Banner Data Entry Instructions (SSASECT)

Data entry in the Banner system is conducted using SSASECT.

Data entry instructions

  1. Enter the term code in the Term field in standard Banner term-code format (e.g. 201401)
  2. Tab to the CRN field.
  3. To add a new course, type "ADD" into the CRN field and go to NEXT BLOCK.
  4. Navigate within Course Section Information in SSASECT using your TAB key, using the fields below as a guide.
Field Description
Subject Enter subject code
Course Number Enter course number
  • Course Title Guidelines
  • Standard courses: Approved titles will default from catalog. Do not alter approved course titles.
  • Experimental and topic courses: You must provide a title with the appropriate prefix (if applicable). There is a 22 character limit. Use upper and lower case letters, capitalizing each word of the title. Do not use acronyms.
  • Individualized Study courses: Do not alter generic titles (Reading, Special Studies, Research, etc). Use SFAINDV to assign specific course titles and instructors for these courses. Use Course Title Guidelines site to find required abbreviations/prefixes.
  • 0-credit lab, discussion, and tutorial sections: Titles must be changed to "+ Lab", "+ Dis", or "+ Tutorial".
Credit Subject This is usually the same as your department code and indicates which department will receive institutional credit for the course.
Campus Use "I" for UO main campus, "P" for Portland, and "V" for distance-education online. (Complete list of campus codes.)
Status Use "A" for active courses
Use "I" for inactive courses and include a "Q" in Schedule Footnotes field, below. (Inactive status is used for labs for discussions that may open at a later time.)
Schedule Type This is defined for all courses at the catalog level. Clicking on the arrow to the right of the field will show you the codes associated with the particular course. Use appropriate code to indicate whether the course is a lecture, seminar, laboratory, discussion, etc. Use schedule type "U" for a web-based online course.
Grade Mode Available grading options are defined at the catalog level.
  • Optional Grading: Leave field blank
  • Graded Only: Enter a "G" in field
  • Pass/No Pass Only: Enter an asterisk (*) in field. Never use a "P".
Major Grade Mode Same as grade mode, above.
Session Leave blank. This field is not currently used.
Special Approval Use "D" (departmental) or "I" (instructor) as necessary. Approval code requires students to be pre-authorized by department (via SGASRSV) in order to register for the course.
Approval Required From When you enter "D" or "I" the start defaults to the next day; if you want the restriction to begin immediately be sure you change the start date to the current date. The "Through" effective date defaults to 31-DEC-2099. Change the From/Through dates only when approval is for a limited period.
Part of Term For fall, winter and spring terms, use "1" (default) and then TAB to have full term meeting dates default. For courses that do not meet for the full term, change the term meeting dates to reflect the specific first and last meeting dates. For summer term, see Summer Parts of Term.
Catalog Prereq Any prerequisites defined at the catalog level will default into this field. Additional pre/co-requisite info may be added to this field as necessary. If you wish to change the info in this field, you need to contact Mike Jefferis, Assistant Registrar for Academic & Classroom Scheduling.
Schedule Comments 35 characters of free form text. This is a good place to put pre/co-requisites that you do not want hard-coded at the catalog level, course meeting dates for short courses, field trip information, etc.
Schedule Footnotes Standard footnotes must be uppercase and alphabetical. These footnotes are defined on the last page of your Schedule Proof Report and will appear on the online schedule for courses on which they are added.
Department footnotes must be lowercase. The content of the department notes can be defined by the department but must be added by scheduling staff. This is a good way to add additional info to a course that cannot fit in the Schedule Comments field.
Section Comments Text Informational only. Input by scheduling staff in SSATEXT. Used by departments in summer term only for room requests.
Credit Hours The top row displays catalog values for these fields. This is how many credits the course is approved for. Section hours in the lower fields must be manually entered. Billing Hours will default when Credit Hours are saved; credit and billing hour values must match.
  1. Save now. Saving now will generate a new CRN in the CRN field at the top of the page.
  2. Continue to navigate within Course Section Information in SSASECT using your TAB key, as follows:
Field Description
