Curriculum Reports

Final UO Senate Curriculum Reports

Curriculum Reports consist of Course Proposals, Denied Proposals, Pending Proposals, Withdrawn Proposals, Dropped Courses and Other Curricular Matters.

Curriculum Reports

Course Proposals

Course Proposals approved by the University of Oregon Committee on Courses (UOCC) and the University Senate are effective in the fall, unless a specific term is requested by an academic department and stated otherwise in the report.

Course Proposals

Unless indicated otherwise, courses may be taken either pass/no pass or for letter grades. "P/N only" or "graded only" indicates that all students must take the course as specified in the bold print. Separate grading options for majors are bracketed in this report and appear in UO class schedule notes; they are not printed in the UO Catalog. (See also: Grading Options.) The term "repeatable" means that the course number may be repeated for credit. "Sequence" after the description means the courses must be taken in numerical order.

All changes to course catalog listings, except for minor revisions of course descriptions, are intended to be included in the curriculum report, and are routed through the UOCC to the senate. The UOCC will consider new proposals during fall term and will submit a quarterly report to the University Senate in December. Information and suggestions for preparing proposals, including policies and definitions governing group and multicultural general-education requirements, are provided in the Other Curricular Matters section.

Courses Not Taught Report

The Courses Not Taught Report is published annually by The Office of the Registrar to give academic departments an opportunity to review courses that are flagged for removal in the upcoming Fall term. The report lists all courses which have not been taught for the past three academic years, covering the time period between Fall 2010 and Summer 2014.

Courses Not Taught Report

Dropped Courses

The University Senate agreed in 1998 that the report of the Committee on Courses should include those permanently numbered courses that are being dropped because (1) they have not been taught for three or more years, and (2) the department can provide no reasonable explanation why they have not been taught or whether they will be in the future. The faculty requires that general education – satisfying courses be offered each year. Other courses should be offered at least every other year to avoid misrepresentation of course offerings to prospective students, and to ensure that required courses are readily available to current students.

Courses may be reinstated within a period of three years, conditional upon the following: (1) there has been no change made to the course, (2) the department provides the term the course will be taught, (3) the department provides the name of the faculty member who will be responsible for teaching, and (4) the department provides a course syllabus with information regarding undergraduate graduate differential for demonstrating mastery if the course is numbered 4XX/5XX.

Oregon Association of Collegiate Registrar and Admissions Officials (OrACRAO) Template Reports

The OrACRAO Curricular Change Template helps institutions exchange curricular change data quickly and consistently. Use this template to show New, Deleted, and Modified courses at your institution. Your partner institutions will use this data to update course equivalencies. Accurate course equivalencies provide the foundation for accurate degree audits and for the ATLAS (Transferology) linked degree audit system.

How to Use These Templates

After downloading and completing a template, post it on your institution's website and publish the URL of your completed template(s) on the OrACRAO website. If you are unsure how to use the website, use the website "Contact" link for help.

OrACRAO Template Reports