University Degree Requirements Petition

The Academic Requirements Committee (ARC) does not exempt students from university requirements.  What it can do is to approve reasonable alternatives where the student can demonstrate compelling need.  In general, the petition should explain the need and offer specific alternatives for the committee to consider.  Since the UO Catalog, the Degree Guide and the Student Handbook provide supporting structure for students to chart their progress, ignorance of the regulations cannot be considered a valid excuse for failing to meet a requirement.

The following university requirements can be petitioned

  • Waive a requirement for the Area of Inquiry
  • Waive a requirement for the Cultural Literacy
  • Reduce the university residency requirement
  • Reduce the university upper-division requirement
  • Waive a requirement for the BA Second Language or the BS Mathematics/CIS
  • Have credit deductions reviewed

The following university requirements cannot be petitioned

  • Total earned credits
  • Minimum 2.0 GPA  

Additional Questions?

  • Major and minor requirements - please consult with the department advisor.
  • University requirements not listed above - please email the Office of the Registrar at

Required Documentation

  • The petition coversheet.
  • Your statement to the committee, explaining why you believe that this exception to university policy is appropriate.
  • A supporting statement from a university advisor who has worked with you to plan how you will complete your degree requirements.  The advisor may use the statement PDF below, a letter provided on department letterhead, or an email from their UO email account. 
  • Any other relevant supporting documentation that you would like the committee to consider when making their decision.
  • All petition documentation, including the coversheet, must be emailed from your UO email account.

Petition Statement Should Address the Following

  1. The exact nature of the issue.  What are you petitioning to have approved?
  2. What are the circumstances that caused the issue?
  3. What steps have you already taken to deal with the issue?
  4. When did you last see an advisor or consult with any university official about your academic progress?  (Evidence of such consultations will strengthen your case.)
  5. Are all other requirements for your degree complete?  If not, explain how you intend to complete them.
  6. What courses do you and your advisor propose as alternatives to complete the requirement?

Submit the required documentation to the Office of the Registrar at from your UO email account.

Increase the Credit Maximum Petition

Students can request to have the maximum credit limit increased to 22, 23, or 24 by meeting with their advisor.  Advisors are able to increase the maximum for student in Duckweb.  In order to have the maximum credit limit raised to 25 or more, students need to submit a petition to the ARC.

Petition Instructions

  1. Fill out name, UO student ID number, and UO email.
  2. Indicate the total credits you would like to enroll.
  3. Indicate the term and year.
  4. Provide a student statement.  Please respond to the questions on the petition.
  5. Provide an advisor statement.  Please respond to the questions on the petition.  Please note that this is required in order to have the petition submitted to the committee.
  6. If petitioning to increase summer term credits, provide the course information of the courses you are currently registered for.
  7. Submit the completed petition to the Office of the Registrar at from your UO email account.

Increase the Credit Maximum Petition