Instructional Method For courses with online content only. Click the following link if you are setting up a course with online content and need to add an instructional method.
Link Identifier Used to join + Lab, + Dis, or + Tutorial sections to a lecture.
  1. Important: Do not change the default values on the following fields:
Field Description
Print Checked
Voice Response & Self-Service Available Checked
Gradable Checked
Tuition Fee Waver Not checked. (Self-support courses must be scheduled through Academic Extension.)
  1. Next Block to go to the Section Enrollment Information form.
Field Description
Maximum Enter anticipated maximum enrollment for section. For lecture courses with linked + Lab or + Dis sections, enrollment is adjusted on the + Lab or + Dis CRN, NOT on the lecture CRN.
Cross List Cross-listing is used to join 4xx/5xx level courses.
Waitlist Maximum Enter the number of spots you want on the waitlist. Leave at "0" if you do not want a waitlist for the course. Once registration begins, do not adjust or remove the waitlist without talking to Academic & Classroom Scheduling.
Projected Enter the same number as for the max enrollment.
Max Room Capacity Shows the max capacity of the classroom once it is assigned. Do not make max enrollment greater than the max capacity of the classroom.
  1. Save now and Next Block to go to Meeting Times and Instructor form.
Field Description
Meeting Times
  • Hit the TAB key twice to default meeting dates from Course Section Information Part of Term field. Check meeting days with mouse or space bar (uncheck the same way). Input meeting time in 24 hour (military) time. Be sure "01" is in Session Indicator field. All course meeting times must conform to Scheduling Protocol.
  • In the Building and Room columns you can only assign department-controlled rooms or labs, or your approved large classroom assignment. Use your own seminar rooms or classrooms whenever possible. If you are not using a department-controlled room, leave the building and room blank and Academic Scheduling will assign a general pool classroom for you. If you are going to use a department-controlled space but do not yet know which one, put TBA in the building code.
  1. Save now and Next Block to go to the Instructor block.
Field Description
Instructor Leave "01" in Session Indicator column (or enter "99" if course has no meeting time). Input ID number of instructor or query to search for the instructor ID if needed. If there is more than one instructor you must designate a Primary Instructor. The percentages in Responsibility and Session columns must be the same value and each column should add up to 100%. If you receive a conflict message, such as with a 4xx/5xx course, check the override indicator box. (See Instructors of Record for information about who can be added as an Instructor of Record.) DO NOT input "999999999" or "STAFF" in the instructor field. This populates automatically when an Individualized Study section flag is entered (see below).
  1. Save now and Next Block to go to the Flags and Attributes form.
Field Description
Publishing Department Your subject, department, and college codes default to this block. With your permission, the course can also be listed under another department’s heading on the Class Schedule. Once authorized, you input the other department’s subject on the next line of this block; Department and College fields will auto fill. If listing under several different department headings, use down arrow to access additional spaces.
  1. Save now and Next Block to Section Flags.
Field Description
Section Flags Input "O" here for Individualized Study classes. This will automatically populate the Instructor field with 999999999 and STAFF. Instructors and course titles for individualized study courses are entered in SFAINDV.

Deleting a CRN

In the Course Section Information tab of SSASECT, select Record→Remove from the menu. The computer flashes a warning message across the bottom: "Warning All Section Data Will Be Deleted". Press SAVE to permanently remove the course. Once you save the deletion you cannot recover any of the course information.

Copying a CRN

You can copy courses from the current data entry term. It will copy all of the information exactly except it will leave the Meeting Times and Instructor blocks blank. If it is a + Lab or + Dis, you will need to link the CRN to the lecture course.

In the CRN field type COPY and NEXT BLOCK or click on the Copy CRN button. A Default Section Details box will pop up with the current term. Enter the CRN you wish to copy in the Default CRN field. TAB and then hit the Process Default button. All course information will fill in to match the default CRN and a new CRN will be generated in the CRN field. You can then go through the form and change any information you need.