Instructors of Record

It's important to know when to – and when not to – add Graduate Employees (GE's) and faculty as instructors of record in Banner. First, being listed as an instructor of record allows an individual access to FERPA protected information about students in a course, information that should only be available to someone with a legitimate educational need to know. Additionally, the list of instructors of record in Banner determines 1) who has the ability to assign and change grades and 2) who students will be asked to evaluate at the end of the term. Both of these processes are governed by University policy. For these reasons, it is important to list instructors of record accurately. Please make sure instructors of record for your courses aligns with the information below. You can make any changes necessary to your courses currently in Banner through week 7 of the term. In order to be included in the midway Student Experience Survey (M-SES), instructors must be added to CRNs by the date indicated on the Course Survey Schedule in the row labeled as 'Data is Transfer to CollegeNET’ and column labeled as ‘Midway Review’.

How is Instructor of Record defined?

The Office of the Provost defines an instructor of record as someone who has overall responsibility for the development and implementation of the course syllabus, for the day-to-day delivery of the course, for ensuring that course learning outcomes are covered and assessed, and for the issuing of grades. This is inclusive of labs, discussions and other 0-credit sections attached to lecture sections even though the instructor of record may not be involved in the direct delivery of those attached sections.

Who should be listed as instructors of record on linked lab/discussion and lecture courses?

  • Do not list any individual on any course as an instructor of record unless that individual meets the definition above.
  • The faculty member who delivers the lecture section of the course should be listed as an instructor of record with "0% responsibility" for attached 0-credit sections. This will give them access to the Canvas site but will not generate Student Experience Surveys for them. GEs or other faculty who have a role in the delivery of attached 0-credit sections should also be listed as instructors of record with the appropriate FTE.
  • GEs should not be added as an instructor of record so that they can enter grades on Canvas or DuckWeb. The ultimate responsibility for determining grades falls to the instructor of record. GEs may be added to Canvas in the “Grader” role if they are assisting the instructor of record with inputting grades, or as a “TA”, “Designer”, or “Learning Assistant” as appropriate to their role in the course (see description of available roles in Canvas).

Evaluating Non-Teaching Instructors or GE's

There are currently no available options to administer Student Experience Surveys or Instructor Reflections for anyone who does not meet the above definition of an instructor of record. GE's who mentor, help students outside of class, participate in discussions, or meet with students during office hours do not meet that definition, and should not be added as instructors of record to a course for this purpose.

GE Supervisors

Where GEs are the only instructor of record for a course, supervisors of GE teaching shall be added to CLSS/Banner with "0% responsibility" for the purpose of providing oversight of GE teaching. This will give the supervisor access to the Canvas site for the course. To the extent necessary, the supervisor may access student work and grades in order to adequately assess the teaching of the GE. Supervisors are not instructors of record and should not actively engage in delivering course content and assessing students for a grade. Supervisors will not appear on the class schedule or on the student experience survey system available to students.

Evaluating Using Alternate Methods

University policy prohibits instructors, programs, or departments from administering additional, optional, or alternative course evaluations or student experience surveys of their own, outside of the approved, online system. UO's current system is set up to assure that everyone adheres to university policy and state employment law. It is not acceptable to administer course evaluations or student experience surveys outside of the approved, university system, regardless of whether those evaluations are administered in an alternate online format or passed out in class. Because of the related legal issues, violations of this policy must be referred to the Office of the Provost 541-346-3081 for follow-up.

If have any questions please contact Academic and Classroom Scheduling at 541-346-3225 or