Audits and Noncredit

Students who want to audit courses must have departmental authorization. Auditor Registration forms are available from the Office of the Registrar beginning the first day of classes each term. Courses taken for audit by non-degree seeking students count toward the 8-credit limit. The UO has two types of audit registrations available:

Audit Registration Status

Audit enrollments are recorded on an academic record, but no credit is earned. Audited classes do not satisfy degree requirements, nor do they count toward the Graduate School's continuous enrollment requirement. The tuition and fees for the audit option are the same as the credit option, but the academic expectations of course work are different.

Senior Audit

Oregon residents age 65 or older may audit at no charge, provided they have obtained the department's consent. Participants purchase any required special course materials and pay any self-support fees. Senior audit registration can be done via email with a completed Senior Citizen Auditor Registration Form or in person at the Office of the Registrar beginning the first day of classes. Please ask for the senior audit form and bring photo ID.


Some departments may allow community members to sign up for courses on a noncredit basis, which may be less expensive but yield no credit. Noncredit registration is handled directly through the academic departments offering the courses and not through the Community Education Program. Departments that have offered noncredit registration include:

Continuing and Professional Education

Physical Education