Statistics & Historical Data

Facts at a Glance and Statistical Reports

Facts at a Glance is a synopsis of the Profile of Students at the University of Oregon, a fact book produced by the Office of the Registrar each fall, winter and spring term. This page shows data from the most recent term where data is available, and PDF downloads for prior terms are also available.

Statistical reports are derived from Facts at a Glance starting with Fall 1994. Reports include General Enrollment, Enrollment by School or College, and more.

Historical Graduation Statistics

Look up Bachelor's, Masters and Doctoral/Law degree statistics, as far back as 1876.

Historical Tuition Rates

Annual Tuition and Fee rates for full-time students (1980-1981 through 2011-2012)

Student Right to Know

Student Right To Know (SRTK) refers to a Federally-mandated public disclosure of a college's Completion Rate and Transfer Rate. The intent of SRTK is to provide to the consumer a statistic of comparable effectiveness that can be used in the determination of college choice. All colleges nationwide are required to participate in the disclosure of their rates.