Parent Rights

Once a student has reached age 18 or is attending the university, all FERPA rights belong to the student. Parent access to education records is limited to information classified as Directory Information under the University of Oregon Student Records Policy.

Parental access to other education records is allowed when the student provides the university with a release of education records. Each instance of release of non-Directory Information requires its own separate and specific written authorization to release.

Parents are encouraged to read the privacy policy information provided for students.

Family Emergency Situations

The Department of Public Safety, Office of the Dean of Students, and residence hall directors have systems in place for parents, guardians, or other family members to contact a University of Oregon student in an emergency.

During 8:00am-5:00pm work week:

  • Student lives on campus: contact student’s residence hall complex director
  • Student lives off campus: call the Office of the Dean of Students at (541) 346-3216

During non-business hours or if unable to contact staff member: