Supplementary Grade Report Form

Changing Grades

When a grade change is required, instructors should first attempt to make grade changes on DuckWeb. (See Changing Grades.) Generally, official grades may be changed in DuckWeb any time after grades have been submitted for up to one year after the end of the term in which the class was taught, with some exceptions (see below).

If DuckWeb will not allow a grade change, complete the online form below to initiate the Supplementary Grade Report (SGR)

Supplementary Grade Report Form
Must be an active faculty or staff member.

Administrative staff in academic departments generally keep a supply of SGR forms and should contact the Office of the Registrar if more are required.

If grades appear in red on the supplemental grade roster, this indicates that the roster was recently submitted. Grade changes for this course will be possible online after these grades are released to student transcripts – this is generally within 24 hours once finals week begins.

Examples of grade changes not possible online are a grade from a term which ended over a year ago, or a change involving a Y.

Grades cannot be changed online or on paper once thirty days have passed after the conferral date of the awarded degree – the transcript is considered sealed.

Submitted grades must conform to options that would have been available to the instructor via the roster in DuckWeb. If another grade is desired, contact the Office of the Registrar for possible alternatives.

Examples of grade changes that instructors cannot submit:

  • W grades (these are recorded if the student initiates a withdrawal from the course)
  • If the student registered for the course graded, the grade cannot be changed to P or N (or vice versa)

Department Head Approval

The department head's signature (in place of the instructor of record) is required in these situations:

  • The course is from a term which ended over a year ago
  • The instructor of record does not currently have an active contract with UO
  • The instructor of record is unavailable to make the change on DuckWeb
  • For grade changes under unusual circumstances, as advised by the Office of the Registrar

Please make a note on the form if the department head has signed in place of the instructor of record. If the instructor of record is the department head, the dean (or academically relevant associate dean) of the school/college that the department falls under should sign instead.

Include a Memo

Generally, SGR forms must be accompanied by memos explaining the reason for the grade change. These memos should be written on department letterhead and addressed to the University Registrar.

There are a few situations where a memo is not required:

  • The SGR is being submitted only to add/correct a title on a recently-graded individualized study course (where an instructor was assigned, but a title was not)
  • The grade change is resolving an incomplete from over a year ago in a course numbered 601, or a graduate-level terminal project course
  • The grade change is resolving some other graduate-level incomplete from over a year ago, and the SGR is accompanied by a petition to remove an incomplete (both forms should be submitted, together, to the Graduate School)
  • The instructor/department was contacted by the Office of the Registrar and asked to submit an SGR but not a memo (e.g. in the case of an approved petition where the grade change is not possible online)


Unless otherwise noted, completed SGR forms should be submitted to the Office of the Registrar.

SGR forms should never be given to a student. If a form is delivered to the Office of the Registrar in person, it should be dropped off by an employee of the department, who will need to show their photo ID.