Auditing Courses

Students who want to enroll in a course for Audit or who want to change a course from credit to audit must have departmental authorization. 

Auditor Registration Form

Audit registrations cannot be processed on DuckWeb; approved forms need to be returned to the Office of the Registrar for processing. Students cannot audit classes that are full without the additional permission of the department. Audit registrations on waitlisted courses will be processed after waitlisting ends at 9 am on Wednesday of Week 1 of the term on a space available basis.

Audit enrollments are recorded on the student's academic record with a mark of "AU." Audited classes do not satisfy degree requirements and do not count toward the continuous enrollment requirement of the Graduate School.

Audit enrollments are subject to the same tuition and fee assessment and refunding rules as credit enrollments. Audit registrations are accepted beginning the first day of class and continuing through the add deadline. Students are not permitted to change from credit to audit after the add deadline.

Staff and family members may audit regular tuition courses for free (self-support courses and certain programs are excluded). Both the audit registration form and the staff fee privilege form must be completed. Information about the staff tuition benefit is available through Human Resources.

Senior Citizen Auditors

The senior citizen registration classification is designed for Oregon residents age 65 or older who are not seeking academic credit or working toward a degree. Senior citizens may audit classes at no charge, on a space available basis if the department gives approval. Some departments only approve senior auditors for summer courses (e.g., Creative Writing). Incidental fee privileges are not provided and participants must pay any required special course materials fees. Senior citizens who want to audit a self-support course must pay self-support tuition and fees for the course.

Senior Citizen Auditor Registration Form