DuckWeb Faculty Menu

DuckWeb is the University of Oregon’s online information system for both students and faculty. All faculty have inherent access to the DuckWeb Faculty Menu.

Log into DuckWeb

Faculty who are instructors of record will automatically have access to three menu items: View Class List, View Teaching Schedule, and Grade Rosters. Faculty involved with a learning community (FIG, TRIG, or Pathway) will also have a fourth menu item, View Fig/Pathway Schedule. It is not necessary to request access to these menu items. Simply log on to DuckWeb and click on Faculty Menu.

Two additional Faculty Menu items are available upon request:

  • Student advising menu - provides access to student academic records, including transcripts, degree progress reports, transfer evaluation reports, term class schedules to faculty and staff with a legitimate educational need to know
  • Departmental class lists - provides access to all class lists for all CRNs within a department.

For access to either or both of these items, complete the DuckWeb Faculty Menu Access Request Form. Each person must sign a Code of Responsibility statement when requesting student advising menu access.

Obtaining Optional Faculty Menu Access

  1. Download, complete, and return the DuckWeb Faculty Menu Access Request Form
    Reminder: Only required for access to (1) the student advising menu and/or (2) all class lists for a department. Faculty Menu access for other reasons is automatic based on being an instructor of record.
  2. Complete and pass the online FERPA training course.
  3. When your request form is received by the Registrar’s Office, you will be contacted with any further instructions or requirements.
  4. To reset your PAC, see How to Reset Your PAC on DuckWeb.


  • The DuckWeb Faculty Menu Access Request Form must be signed by the user and their department head or someone to whom the department head reports, such as a dean. Users may not sign as their own department head.
  • Handwritten signatures are required; electronic signatures such as “click to sign” solutions are not accepted. If an individual is unable to hand-sign the form, they may email it to from their UO email account. The department head may include the user's email in their forwarded email chain, rather than the user emailing directly.
  • Please return completed forms to the Registrar’s Office via campus mail, or email it to

Address questions about the DuckWeb Faculty Menu to the Office of the Registrar

Class Lists Excel Error

The Class List page is accessible via DuckWeb by clicking Faculty Menu > Department's Class List. To download a class list to Excel, click on the "Download Class List to Excel" link on the right hand side of the page between the course information and the student roster.

The following message may appear:

The file you are trying to open, [file name], is in a different format than specified by the file extension.

If the above message appears, click "Yes".