Programs of Study: Graduate Majors

Codesort ascending Program Name School/College Degree(s) Note
TA Theater Arts CAS Ph.D., M.A., M.F.A.
STC Strategic Communication SOJC M.S.
SPSY School Psychology ED Ph.D., M.S.
SPRH Special Education: Rehabilitation ED D.Ed., Ph.D.
SPND Spanish CAS Ph.D. Active Fall 2022.
SPMO Sports Product Management BUS M.S. Active Spring 2019. Online
SPMG Sports Product Management BUS M.S. Active Fall 2015.
SPED Special Education ED D.Ed., Ph.D., M.A., M.Ed., M.S.
SPD Sports Product Design DSGN M.S. Active Fall 2016.
SPAN Spanish CAS M.A.
SOC Sociology CAS Ph.D., M.A., M.S.
RL Romance Languages CAS Ph.D., M.A.
REL Religious Studies GRAD M.A., M.S. See Interdisciplinary Studies: Individualized Program.
R&ES Russian, East European and Eurasian Studies CAS M.A.
QRME Quantitative Research Methods in Education ED Ph.D. Active Fall 2018.
PSYO Psychology (online) CAS M.S. Active Fall 2020. Online
PSY Psychology CAS Ph.D., M.S.
PS Political Science CAS Ph.D., M.A., M.S.
PRVE Prevention Science ED M.Ed. Active Fall 2016.
PRVD Prevention Science ED Ph.D. Active Fall 2016.
PREV Prevention Science ED M.S. Active Fall 2016.
PPA Planning and Public Affairs DSGN Ph.D. Active Fall 2020.
PHYS Physics CAS Ph.D., M.S.
PHKC Applied Physics KC M.S. Active Summer 2018.
PHIL Philosophy CAS Ph.D., M.A.
OBAM Operations & Business Analytics BUS M.A., M.S. Active Fall 2015.
OBAD Operations & Business Analytics BUS Ph.D. Active Fall 2015.
MUSC Musicology SOMD Ph.D., M.A.
MUP Music Performance SOMD D.M.A., M.Mus.
MTHE Music Theory SOMD Ph.D., M.A.
MPP Music: Piano Pedagogy SOMD M.Mus.
MPA Public Administration DSGN M.P.A.
MNM Nonprofit Management DSGN M.N.M.
MMJ Multimedia Journalism SOJC M.A.
MKTG Marketing BUS Ph.D., M.A., M.S.
MJS Music: Jazz Studies SOMD M.Mus.
MGMT Management BUS Ph.D., M.A., M.S.
ME Music Education SOMD Ph.D., M.Mus.
MCOM Music Composition SOMD Ph.D., M.Mus.
MCND Music: Conducting SOMD M.Mus.
MATH Mathematics CAS Ph.D., M.S.
LTS Language Teaching Studies CAS M.A. Active Fall 2017.
LING Linguistics CAS Ph.D., M.A.
LA Landscape Architecture DSGN Ph.D., M.L.A.
J Journalism SOJC M.A., M.S.
ITDS Interdisciplinary Studies GRAD M.A., M.S. Active Fall 2021.
ITAL Italian CAS M.A.
IMT Intermedia Music Technology SOMD M.Mus.
IMCO Immersive Media Communication SOJC M.S. Active Fall 2023. Online
IARM Interior Architecture DSGN M.S. Active Fall 2022.
IARC Interior Architecture DSGN M.I.Arch.
HPHY Human Physiology CAS Ph.D., M.S.
HP Historic Preservation DSGN M.S.
HIST History CAS Ph.D., M.A.
GLBM Global Studies CAS M.A. Active Fall 2020.
GER German CAS Ph.D., M.A.
GEOG Geography CAS Ph.D., M.A., M.S.
GBE General Business (Portland Program) BUS M.B.A.
GB General Business BUS M.B.A.
FR French CAS M.A.
FPCG Folklore and Public Culture CAS M.A., M.S.
FINS Finance BUS M.S. Active Summer 2017.
FIND Finance BUS Ph.D.
FINA Finance BUS M.A. M.A. exclusive to students also in FIND.
ETST Indigenous, Race and Ethnic Studies CAS M.A., Ph.D. Active Fall 2021. M.A. in passing.
ESSP Environmental Sciences, Studies, and Policy CAS Ph.D.
EPLD Education Policy and Leadership ED M.A., M.S. Active Summer 2022.
ENV Environmental Studies CAS M.A., M.S.
ENRL Environmental and Natural Resources Law LAW LL.M. Active Fall 2014.
ENG English CAS Ph.D., M.A.
EDLO Education Leadership ED D.Ed. Active Summer 2023. Online
EDLM Education Leadership ED M.Ed. Active Summer 2023.
EDLI Educational Leadership - License Only ED Active Summer 2023. No UO credential; students pursuing licensure only
ECON Economics CAS Ph.D.
EC Economics CAS M.S.
EARM Earth Sciences CAS M.S. Active Fall 2016.
EARD Earth Sciences CAS Ph.D. Active Fall 2016.
EALL East Asian Languages and Literatures CAS Ph.D., M.A.
DDMP Data-Driven Music Performance and Composition SOMD Ph.D. Active Fall 2023.
DANC Dance SOMD M.A., M.F.A., M.S.
CWR Creative Writing CAS M.F.A.
CTED Curriculum and Teacher Education ED M.S.
CSSE Critical & Socio-Cultural Studies in Education ED Ph.D.
CSGM Computer Science CAS M.S. Active Fall 2022.
CSGD Computer Science CAS Ph.D. Active Fall 2022.
CRP Community and Regional Planning DSGN M.C.R.P.
CRES Conflict and Dispute Resolution LAW M.A., M.S.
CPSY Counseling Psychology ED Ph.D., M.S. M.A. and M.S. active Fall 2020
COLT Comparative Literature CAS Ph.D., M.A.
CMSM Communication and Media Studies SOJC M.A., M.S. Active Fall 2020.
CMSD Communication and Media Studies SOJC Ph.D. Active Fall 2020.
CLAS Classics CAS M.A.
CHKC Chemistry KC M.S. Active Summer 2018.
CH Chemistry CAS Ph.D., M.S.
CFHS Counseling, Family, and Human Services ED M.Ed. M.A. and M.S. inactive Summer 2020. End Summer 2027. M.A. and M.S. name change to Counseling Psychology in Fall 2020
CDS Communication Disorders and Sciences ED Ph.D., M.S.
CDR Conflict and Dispute Resolution LAW LL.M. Active Fall 2015.
C&TU Curriculum and Teaching (UO Teach) ED M.Ed. Active Fall 2021.
C&FT Couples & Family Therapy ED M.S.
BLAW Business Law LAW LL.M. Active Fall 2014.
BIKC Biology KC M.S. Active Summer 2018.
BIEN Bioengineering KC M.S., Ph.D. Active Winter 2021. M.S. in passing.
BI Biology CAS Ph.D., M.S.
AST Asian Studies CAS M.A. M.S. inactive.
ARH Art History DSGN Ph.D., M.A.
ARCM Architecture DSGN M.S. Active Fall 2022.
ARCH Architecture DSGN Ph.D., M.Arch.
APHY Applied Physics CAS M.S.
ANTH Anthropology CAS Ph.D., M.A., M.S.
ALAW American Law LAW LL.M. Active Fall 2014.
ADBR Advertising and Brand Responsibility SOJC M.A. Active Fall 2017.
ACTG Accounting BUS Ph.D., M.Actg.
ABAO Applied Behavior Analysis ED M.S. Active Fall 2022. Online