Creating Course Web Links

A feature in DuckWeb that allows faculty to:

  1. review their course information as published in the UO Class Schedule and
  2. publish up to three web links to online resources for their course(s).

To access this feature, log into DuckWeb using the User ID and Personal Access Code (PAC). Choose Faculty Menu > View Class Schedule Information. Select a term from the drop-down menu, then select the CRN. The current information about the selected course is displayed, including title, CRN, credits and grading mode, instructor(s), times and locations, exam schedule, prerequisites and notes.

Faculty may add up to three web links to each CRN listed in the Class Schedule by scrolling down to the bottom portion of the page. Enter the text for the links and the URLs in the boxes provided, and click Save HTML. Note that the links appear immediately in the "Course Information" section at the top of the page. Click on each link to ensure it is correct. Make changes, additions, or deletions to these web links by editing the text in the boxes and pressing Save HTML. Web links appear in the Class Schedule immediately.

Departmental staff with Banner access also have the ability to enter web links through the Banner form SSAHTML.

Questions? Contact Sarah Strickler, Assistant Registrar for Operations (, 541-346-3184), or Bonnie Gutierrez, Assistant Registrar of Operations (, 541-346-2940).