Section Instruction Type (Schedule Type)

Schedule Types are set up according the way the course was approved for the course catalog and exist for the purposes of identifying and reporting information about Academic Scheduling.  Instructional method is the delivery method for a specific section of a course.  Together, the schedule type and instructional method reflect the educational technology and the use of facilities, materials, and equipment.  The following schedule types and instructional methods are available.  

Schedule Type List

Lecture (L) A course where the primary delivery of instruction is by the instructor's presentation of academic subject matter. 
Discussion (D) Those sections associated with a lecture course that are used to facilitate consideration of a question or topic in open and informal debate.
Laboratory (B) That part of a course set aside for experimental hands-on observation or practice in a field of study.
Seminar (S) A course for students studying under the direction of an instructor for the purpose of presenting and exchanging scholarly ideas or research findings.
Activity (A) A course or educational procedure designed to stimulate learning via first-hand experience (e.g., reading and conference, athletics, tutorial).
Independent or Special Study (I) A course of organized instruction or research determined solely by a student and his/her instructor.
Individual Research (N) A course designed for 1) the discovery or creation of new knowledge, art, or scholarly work; and 2) the revision of accepted theories or practical application in a particular subject area (e.g., thesis, dissertations, projects and studios).
Experiential/Cooperative Education (E) A course providing supervised training, practical applications, or exposure to a discipline or profession (e.g., internship, externship, practica).


Instructional Method List

See also: Definitions and Coding for Teaching Modalities

In Person (IP) In person instruction is the traditional classroom setting.  The instructor and students all meet in the same room at the same time.
Independent/Individualized Study (IS) Individual research or independent special study allows a student to work under the individual guidance of a faculty member.
Hybrid (HY) A course that combines reduced classroom instruction with additional online instruction.  All students attend class in person, but the amount of time spent in the classroom is reduced from the standard number of meeting hours per credit and replaced by online learning activities.
Asynchronous Online (DD) Course meets fully online with no scheduled meeting dates or times.  
Synchronous Online (SN) Course meets fully online with students required to participate in online meetings/lectures at specific days and times.