Petitions and Forms

Did you miss the deadline to add a class? Don’t worry. Email the add/drop petition with the instructor and departmental approvals. Already submitted a request? No need to resubmit.


Petitions are for requesting an exception to a faculty-established policy or academic deadline. Students are required to provide evidence of compelling circumstances which would warrant approval. Present all information in a clear and concise manner. Additional information can be found through Academic Advising. Review petition descriptions for details.


Petitions can only be processed when all holds are cleared. Please address any registration holds before submitting a petition. Students can check DuckWeb (look in Student Menu > View Holds) to see if there are holds on their records.


For petitions that do not have an online submission option, return your completed petition with all required statements, signatures, stamps, and supporting documentation by selecting petitions on the email us form.

Email Us

All completed petitions will be reviewed; the highest priority is given to those with current registration deadlines.

Students experiencing crisis or discrimination or who are petitioning due to a past crisis or discrimination should connect with the Dean of Students ( before submitting a petition.

Reasons considered NOT VALID for petitioning include but are not limited to:

  • Lack of knowledge of dates, deadlines, or policies
  • Date midterm results were received
  • Failure to carefully check registration and bills on DuckWeb
  • Errors in personal judgment
  • Dissatisfaction with instructor, grade, content, or services*
  • Lack of participation
  • Failure to follow procedures
  • Ability to pay for the penalties*

* See Support Options section below.

Support Options

Dissatisfaction with instructor, grade, content, or services

Students who want to pursue concerns related to an instructor, grade, content, or services connected to academic courses need to follow the communication process within the academic department as appropriate. Students should first try to work out any concerns with the instructor(s) of the course, if they still have concerns after working with the instructor(s) the next step is to contact the Academic Department Head that oversees the course.

Ability to pay for the penalties

For students who have received a tuition penalty or fee-related to missing academic dates and deadlines and are concerned with the ability to pay for the penalty, please contact Student Billing at for payment options. In addition, students may qualify for additional financial assistance and should connect with the Office of Student Financial Aid & Scholarships,

Withdrawal (W) Marks

Withdrawal (W) marks are reflections of registration activity and are not indicative of performance in a course. Official student records must have accurate dates and all dates for W marks posting on a student's transcript will be adhered to unless:

  • The student demonstrates with documentation that they were both incapable of dropping the course in the system due to exigent circumstances AND
  • The student had ceased all activity with the course prior to the deadline to drop a course without a W.

Instructor or departmental support does not substitute for this standard for an exception; there must be documentation of the last date of participation. A request to have a W removed from an academic record that does not meet the criteria above is a cosmetic change request that cannot be accommodated.

Petition Emailing Process


    Select the appropriate petition


    Complete all sections of the petition and any required supporting documentation

    More information about supporting documentation in table below.


    Email completed petition to instructor(s)/department(s)

    Requirements vary by petition. Follow the specific petition instructions closely.

    All emails must be from UO email addresses.


    Email statements and approvals back to student

    All emails must be from UO email addresses.


    Send ONE email to including:

    • Completed petition
    • All required statements and approvals from instructor(s)/department(s)
    • Any necessary supporting documentation

    All emails must be from UO email addresses.

Petition Description
Add, Drop or Withdraw
Add or drop courses without a recorded W, or withdraw with a recorded W in the current term past the deadline.
Instructor signature, department stamp
Petitions to withdraw from all classes or withdraw with a W from a course after the term is over are completed by the Scholastic Review Committee. Contact the Office of Academic Advising.
Deadline for late withdrawals
Sunday prior to finals week. After this date contact the Office of Academic Advising.
Grading Option or Variable Credits Change
Grade mode change requests (graded or pass/no-pass) and change credits on a variable credits course in a current term past the deadline.
Instructor signature, department stamp
Deadline for grading option
Sunday prior to finals week. After this date contact the Office of Academic Advising.
Refund Petition
Request refund after complete withdrawal or withdrawal of individual courses in either current or past terms.
Supporting Documentation
 Support in completing requests for refunds for COMPLETE WITHDRAWAL is available by talking to an advisor in the Office of Academic Advising.
Repeat a Course
Repeat a course in current term for which you have taken at UO and passed with a C or better.
Signature from major department, signature from department offering course. Repeat petitions must include an Add Petition after the add deadline.
University of Oregon Repeat Policy
Supporting Document Description
Departmental Documentation Requesting an exception to an academic deadline because of a departmental error.
Medical Documentation Form Requesting an exception to an academic deadline for medical reasons.
Other Forms and Applications Description
Auditor Registration Form Register to audit courses instead of receiving credit.

Senior citizens age 65 and older: Use Senior Citizen Auditor Registration Form

Deadline: Monday Week 2

Credit by Examination: Department Approval Challenge an undergraduate course and receive credit upon successful completion of the exam.
Credit by Examination: Results Form Form to be used to record the results of the credit by examination.
Joint Campus Registration Form Register for courses at one of our approved joint campuses.
Name and/or Gender Change Request Change your name or gender in the UO system.

Optionally, you may use the offline Name and/or Gender Change Form.

Request for Concurrent Degrees Use this form to request concurrent degrees. More information
Request Grade of Incomplete Request grade of incomplete. For more information visit: Incomplete Policy.
Request to Process Post-Baccalaureate Transfer Credits For advisors to submit approval for a student’s 1st degree transfer course work to be applied to their UO post-baccalaureate record. Once the web form is completed and submitted, it will automatically be emailed to the transfer team for processing.
Time Conflict Registration Form Register for two courses that have a time conflict with up to 15 minutes overlap in an upcoming term. After the ADD Deadline, Add Drop Petition must also be submitted with this form.
Undergraduate Reenrollment Application Use this form if you are an admitted undergraduate or post-baccalaureate student and you have been away for more than four terms.