Room Attributes For Courses

The following attributes may be added to specific courses in SSASECT. Go to Meeting Times and Instructor > Next and select Scheduler Preferences. Enter one or more codes listed below in the Room Attribute Preferences block. Enter the required code(s) in the “Code” field and 01 in the “Preference Number” field. See screenshot below for an example.


The attributes are used by Schedule25 as part of the procedures for assigning classrooms. Attributes should not be added for all courses; general department preferences have already been established. Only those with specific classroom requirements should have attributes added. Add these judiciously; the more attributes selected, the lesser chance that a suitable room will be located.


BALL Allen Hall
BANS Anstett Hall
BCAS Cascade Hall
BCHP Chapman Hall
BCHI Chiles Center
BCLS Clinical Services
BCOL Columbia Hall
BCON Condon Hall
BEDU Lokey Education Building
BESL Esslinger Hall
BFEN Fenton Hall
BFRN Friendly Hall
BGER Gerlinger Hall
BGSH Global Scholars Hall
BHED HEDCO Education Building
BLAW Lawrence Hall
BLIB Knight Library
BLIL Lillis Complex
BMCK McKenzie Hall
BPAC Pacific Hall
BPTR Peterson Hall
BPLC Prince Lucien Campbell Hall
BSTB Straub Hall
BUNI University Hall
BVIL Villard Hall
BVOL Volcanology Building
BWIL Willamette Hall

Note: Do not assign more than one building code. This will result in your class not receiving a classroom.

Room Features/Media

Room Features/Media
MAMP Speaker System (Audio Amplification)
MBLU Blu-ray Player
MCRE Crestron Control Panel
MCOM Computer/Video Projection
MDOC Document Camera
MDSL Slide Projectors - Dual
MFLM Film Projector
MSLP Slide Projector - Single
MPC PC Desktop
MSTB Starboard (Interactive) Panel
PAIR Air Conditioning/HVAC
PDIM Dimmable Lighting
PCHK Chalkboard
PWHB Dry Erase (White) Board
RFLX Flexible seating
RLCS Fixed Tables/Moveable Chairs
RLFS Fixed Seats
RLTA Tablet Armchairs
RLTC Moveable Tables with Chairs
SPNO Piano

Note: Do not assign more than one of the following: RFLX, RLCS, RLFS, RLTA, or RLTC. This will result in your class not receiving a classroom.