Transfer Smart Codes

Most incoming undergraduate transfer courses will be applied to cumulative credits using transfer smart codes. Other transfer courses will receive UO course equivalents, as approved by the academic departments.

Arts and Letters Area of Inquiry (These codes are not used for foreign languages.)

Smart Code Description
100T, 200T, 300T Arts & Letters
131T, 231T, 331T Arts & Letters with AC/US
133T, 233T, 333T Arts & Letters with IC/GP

Social Science Area of Inquiry

Smart Code Description
110T, 210T, 310T Social Science
151T, 251T, 351T Social Science with AC/US
153T, 253T, 353T Social Science with IC/GP

Science Area of Inquiry

Smart Code Description
120T, 220T, 320T Science
141T, 241T, 341T Science with AC/US
143T, 243T, 343T Science with IC/GP

Multicultural or Cultural Literacy

Smart Code Description
181T, 281T, 381T, 481T American Cultures/US: Difference, Inequality, Agency
183T, 283T, 383T, 483T International Cultures/GP: Global Perspectives

Math and Computer Science

Smart Code Description
121T, 221T, 321T Counts toward Science Area of Inquiry or BS Mathematics
127T, 227T Counts toward BS Mathematics

Written English

Smart Code Description
WR 100T, 200T, 300T Written English
WR 131T, 231T, 331T Written English with AC/US
WR 133T, 233T, 333T Written English with IC/GP

Other Designations

Smart Code Description
Subject 1AAT, 2AAT, 3AAT, 4AAT Elective credit earned
FE 100T, 200T, 300T, 400T Field Experience credit earned
NT 100T Not Transferrable, no credit earned
PROT 100T, 200T lower-division Professional/Technical credit earned
TRAN 100T Bulk Undergraduate Transfer Credits earned