Entering Grades

Entering Grades on DuckWeb

To enter grades, log into DuckWeb, access your grade roster, enter grades for each student and submit your final grade roster to the Registrar.

Detailed instructions

Step 1: Go to duckweb.uoregon.edu
Step 2: Enter your nine-digit UO ID (95XXXXXXX)), followed by your six-character Personal Access Code or PAC, and click "Log In."

Next: Access Your Grade Roster and Enter a Grade for Each Student:

Step 3: Click on "Faculty Menu."
Step 4: Click on "Course Administration Center."
Step 5: Select the appropriate term or semester from the drop down menu, then click "Submit."

The classes you are teaching for that term will appear in a list on the Course Administration Center page.

Step 6: Find the class you want to grade and use the drop-down box in the column labels "Action" to select "Enter Grades". Then click on the "GO" button to the right of the action.

Your grade roster will be displayed in pages of twenty students per page.

Step 7: Enter a grade for each student by selecting a grade from the drop down list in the "Grade" column.

  • Students taking your course for a grade or P/NP will show A+ through F, and I in the drop down box beside their UO ID numbers. (You may need to scroll down to see all the grade choices.)
  • Students taking courses designated P/NP only, P* will have P, N, and I in the drop down box beside their UO ID numbers. "I" means Incomplete.
  • Students with a grade of F or N will need to have a date entered into the Last Date of Attendance (LDA) column. This will be in MM/DD/YYYY format. For more information, go to Last Date of Attendance. If student did not attend or engage with course at all, check the "Never Attended" box.

Please Note: Instructors of record shall record final course letter grades for students in all graded and grade-optional courses (and only assign P/N grades for courses that are designated as P/N only, P*). This means that for students who have elected P/N grading option, instead of entering a P or N, you will enter their earned letter grade and the system will convert to the appropriate P or N based on our grading policies. If you have questions regarding this policy, please contact your department head who will then forward your questions to the appropriate people.

Depending on your computer and your browser, you may use different methods to enter grades for students:

  • Use your mouse to select a grade from the drop down box; or
  • Tab from student to student, then use the arrow keys on your keyboard to scroll to the desired grade; or
  • Tab from student to student and then type in a letter. The first time you type the letter "B," the grade "B+" will be highlighted. Type another "B" and the grade "B" will be highlighted. Type "B" a third time, and the grade "B-" will be highlighted.

Step 8: Scroll down to the bottom of the roster and click on "Next Page;" this action automatically saves the first page of grades and presents the next twenty students from your roster. You may also click on "Save Grade Changes" to save the grades at any time.
Step 9: Continue entering grades and turning the pages until you are finished. You may exit (the exit button is in the upper right-hand corner of the screen) and log back in as often as you wish, continuing to enter additional grades or change grades you have previously saved but not submitted. If you must exit before submitting your grades, be sure to click on the "Save Grade Changes" button before exiting.
Step 10: Use the alpha navigation bar located at the bottom of each page of the grade roster to move quickly from one part of your roster to another.
Step 11: As you enter grades on your roster, the grades entered will appear on your class list in DuckWeb. You can access your class list from the Course Administration Center menu item. The Class List may be useful to you for proofing, as the class list can be viewed and printed as one list (unlike the twenty students per page on the roster); the class list can also be downloaded to Excel.

Next: Submit Your Final Grade Roster to the Registrar

Step 12: When you are completely finished grading a roster and are ready to submit it to the Registrar, click on "Submit Completed Roster."

  • Students with a grade of F or N will need to have a date entered into the Last Date of Attendance (LDA) column. This will be in MM/DD/YYYY format. For more information, go to Last Date of Attendance.

If you have omitted grades for any students on the roster, you will see a warning message. You may either:

  • Return to the roster and continue to enter grades, or
  • Submit the roster with missing grades (X grades will appear on student's records if you choose not to submit a grade for a student.).

Step 13: Click on "Edit Grade Roster" to return to the roster. The computer will take you back to the first page where there is a missing grade. Enter the missing grade, then submit.
Step 14: To submit the roster, click on the checkbox labeled "I am finished grading this roster." Then click on "Submit Final Roster."

At this point, you may not make any further grade changes to that roster; corrections or additional grades must be processed through the Course Administration Center by selecting the "Change a Grade" action.

Step 15: To print a record of the grades which you submitted online, click on "Class List."

All entered grades appear on your class list. You may either print the web page at this point or download the list to Excel for printing and/or saving.

Please note: Once grades are submitted, the class list is simply a snapshot of grades submitted during the online grading process (much like the carbon copy of the old Scantron bubble sheets). The class list will not be updated as grade changes are processed later.

Step 16: To grade another roster, click on the "Return to Menu" button located in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. Select "Course Administration Center" then continue through the process as instructed above.