Standard Class Schedule Footnotes

(Enter in SSASECT during data entry period)

8 No cost for class textbook materials
9 Low cost (less than $50) for class textbook materials
A Mandatory Attendance
B Open to non-­majors after initial registration period
C Previously offered as a different course number; may not be repeated. Contact department for more info
D Remedial course. Credits deducted; course does not apply to degree requirements
F Course content is conducted online with some degree of required travel to UO campus for testing/exams. Some departments permit students who are unable to travel to UO campus to use a proctored location; see syllabus or contact department for information.
G Pre­major, major, or minor are required to take this course graded to be applied to major or minor requirements
H Honors
K Lectures and readings in English
M Major, minor, or pre­major restrictions; contact the academic department for additional information
N Open to non­majors only
O All course content is conducted online. Students are not required to come to campus for orientation, testing, or academic support services.
P This course has special meeting dates. Academic Deadlines stated below do not apply. Please contact the academic department for more information.
Q Tentative
S Enrollment restricted for THIS SECTION/TERM ONLY to participants in the Society of College Scholars Program
T Self­support course; course fee replaces tuition
V On DuckWeb, cannot drop on/after first class day (after 5pm Fri if starts Sat/Sun) or add after term deadline. To drop or add after these dates, email from your UO email. Deadlines based on days of course complete when contacted.
W Computer based/online course; requires access to the web
X Combined Midterm Exams. See course details for specific dates and times.
Y Combined final exam. See Final Exam Schedule.

For RO use only:

E Common Reading Seminars are open only to incoming undergraduate students who are in their first year of university study. Ineligible students who have registered will be administratively dropped from the seminars. For full policy, visit
J First-Year Seminars are limited to 23 students. For questions, visit First Year Programs or e-mail
L Course day/time/location changed; check course detail for more info
U Some or all of the seats in this section are reserved for students in Freshman Interest Groups (FIG) or Academic Residential Communities (ARC)