Programs of Study: Undergraduate Minors

Codesort descending Program Name School/College Degree(s) Note
ACTM Art and Technology (F24) DSGN Active Fall 2024.
AFR African Studies CAS
ANTH Anthropology CAS
ARBS Arabic Studies CAS Active Fall 2013.
ARCH Architecture DSGN
ARH Art History DSGN
ARMG Arts Management DSGN Active Winter 2014.
BADM Business Administration BUS
BI Biology CAS
BIC Biochemistry CAS
BIEM Bioengineering KC Active Fall 2021.
BLSM Black Studies CAS Active Fall 2020.
BRIN Brewing Innovation (F24) KC Active Fall 2024.
CCS Comics and Cartoon Studies CAS
CH Chemistry CAS
CHN Chinese CAS
CIT Computer Information Technology CAS
CLCZ Classical Civilization CAS Active Fall 2014.
CLST Climate Studies CAS Active Fall 2020.
COLT Comparative Literature CAS
COSO Commerce and Society CAS Active Fall 2021.
CRIM Criminology CAS Active Fall 2020.
CSMN Computer Science CAS Active Fall 2022.
CWR Creative Writing CAS
DBST Disability Studies CAS Active Fall 2017.
DIGH Digital Humanities CAS Active Fall 2017.
EARS Earth Sciences CAS Active Fall 2016.
EAST East Asian Studies CAS
EC Economics CAS
ENG English CAS
ENPS Entrepreneurship BUS Active Fall 2018.
ENV Environmental Studies CAS
ENVH Environmental Humanities CAS Active Fall 2020.
ETHN Ethnic Studies CAS
ETIC Ethics CAS Active Fall 2015.
EURO European Studies CAS
FANT Forensic Anthropology CAS Active Fall 2020.
FDST Food Studies CAS Active Fall 2016.
FPCM Folklore and Public Culture CAS
FR French CAS Inactive Fall 2024. Replaced with FRMN.
FRMN French and Francophone Studies (F24) CAS Active Fall 2024.
GAMM Game Studies (F24) SOJC Active Fall 2024.
GEOG Geography CAS
GER German CAS
GLOH Global Health CAS Active Fall 2017.
GLST Global Studies CAS Active Fall 2020.
GSCN German and Scandinavian Studies CAS Active Fall 2019.
GSVC Global Service CAS Active Fall 2020.
HIST History CAS
HP Historic Preservation DSGN
IARC Interior Architecture DSGN
ICSC Interdisciplinary Cognitive Sciences CAS Active Fall 2022.
ITAL Italian CAS
JDST Judaic Studies CAS
JPN Japanese CAS
KRN Korean CAS Active Fall 2014.
LA Landscape Architecture DSGN
LAS Latin American Studies CAS
LATX Latinx Studies CAS Active Fall 2020.
LGLS Legal Studies LAW Active Fall 2017.
LING Linguistics CAS
MATH Mathematics CAS
MDVL Medieval Studies CAS
MENA Middle East-North Africa Studies CAS Active Fall 2016.
MEST Media Studies SOJC Active Fall 2013.
MPRO Music Production SOMD Active Fall 2023.
MTEC Music Technology SOMD
NAIN Native American and Indigenous Studies CAS Active Fall 2021.
NPA Nonprofit Administration DSGN
PD Product Design DSGN Active Fall 2014. Inactive Fall 2024. End Summer 2031.
PEAC Peace Studies CAS
PHIL Philosophy CAS
PHYS Physics CAS
PPPM Planning, Public Policy and Management DSGN
PS Political Science CAS
PSY Psychology CAS
QST Queer Studies CAS
R&ES Russian, East European and Eurasian Studies CAS
REL Religious Studies CAS
SAS South Asian Studies CAS Active Fall 2012.
SCAN Scandinavian CAS
SCCO Science Communication SOJC Active Fall 2021.
SEAS Southeast Asian Studies CAS
SEDF Secondary Educational Foundations (F24) ED Active Fall 2024.
SOCL Sociology CAS Active Fall 2015.
SPAN Spanish CAS
SPED Special Education ED
SPOB Sports Business BUS Active Fall 2018.
SUSB Sustainable Business BUS Active Fall 2019.
TA Theater Arts CAS
WGSM Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies CAS Active Fall 2017.
WSCR Writing, Public Speaking and Critical Reasoning CAS