Major Transfer Maps (MTM)


The Major Transfer Maps (MTM) is a statewide transfer agreement that identifies the community college courses needed to transfer to any Oregon public university as a junior seeking a bachelor’s degree.  Approved MTMs can be found on the State of Oregon's Transfer Map Implementation Resources.

Who the MTM applies to:

Students transferring from an Oregon community college to an Oregon university who know which major/bachelor’s degree program they want to pursue.

What the MTM does:

Specifies what courses to take to transfer efficiently and be on track for towards meeting the requirements of the specific major/bachelor’s degree May specify general education courses to take within the 30-credits toward the Core Transfer Map (CTM) that are relevant or required for the specific major/bachelor’s degree.

Ensures students are at a comparable status of students with the same number of academic credits in the major course of study who began their studies at the university.

Ensures students will not be required to retake a course, as long as the minimum required grades have been earned.

What the MTM requires:

Students must have earned a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 and meet the residency requirements at the community college awarding the MTM.

What to know about the MTM:

Uses courses from the CTM but if an MTM is earned, only an MTM will be awarded. The CTM will not be awarded alongside an MTM.

When students complete an MTM, the general education courses in the “Core Transfer Map” portion of the MTM, for which minimum required grades have been earned, are guaranteed to transfer into general education, degree, or major requirements for a bachelor’s degree at any Oregon public university (ORS 350.404). Students who want to transfer prior to completing the MTM should talk with their community college advisor and an advisor at their target university prior to transfer about how their courses will count 4 towards general education requirements and degree/major requirements. If the MTM is not awarded advisors can guide students to determine if they are eligible for a CTM.