Reverse College Transfer

The University of Oregon partners with Lane Community College, Portland Community College, Linn-Benton Community College and Mt. Hood Community College to provide UO students who are currently admitted as undergraduates the opportunity to transfer their UO credit back to one of these community colleges and possibly be awarded an associate's degree from the community college.

Students who are awarded an Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer, Associate of Science Oregon Transfer: Business, or Associate of Science Oregon Transfer: Computer Science degree through the Reverse Transfer Program may then transfer their degree back to the UO to satisfy the Areas of Inquiry and writing portion of the general education requirements.

Other associate degrees may be awarded through Reverse Transfer but they will not satisfy the Areas of Inquiry and writing general education requirements. The individual courses taken at your community college may count towards various requirements.  UO students should check the associate degree requirements at each community college to ensure they meet all degree requirements. See also: What if I have an AAOT degree? (Transfer Student FAQs).

How It Works

If you are eligible for Reverse Transfer, whether or not you are currently enrolled for classes at UO, you can "opt in" to Reverse Transfer via DuckWeb. From the Student Menu, click on "Reverse College Transfer." You will see all participating community colleges for which you are eligible. Click on the opt-in button to participate.

Eligible means that you have:

  • Currently an enrolled undergraduate student registered for at least one lower-division credit
  • Have completed at least one term at the UO in the last year (4 terms)
  • Transferred at least 24 credits from LCC, PCC, LBCC or MHCC to UO
  • Have earned at least 90 credits overall at all institutions (UO + transfer credits)
  • Have fewer than 165 total credits and have not yet applied to graduate at the UO
  • Do not yet have an associate's degree posted at UO

Once you opt in for Reverse Transfer, UO will automatically send LCC, PCC, LBCC and/or MHCC your official UO transcripts for the purpose of Reverse Transfer at the end of every term in which you earn credit until the point in time that UO has received notice of your associate's degree.

If you think you already meet the requirements for a LCC, PCC, LBCC and/or MHCC associate's degree, or if you are not enrolled for the current term, you can click on "Send Transcript Now" rather than waiting for the end of the term.

After your associate's degree has been posted to your community college record, please have them send us your official transcript.  This will not happen automatically.

Other Oregon Community Colleges also participate in reverse transfer. Check with your community college about reverse transfer processes and policies, and then send your official UO transcript (order one on DuckWeb) to your prior college for review.