Except as provided in FERPA or other applicable law, the university will not disclose non-directory information from your education records unless you provide a written release containing:

  1. What information is to be released
  2. To whom the information is to be released
  3. The purpose for which it is to be released
  4. Your signature and the date signed

For convenience, you may use the following form: Consent to Release Educational Records

Some graduate programs, scholarships or job applications require the use of their own prepared packets and may include a form which provides a place for your signature authorizing release of non-directory information. If that completed form or a copy of it always accompanies the pages to be completed by UO faculty or staff members, no additional authorization is required.

References or Recommendations from Faculty or Staff

Students who request written or verbal references or recommendations from University of Oregon faculty or staff members need to do so in writing.

Specific information about your academic or work performance is considered "non-directory" information and cannot be released without the signed written consent of the student, according to FERPA and the University of Oregon Student Records Policy.

The Office of the Registrar has composed a FERPA-compliant authorization to release form that may be used when requesting references/recommendations. The completed and signed Student Reference Request Form may be mailed, faxed, or sent as a PDF to the faculty or staff member from whom you are requesting the reference/recommendation.


The most common exceptions to disclosure restrictions are disclosures to university faculty or staff -- “School Officials” -- with a legitimate educational interest, or disclosure of personally identifiable information designated as Directory Information.

Public Health or Safety Emergencies

Disclosure of information from education records is allowed in connection with a health or safety emergency if it is necessary to protect the health or safety of the student or others.

Factors include:

  • seriousness of the threat to health or safety
  • need for the information to meet the emergency
  • whether the individual(s) to whom the information is released is in a position to deal with the situation
  • the extent to which time is of the essence