Scheduling Banner Form Glossary

Banner form Function
GUAPMNU Banner maintenance form: search for most used forms and use arrows to move forms to “My Banner” folder in the Banner Main Menu
SFAWLPR Waitlist priority form
SFAXWLP Waitlist priority form for cross-listed courses
SFAINDV Add Individualized Study instructor and title
**Check Course Title Guidelines for title requirements
SFIWLNT Waitlist notification screen; shows date notified and final registration status
SGAEOVR Override form to over-enroll a course
**Confirm that there are enough seats in the classroom
SGAROVR Override form to override prereq, major/minor restrictions, and inst/dept approval
SGASRSV Override form for dept/inst approval
SIAASGQ Faculty teaching schedule query form
SQASECT Schedule query mode: view section data; roster of registered students; attributes; fees; meeting times; instructors; major/minor restrictions; college/level restrictions
SSADETL View section fees
SSADSCT Limited data entry through week 7 of a term: add/remove/change instructor; adjust enrollment; add/remove department or instructor approval
SSAHTML Publish web link or short description on DuckWeb for generic course numbers
SSAMATQ Look up a schedule by building/room number
**Does not include miscellaneous room reservations for courses
SSAPREQ View section prerequisites
SSARRES Add registration restrictions during data entry
SSASECT Use during open data entry to build classes, make changes, or delete classes
SWASBIN View departmental class schedule header and footnote information
SWRDAYS Zone protocol report; go to SQASECT and select SWRDAYS from the Options menu
SWREDIT Schedule proof by course; go to SQASECT and select SWREDIT from the Options menu
SWREGRP Run Registrar's Office Reports