UO Degree Guide for Faculty and Advisors

The Degree Guide is an interactive tool designed to assist faculty advisors and students with degree tracking. In addition to viewing and updating a student’s degree guide for their current major, faculty advisors can view a student’s course history and run a “What-If” guide for a new major.

Degree Guide Exception Request

Be sure to log out

When finished, you should always log out and close your browser to protect the student's personal information from being accessed by subsequent users.

Based on the most recent University Catalog requirements

The University of Oregon Catalog contains complete details for all academic programs at the University of Oregon. The "What If" degree guide uses the most recent University Catalog requirements.

"What If" guides are purged nightly

All "What If" degree guides are deleted from the system every night.

Double Major

"What If" guides for a double major only apply the degree, major, and minor restrictions to the first major.

Second Major Restrictions

Professional degrees and Family and Human Services majors do not have the option to choose a second major under the "What If" guide.

General Limitations

Not all General Limitations are applied to a "What If" guide. For example, if a music or dance major runs a What-If Guide, the guide will not apply the limits correctly for the music or dance classes.

What if Guides Are for Undergraduates Only

Graduate, Post-baccalaureate and Law will not have the option to run a "What If" guide.