Programs of Study: Graduate Specializations

Codesort descending Program Name School/College Degree(s) Note
ADSL Advanced Strategy and Leadership BUS Active Fall 2017.
AFST African Studies CAS Active Fall 2015.
ARCT Architectural Technology DSGN Active Fall 2017.
ASTS Asian Studies CAS Active Fall 2017.
COPI Collaborative Piano SOMD Active Fall 2021.
EDDS Educational Data Science ED Active Fall 2020.
ENCC Environmental Conflicts: Climate Change LAW Active Fall 2019.
ENCL Environmental Conflicts: Land Use LAW Active Fall 2019.
ENCW Environmental Conflicts: Water LAW Active Fall 2019.
ETHM Ethnomusicology SOMD Active Fall 2023.
FISA Finance and Securities Analysis BUS
FOOD Food Studies CAS
FPCS Folklore and Public Culture CAS Active Fall 2020.
HPP Historical Performance Practice SOMD Active Fall 2021.
INAR Interior Architecture DSGN Active Fall 2015.
INEN Innovation and Entrepreneurship BUS
JPED Jazz Pedagogy SOMD Active Fall 2021.
MUTP Music Theory Pedagogy SOMD Active Fall 2021.
NRSC Neuroscience CAS
PCID Politics, Culture & Identity CAS Active Spring 2016.
PNOP Piano Pedagogy SOMD Active Fall 2022.
PRSC Prevention Science ED
QRM Quantitative Research Methods ED Active Fall 2016.
RIC Regional and International Conflict LAW Active Fall 2017.
SBP Sustainable Business Practices BUS
SLPS Spanish Language Psychological Service and Research ED
SPBU Sports Business BUS
TRST Translation Studies CAS Active Fall 2015.
URAD Urban Architecture & Urban Design DSGN
URHP Urban Historic Preservation DSGN Active Fall 2017.
VIOP Violin/Viola Pedagogy SOMD Active Fall 2020.