Combined Midterm Examination Policy

Scheduling Criteria

Departments may schedule combined midterms for different sections of the same course. If a combined midterm exam is scheduled for a course that is at a different time, day and/or place than the normal meeting time, day and/or place, then the time, day and place of the combined midterm exam must be included in the footnotes on the schedule of classes, and on the course syllabus provided to students during week 1 of the term.

Departments may not schedule combined midterms until after the final schedule summary report has been released. See Class Schedule Production Calendar for dates. To schedule a combined midterm examination and for assistance with class schedule footnotes contact Academic and Classroom Scheduling at or (541) 346-3225.


If the time and day of the combined midterm exam conflicts with any student’s other regularly scheduled course, the faculty offering the combined midterm exam must schedule an alternate examination for each of those students. The alternate examination must fit the student’s schedule. In the event that a student is scheduled for two or more combined midterm exams at the same time, the following policy will assist with resolving the conflict:

For courses with two or more combined midterm examinations scheduled at the same time, the course(s) with the largest combined enrollment must provide an alternate examination time/date.