecture (Major) LAMT LA: Media/Tech Workshops
Landscape Architecture (Major) LAPL LA: Basic Eco/Natural Sys
Landscape Architecture (Major) LATC LA: Tech Sequence
Latin American Studies LA18 Pre-18th Century Latin Amer St course
Latin American Studies LA20 Pre-20th Century Latin Amer St course
Latin American Studies LA50 Less than 50% Latin Amer St course
Latin American Studies LAEL Latin Amer St Elective course
Latin American Studies LAUS Latino/a or Hispanics in the US Crs
Latin American Studies XLAS Cross-Listed Latin Amer St Crs
Legal Studies LGAS Legal St: American Society
Legal Studies LGCP Legal St: Campus Partner Elec
Legal Studies LGGS Legal St: Global Society
Linguistics LNGE Linguistics Elective
Marine Biology OIMB MARB: OIMB Courses
Medieval Studies MDEL Medieval Studies: Elective
Middle East-North Africa Studies MEAH MENA: Humanities
Middle East-North Africa Studies MEAS MENA: Social Science
Music Education MECR Music Education: Core Courses
Music: Popular Music Studies MUSI MUS: Interdisciplinary Studies
Native American Studies NAS1 NAS Group 1
Native American Studies NAS2 NAS Group 2
Native American Studies NAS3 NAS Group 3
Native American Studies NAS4 NAS Focus on Oregon Indians
Native American Studies NAS5 NAS ES 256
Nonprofit Administration (Minor) NPAE Nonprofit Admin: Elective
Philosophy AUTH Philosophy: Authors Course
Philosophy GRCC Philos: Gend, Race, Class, Cul
Philosophy HSTP Philos: History of Philosophy
Philosophy LOGC Philoso: Logic
Philosophy XPHL Cross-Listed Philosophy Course
Political Science PSBG PS: Business Gateway Course
Political Science PSBU PS: Business Career Path
Political Science PSEG PS: Ethics Gateway Course
Political Science PSET PS: Ethics Career Path
Political Science PSGG PS: Global Gateway Course
Political Science PSGL PS: Global Career Path
Political Science PSLG PS: Law Gateway Course
Political Science PSLW PS: Law Career Path
Political Science PSPG PS: Pub Pol Gateway Course
Political Science PSPP PS: Pub Pol Career Path
Political Science PSSG PS: Sustain Gateway Course
Political Science PSSS PS: Sustain Career Path
Political Science PSTH PS: Political Theory Subfield
Product Design PDBD Product Design: Basic Design
Product Design PDEL Product Design: Elective
Product Design PDFA Product Design: Art/Des/Theory
Product Design PDMM Product Design: Multimedia
Queer Studies QWGS Focused Courses
Queer Studies XQST Cross-Listed Queer Studies Crs
Religious Studies RELE Religious Studies: Elective Course
Romance Languages RL12 Romance Lang: 312 (FR 312)
Romance Languages RL16 Romance Lang: 316
Romance Languages RL17 Romance Lang: 317
Romance Languages RL18 Romance Lang: 318
Romance Languages RL19 Romance Lang: 319
Romance Languages RLCL Romance Lang:Culture&Language
Romance Languages RLEF Romance Lang Elective: French
Romance Languages RLEI Romance Lang Elective: Italian
Romance Languages RLEP Romance Lang Elec: Portugese
Romance Languages RLES Romance Lang Elective: Spanish
Romance Languages RLF Romance Languages Literature: French
Romance Languages RLI Romance Languages Literature: Italian
Romance Languages RLIT RL Literature
Romance Languages RLP Romance Languages Literature: Portugese
Romance Languages RLS Romance Languages Literature: Spanish
Romance Languages RLWR Romance Lang:Adv Writing
Russian, E Europe, Euroasian Studies RESH R&ES: Hum-Lang/Lit/Cult
Russian, E Europe, Euroasian Studies RESS R&ES: SSC-Hist/Pol/Society
Sociology XSOC Cross-Listed Sociology Crs
Spanish SP11 Spanish: Writing-SPAN 311
Spanish SP20 Spanish Lang and Soc: SPAN 320
Spanish SP22 Spanish Lang and Soc: SPAN 322
Spanish SP24 Spanish Lang and Soc: SPAN 324
Spanish SPLT Spanish: Expertise-Ling/Trans
Spanish SPSV Spanish: Literature Survey
Spanish SXPL Spanish: Experiential Learning
Spatial Data Science & Technology SDSC SDSC: Electives
Sports Business (Minor) SBEL Sports Business: Elective
Women's and Gender Studies XWGS Cross-Listed Wom/Gender St Crs