This form is for department schedulers to use to request a large classroom for courses with a projected enrollment greater than 70, or for courses that need one of the designated active learning classrooms: McKenzie 240A (90 seats) or McKenzie 240C (96 seats).

Large classrooms are assigned based on these criteria:

  1. Projected enrollment of 70 or greater (allowed a 15% increase from prior enrollment)
  2. Required equipment
  3. Proximity to department/department preference
  4. Regular classes will be given priority over generic courses (i.e. 199, 399, 410/510)
  5. Instructors who have participated in the Provost’s Teaching Academy will receive priority for the active learning classrooms

Submit one request for each course requiring a classroom.

You must indicate at least two choices (in different time zones) for course meeting time, based on standard class meeting time.

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Large Classroom or Active Learning Classroom Request