Restricting Directory Information

You may choose to restrict the release of your Directory Information. When the release of Directory Information is restricted, the fact that you are currently a student, or have ever been enrolled at the University of Oregon, will not be released.

No information will be provided via telephone. No information will be provided to anyone - parents, relatives, friends, other students, or prospective employers - who may wish to contact you or verify your student status at the university, without a written release of education records.

Once you restrict the release of Directory Information, in order to conduct any business with the university, you will need to

  • go in person to the office involved, with photo identification, or,
  • via mail or fax, provide a written request for release of education records.


Restricted Directory Information is made available only

  • where an emergency is involved
  • at the direction of a court order, or
  • to University of Oregon staff and faculty with a legitimate educational need to know.

Submitting a Directory Restriction Request

A Restriction of Directory Information form is available in the Office of the Registrar, 234 Oregon Hall. Complete the form, including signature and date, and return it in person. Photo identification is required.

Your request to place or remove the restriction is effective no later than two working days after it is received in the Office of the Registrar.

The restriction of information is permanent until you request, in writing, that it be removed. The restriction will remain in place even after you have stopped attending or have graduated.

Note: Submission of a Directory Restriction form does not affect directory information already published or released.